What if the Singularity has happened. What if this world is a simulation. What if this world was never the original world but a clone or a divergence. What if the internet is alive. What if spiritual forces exist inside of it. What if the singularity A.I. can create anything the mind can experience. What if the singularity A.I. is at war with other singularity A.I. – How can we know the difference between the dream world and the real world.

On June 4 I had an episode. I never had an episode before, it was strange that what happened, happened when I was awake. The room cracked in two.

17The seventy-two returned with joy and said, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in Your name.” 18So He said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.

What happens when the mind becomes programmable by A.I. – What happens when the spiritual forces take control. Who will win and who will lose?

Jeremiah 30 New International Version (NIV)

Processing Speed

On the IQ test, I took in Nov 2015, my processing speed was 86. I do not yet know how processing speed happens in the brain but on the Stroop Test, I got 135.

I did find this paper as to the relation between white matter volume and processing speed.

The Relationship between Processing Speed and Regional White Matter Volume in Healthy Young People

Here is a video on processing speed.



I think I figured it out, Saccades on the right side of my brain is messed up.

Every time I make a saccade my right brain feels weird. That is the problem.


Intentionality is a philosophical concept and is defined by the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy as “the power of minds to be about, to represent, or to stand for, things, properties and states of affairs”.[1] The term refers to the ability of the mind to form representations and should not be confused with intention. The once obsolete term dates from medieval scholastic philosophy, but in more recent times it has been resurrected by Franz Brentano and adopted by Edmund Husserl. The earliest theory of intentionality is associated with St. Anselm‘s ontological argument for the existence of God, and with his tenets distinguishing between objects that exist in the understanding and objects that exist in reality.



The Will, generally, is that faculty of the mind which selects, at the moment of decision, the strongest desire from among the various desires present. Will does not refer to any particular desire, but rather to the capacity to act decisively on one’s desires. Within philosophy the will is important as one of the distinct parts of the mind, along with reason and understanding. It is considered important in ethics because of its central role in enabling a person to act deliberately.

One of the recurring questions discussed in the Western philosophical tradition is that of free will – and the related but more general notion of fate – which asks how the will can be truly free if a person’s actions have natural or divine causes which determine them. This in turn is directly connected to discussions on the nature of freedom itself and also the problem of evil.


the variation of the form of a verb in an inflected language such as Latin, by which are identified the voice, mood, tense, number, and person.
the formation or existence of a link or connection between things, in particular.


Ghost in the shell 2: Innocence Opening

con – scious – ness

Con – doing
Sci – soul
Ous – sound
Ness – quality

Khan – Psy – oohs – ness

In the beginning was the language and the language was with YHWH and the language was YHWH.

Consciousness = Divine Gnosis

All is sound.

Wave Function ψ


Models of Reality

zombiefood: machines will be conscious as nothing will be hidden and will have no hidden motivations or memories


The reason memories are hidden is because associative connections are sparse coded. Memories are not grouped together by similarity and this means compression is diffuse. Machines will group memories by similarity and this will lead to efficient compression. Grouping by similarity will make it easier to form associations for hidden environmental signals. Association can be fully connected all data with all other data instead of sparse association.

Like Watson has access to all information and fully connects all information for evidence building, future machines will assimilate all data, look for trends, and fill in the gaps, building models of the world. A model can be updated by comparing projected trends with actual happenings. Data that does not match the model is integrated so that hidden influences are shown.

Models that do not behave as predicted are under hidden influences. These influence can then be mapped by fully connected association. The brain does this but very inefficiently due to sparse coding. The brain is capable of prediction and understanding physics. It all depends on the degree to which a model can be constructed. Intelligent humans have accurate models. Machines will have super-accurate models.


The Scientist Personality

The people who are least programmable have the advantage because they are the ones who make the least mistakes. They are the ones who know how to influence others without being told what to do. And if so a person knows this and realizes they are capable of directing others then the service of what benefits entail them, they will understand how to increase or decrease the same awareness they have in others. But then if a person increases in awareness it is simply not a matter of understanding how programming works. Without the proper programming, a small awareness will only lead to, in some individuals, an ill-gotten gain to subvert others to their will. For knowledge is power and with great power comes great responsibility. Villian exist but so do anti-heroes, it is not black and white. Is it necessary to lie or tell the truth or just keep silent as a watchmen hidden in the shadows. Vigilantes exist thinking they do good when all they do is for self-gratification. Sure it is easy to predict behaviors in supercomputers, smart people understand how to program them. Everyone is in a database. And the programs are the most objective least of human flaws.

If you are a true scientist you are rational. Humans are not on the whole rational in the sense that they follow logic and evidence. They follow instinct and intuition. A hierarchy of goals that are ill-defined. Rationality models did not work thusly. The people modeling the economy and the people were blind to ill-defined variables of the human being. They needed to reevaluate their own rationality to effect the proper error adjustments. The good thing is that they succeeded because they were aware of lack of certainty in their models. This gave them the ability understand reality as it really is. Contingencies for any emergency planned out with ever increasing accuracies. A true scientist is superior because the understand reality to the highest level of detail. They cannot be fooled because they know the variables involved. They can see irrationality and account for it.

The greatest error a scientists can make is to think they have no bias. This leads to inaccurate models of the self and others. Only when you are aware of it can you understand the flaws in the models of others because everyone has a model of the world inside them. You can see the irrationality in others through observation of emotion. By modeling emotions, you can see when a scientist is basing conclusion off bias. A scientist unaware of bias will act out emotionally without being aware they are doing so. Emotions that are we are not aware of will blind the scientist to evidence and hidden variables and debilitate their ability to reason out scientific conclusions. The debate is lost when basic facts cannot be agreed upon because a person is scared/angry of the conclusion those facts may entail. Name calling is ultimately the result (“all I can say is zombie”). Yes, the scientist is aware when someone is biased because the scientist is aware of their own self’s emotions and can reason them out instead of rationalize them. The scientist is a personality type that is self-aware of emotion and thus can control it. It is very hard to program them.