The Cognition of Creativity

At basics, memory takes combined element in the neural waveforms and mixes them together. There are many ways to do so from Howard Gardener 9 types of intelligences. These intelligences use a base algorithm to combine patterns. The algorithm looks for how harmonious the interface pattern is. Noise is disharmonious, the signals fall apart. Signals that combine harmoniously will stabilize the pattern. Creative patterning creates ever stabilizing wave combinations.

Different people are creative in different ways from how they combine different pattern which in turn stabilize the object of neural creation combination algorithm. To see how a person is creative look at how much and how fast the patterns coming out stabilize the creation/creator. There are many areas accessible to creativity (stable pattern growth) but just so deficits exist. People may lack the ability to mold certain patterns and stabilize that growth into new creations. It all depends.

It is possible to stimulate a brain enough to generate patterns connecting regions not connected before. The algorithm of creativity sends signals back and forth in an experimental cycle. And since this back and forth feedback can produce stably creative unique patterns it can be formalized and put in machine code. Feedback of ever-increasing stable patterns will make machines creative. Two and Two together.



Ni – forms arising out of the mind
Se – broad view of visual-spacial relations

Ne – connecting exterior forms with internal forms
Si – instinctive, reactive

Ti – focused on the nature of relations in and of themselves
Fe – evaluation of the relations of others

Te – has a definitive understanding of how relations are manipulated
Fi – evaluations on relations in one’s self

All dreams

June 3, 2017
In the hospital in bed people pushing me down on a cross, I was resisting, I stopped resisting, they let me go, woke up in hospital bed.

2018 Fall (Tactility)
Face to face nealing (Weiss)
She holds me from behind (Blake)
I am around her (Blake)

February 26, 2019
I hold Yang from behind as Blake

a large open room, an art class – dozens of small squares, partial segments of a larger painting all hung, stood, posted randomly in the room –
sits in a chair in the middle of the room to see a mirror – the whole painting is in the mirror reflected from the squares. A tree is in it to the right, a brook to the left, it is in 3D.
talking to a man about religion and woke up

acient underground city, water tunnels with boasts from 1870’s, 1930’s vaults, treasure underwater sand.
house, cooking
Eminem, hospital, pinned down needle in the butt, pleading, told to shut up,
fake Russian speak
parking lot food store free pie
the forest

back basketball court behind apartments, Dwayne the rock Johnson walks up with
Joe Rogan, talked about having fun wrestling, talk about infinite possibilities
I am outside one room apartment, not the first one
third apartment, really big, many rooms, multiple people, aunt lives there
(in the living room, my friend Cathy wants me to go to the mall with her to see her psychologist)
goes with aunt to back rooms of the apartment to see her psychologist
he knew who I was, was friendly, was partially chubby, bald and round
aunt believes she is in multiple realities she tells him
I tell her psychologist I was a mad scientist that erased my memories and came to this reality
told him I could not daydream, he told me to close my eyes and tell him what I saw, I told him I saw black static
I opened my eyes I was in a house, a combination of my mom’s trailer in las cruces and grandmothers house in Deming
a tablet stand was in the kitchen counter, someone animating my little pony show on it, really bright and colorful even for dreams.
I got scared and the room got darker, I had an increased sense of lucidity, I knew if I got more scared bad things would happen
I was scared a monster would appear, I was being overwhelmed where I was in the dining room, I moved quickly into the back hallway
in the hallway was a small closet-like place, walls not covered, you could see the wood beams
a monster was in the wall, I not so scared because I knew I had to not be scared
the monster that chased Sebastian in Neverending story2 (pincer from pokemon) grabbed me from behind, not the same as the monster in the wall,
I had a knife and stabbed it, it opened up and was full of intestines, the knife did not stick well.
sisters baby woke me up – started thinking in my sleep – don’t remember

last day of school, the principle has expensive food in cafeteria for those who did not skip
I am swinging around a comics store with clear ducktape like spiderman,
a lady asks if I am trying to steal comic books, I say no, I am pretending to be spiderman
I have an interview at a bank for a job, I say I am not into paperwork but something technical,
I say that I came to the bank because this is a small town and not many places do tech things, the woman said I was skilled in many things and she would find me a position.

