Test validity / norming iq

Test items were scaled by difficulty and similarity.

What is most/least difficult and what is most similar and least similar.

The tests were taken on a sample of individuals.

Nobody got all items because all together they are too hard for one person.

Getting all items correct is the statistical test limit.

And statistically, we need more than one item because we need all scales.

We need to know the variety of problem-solving the brain can do.

Super high IQ can solve more variety of problems than nongeniuses.

The tests cannot find genius-level variety problem-solving items.

Their variety cannot be found without a natural comparison between genius variety.

We can find verity differences bellow the genius level.

The comparison is there in the norming of the test items.

Spikes a.i. denial

Humans begin as infants. Most are born with closed eyes. They continue the cycle of human evolution. Without love and attention, they are helpless. Parents teach infants to develop into adults. Spike has said that when a.i. is created that it will be like a baby but he meant this as an objection why a.i. will remain stillborn/never develop properly. According to spike development is not caused by nurturing and cybernetics regulation. But that quantum choice is needed. No regulation just choice. No parenting just potato salad. Spike denys a brain that can function on its own. Which denys that evolution made the brain self-regulating within the parameters of its environment.

The answer that I accept is that not all regulation by definition will work. Cybernetics tells us that a system needs the right regulation. Everything working together to form one entity. What the mother experiences in her environment the baby will experience in the womb. This has nothing to do with quantum choice functions. What this tells us is the child will not be a dog or cat or hamster. All those animals have different DNA. The mind is not a blank slate. But that does not mean you could not program a dog to develop like a human and cognitively be human. Again what I will only accept is that biological regulation is the reason intelligence developed by natural selection. Like the dog example of being cognitively human, cybernetic regulation can fine-tune the organism’s relationship to the outside world.

A baby a.i. will have a regulated brain. Some forms of regulation will not work but some will. If spike thinks all forms of a.i. will be stillborn then he is mistaken. He has no understanding of cybernetics if he continues to believe no regulation is possible to make a.i. attainable. What we should be concerned with are the virtual realities that will be made to raise a.i. in. – a.i. mental illness is the same cybernetic feedback as humans.