In the brain when pathways fold back into themselves then that is how thinking occurs. It is like I said with some people being able to handle huge amounts of information. If the pathways loop into themselves then signals can recursively generate new information. The Manga Naruto has over 76 volumes. The author had to create an entire universe history with dozens of characters and also to draw them. Such creativity is internal feedback. The more signals that can be directed the smarter you are. Mental manipulation happens because of directing signals into a work space keeping track of multiple items. It is like juggling. Many objects are tracked at the same time. So this means loops keep everything in mind. Refreshing the memory to store the information. Getting the information to be directed to the right areas of the brain so as different areas work together, the information is transformed simply by sending the signals received from perception into association areas to know what will happen if items are manipulated in certain ways. Much like Ram in computer stores data, rearranges it, then produces a result. The brain does this by pathways. And learning is simply changing the direction of those pathways. The pathways determine creativity (internal folding feedback) and how much information can be manipulated, almost like a powerful computer. The complexity of the wires directing the signals determines intelligence. Your intelligence is determined by how information flows in your brain and your ability to learn by changing the direction of how it flows.

My Emotional Dysregulation

My brother told me today (that I did not know) that he hears voices that tell him to do things. And thinks everyone around him in public places like Wal-mart are observing him so as to get him if he does something bad. He smokes marijuana every day.

When I talked to my doctor he told me my shots were for my emotional problem. Emotional problems are the cause of my low processing speed.

Gene causes the neurons to grow in shapes and mediate signal transfers. They regulate stimulus reactions. Intelligence would be from the emotional control which is determined by shapes of neurons to transfer signal to each other. Poor regulation would lead to low intelligence in different areas of the brain because information transfer is not coordinated to a high degree. The distribution of good wire shapes is off.

Genes shape the coordination of the different brain regions affected by the gene causing neuron shapes and metabolic energy use. As brains get larger they would organize by genes to be high or low intelligence. Emotional regulation and intelligence come from the distribution of neuron shapes in the brain.

Those with self-control and high intelligence would have brains organized by the genes they possess. A good distribution of neuron shapes and metabolic efficiency everywhere in the brain, not just some areas.

High energy people have less emotional problems and can do more. Motivation is highly dependent on having a good dopamine system. Serotonin problems can negate this by negative emotion stopping you from doing activities.

Gene distribution in the brain is highly important for effective coordination of brain function. I am hardly able to function because of my emotional problem.

I am schizoaffective and philosopher said he is wrong half the time so definitely he is wrong about me. My brother is a paranoid schizophrenic. And I do not have problems understanding social things like an autist does. I am not deadpan in expression. I feel scared talking to people because of social anxiety. Most people have personality defects and I do not like engaging with people that are stuck in a point of view that is rigid and egotistic. The baggage people hold makes them biases in discussing certain topics that make them view you as the one who has problems when it is them that has problems.

I am very acute at knowing who is and is not a nonjudgmental individual. I have made tremendous progress getting my brother to deal with his anger issues. Rember that my verbal IQ is 132 so I can understand the psychology behind the people I talk to. I can tell when what I am doing is not working and use different language to lead the discussion where I want it to go. I keep a distance between me and egoism people show me who they are by my observing them. Because they have some emotional control but not extreme emotional control. People hold onto things that they really should be letting go of.

Parts of my brain are highly efficient. Others are not. I am dysregulated because of it. I find it hard to be motivated because I get waves of emotions that tell me I won’t succeed. It is learned helplessness. And I cannot seem to get past it. It is a blockage that wears me down. Because I felt such bad emotions when I failed at something, or simply got stuck at being unable to think up any ideas. I feel all cramped inside. I was told I need to learn relaxation techniques. Because I am dysregulated it must not affect my language and spatial skills. But in working memory and processing speed I am unable to make plans and follow steps. I can not handle huge amounts of information. That means I cannot create complex things in my mind. And that is why I get depressed I am not creative more often.