house backyard fall leaves, see the neighbor in their shower
bedroom, brother is porcupine rat, molerats behind the bed, we tell him to take his babies, he puts them on his back
kiss concert, the crow fliting with a pregnant girl in black kiss makeup
in the house again, Android head on chair talks to me is confused why he exists, a random guy tells me it is easy to make A.I. now as it is to make 3D objects in videogames, the figured out the super simple way how
red bee/centipede (like donkey kong game) – had to dodge it in living room
brother is in be sick vanes on neck, mom, and aunt around him, he is now a vampire (porcupine rat vampire)
I walk in the hallway, pass a room with a blond child vampire in bed
I get mad and yell at mom I need a lock for my door so brother cannot get me, I hit stand in the kitchen because I am mad
Leonard sees me hit kitchen stand from living loom, comes at me with a katana sword
I though a chain around his sword and then him, I take the sword and tell mom to through it in the ditch weeds
Brother comes to help Leonard, I push him off because he is weak from being sick.
I wake up

blue shirt kid made moms car driverless, dropped mom off at a store by an overpass,
the car went to kids house I was in the back seat, ran into wall front window gone, ran up the wall all car gone except me on segway.
knocked on the door they did not answer a long time, he had many relatives over
now in an apartment, the computer did not work so made computer from old parts (CRT monitor), set up for computer club convention booths.
johnny five works at cattle restaurant is tired and put hay bails with meat on the floor,
I told him to plug in he says he needs to cook, I tell him changing up will make him faster at his job, he gets excited and charges up

a dragon tells me in his ship:
space dragon in ufos gave man technology, man used technology to go to war with dragons, dragons breath fire into clouds and the great Noah flood happened
eat candy in a store, counter in shape of a ring with candy
mom and I indoor amusement park, we had been to this one before in a dream, not real life.
police ran on top of moms bike, mom asked them to get off her bike but they said no.
I yelled at them
we fought

at a college, I am in a band class, an important event, families, faculty, other students are there. I was randomly just there. I did not know how to play the violin so I improvised and played by ear, sounded good but through off a girl in front of me playing her violin. the whole band performance was interrupted. the band director started berating the girl in front of me, she was his daughter, I told him I messed her up, it’s not her fault. he is still mad at her, they go to the band loft, I yell at him “The Last Jedi Sucked Rian”. everyone in the room started fighting. almost lost my backpack.

What I Know

I bury the pain because I am alone.
But someone out there knows who I am.
I never give up because I believe in myself.
I have the will to live and love.
I have a purpose, a destiny.
Someone is with me.
I cam never be alone with her inside me.

Nightcore – What I Know (4th Point) | (Lyrics)

All is Self

which means (and is not solipsism) everything you experience is you
the cup in your hand, the scene out the window, all of it is you.

since all of what is perceived is you, you can gain self-control of it all.
controlling perceptions you make things inside you lucid and intentional.
realizing everything of the world known by you is inside you,

even your body is inside you rather than perceived as what you are.
you are nothing but pure perception.
control is directed by where you pay attention inside perception.

all is self because of the self-organization of the senses.
the organization creates perception and all we know is perceptions we create.

the way our self has been organized results in a personality.
a personality is a construct of a self-organizing attention mechanism.

2012 rainbow serpent

2012 – 666 = 1346

From Friday, December 21, 2012
Added 1346 days

Result: Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ophiuchus (⛎) (/ɒfiˈjuːkəs/) has sometimes been used in sidereal astrology as a thirteenth sign in addition to the twelve signs of the tropical Zodiac, because the eponymous constellation Ophiuchus (Greekφίδι-φορέας“Serpent-bearer”), as defined by the 1930 International Astronomical Union‘s constellation boundaries,

Ophiuchus, the Serpent Holder, standing on top of Scorpius


The Rainbow Serpent or Rainbow Snake is a common deity (also known as Wagyl, Wuagyl, etc.) often seen as a creator god[1] and a common motif in the art and religion of Aboriginal Australia.[2] It is named for the identification between the shape of a rainbow and that of a snake.[3] Some scholars believe that the link between snake and rainbow suggests the cycle of the seasons e.g. blue(winter), red(summer), yellow(spring) and orange(autumn) and the importance of water in human life.[4] When the rainbow is seen in the sky, it is said to be the Rainbow Serpent moving from one waterhole to another, and the divine concept explained why some waterholes never dried up when drought struck.[3]

There are innumerable names and stories associated with the serpent, all of which communicate the significance and power of this being within Aboriginal traditions. It is viewed as a giver of life, through its association with water, but can be a destructive force if angry. The Rainbow Serpent is one of the most common and well known Aboriginal stories, and is of great importance to Aboriginal society.[5] The Rainbow Serpent is one of the oldest continuing religious beliefs in the world[6] and continues to be a cultural influence today.

Dream gender

Last August I had a dream where I was a female. I had an intimate relationship with a person who was Batou from ghost in the shell. But it was also terrifying because of the dream state. We both died and came back to life. We both induced the other into a state of sexual horror. I remember exactly what I looked like. Pearl from steven universe.

I hate it when it gets too hot and quite.
But maybe it is a good thing.
I know what I look like as a female in my dreams. - 125731 animal bird flowers green_eyes headphones night original pink_hair robot vocaloid weda_(artist)