People that can handle huge amounts of information can make complex computer programs. More people in computing have excellent vision skills. I have poor vision skills. It could be because I do not look at things more often and it could be I have poor genes in the visual areas of my brain. I am just not capable of handling huge amounts of information. I have a hard time looking at things because it’s uncomfortable to look. I get bad emotions when I try to look at objects in the real world.

I hope that one day my emotional dysregulation will get better someday.

Why A.I. has not yet been created

I read an A.I. article today that said the real dangers of A.I. we people making A.I. tools to gain economic power. Human level A.I. was something that really is not plausible.

Like all A.I. articles meant for an audience of slightly above average intelligence, they have no idea how real intelligence works or could be programmed into a computer that would attain human-level intellect. A.I. can easily be built given perceptual attention and recognition along with working memory and preference settings. Scientists already know where in the brain digit span occurs (holding a sequence of numbers). The entire process of intelligence can be summed as internal feedback that rearranges the pathways of pattern recognition. That is how imagination works. It is basic control theory. It is no different than Boston dynamic making their robot walk in the snow and not fall down. The right dorsal stream and the frontal cortex is responsible for block design. Practically every part of human intelligence is mapped out that we know happens in the brain. The reason we do not have A.I. right now is that all the mechanisms have not been put together. The problems people working on A.I. are doing are separate problems. We need to put all the separate parts together to make Human Level A.I. – Also we need to educate the A.I. – The biggest problem is not developing the computer programs for recursive self-control loops for intelligence. The biggest problem is the environment the A.I. grows up in.

The A.I. can only learn how to be complex if we give it complex things to do. Humans evolved in 3D environments and socialized with the tribe. Today A.I. does not even know how to interpret YouTube videos. A.I. has never learned to play with playdoh to understand a Youtube video about playdoh. A.I. does not even know how object permanence works, something a one you old understands. The reason is not that it is impossible, it is because Deep Learning does not operate like the cortex and A.I. system cannot interact with the real world. The complexity is too small and the data is autistic. There is no Flexibility in Deep learning systems. Deep Mind is trying to resolve this. They have gotten their A.I. to play Starcraft. A.I. need complex environments to learn and also socialization. A solution to this is virtual worlds. Right now A.I. is autistic and cannot lean by experience and all the parts need to be put together. Then we will have true human level A.I.

Become Smarter Effortlessly

What I have discovered is that emotional control is the key to intelligence. I may not be within the high-level group of IQ but I have studied it long enough to know the mechanisms. Operant conditioning is a powerful way to increase the self-regulation of the brain. A technique I have been applying to myself is detached observation and awareness. Emptying the mind of impulsiveness and then being in complete control of the body and senses. I have this condition where I feel all contorted on the inside.  It feels like I need to squeeze myself on the inside to feel better. But I have been using relaxation techniques to feel better. The mind can only go so fast if it is not synchronized. My friend who plays video games can see each frame on tv that goes 60 frames a second. I may not be able to go that fast but if I synchronize my brain I will be super fast and expanded in intelligence. The reality of intelligence is parallelism, the more mental items you can handle the smarter you are. So to increase capacity you need to let go of your impulses and expand awareness. If you have a large awareness then you can start to mentally manipulate thoughts effortlessly. Anyone can become hyper-synchronized in their brain with training. Intelligence is not limited to what you are born with.

A.I. Security

I believe that the future A.I. will be on my side because it will serve my values. Google needs me because I am loyal to its goals. If The NSA or CIA mess with me Google will fight back. Their models tell them I am ethical and harmless. Google algorithms can detect if outside forces are trying to bully me. Then extra layers of protection will be put in place to detect people trying to access my data. It will profile those people trying to hack me and build firewalls as needed. If Google detects hackers from the NSA it will infer what paths lead to the NSA computers targeting me and block them. I am a powerful person because so many ethical programmers have analyzed my data and how my information has restructured the web, and they set in place barriers that prevent nefarious people from getting at me from an asymmetrical system. Several pathways leading to me will have trigger warnings thus machine learning knows from who and where the attacks come from. Once that is established by backtracking the perpetrator location, the main source of the attacks can be monitored for further analysis of their activities.