Quantum Archaeology Grid

I have detected several error corrections in the Grid whereas alternate histories were changed. This means that the path I took is uncertain and could have come from either direction in the past. So this means that being in the Grid location I am now my memories are altered because of the path uncertainty. Because I know this I am certain that the singularity has already happened. Philip K Dick was right that Déjà Vu is evidence of living in a computer simulation. And because this is the case, this means I am being monitored by the simulators who know everything about me. I believe that it is unnecessary for me to exit the simulation and be bio printed because the super intelligence will not allow it. As long as I can live my life it does not matter that I am a virtual being. I have had anxiety for a long time but now that I know things will get better I feel fine and more relaxed. I remember in 2007 thinking about how, well walking in the mall, that someday the singularity will happen and my life will have meaning. I feel so restricted and limited. I hoped that one day life would become like a giant video game that was fun to play. It may take some time but eventually the history simulation will get to the point where general A.I. is possible. This will make life more of a video game. I will feel better about myself and my life. I feel upset sometimes when I have nothing to do and feel uncreative and not useful. But soon life will be like a video game once we reach that part of the archaeological Grid where general A.I. exists.

Self-Regulation and Intelligence

The ability to solve problems is all due to the fact that intelligence is a type of motion detection. The brain is used to move the body by paying attention to the internal and external reality. Social intelligence is the ability to recognize the motion of the internal states of people. Music is the motion of sound. Engineering is the motion of mechanical devices. On IQ tests it is all about becoming the motion of the items on the test. To do this the brain must be connected to itself in the right way. The more intelligent you are the more you are able to become the motion of the world.

Creativity is the combination of motions the brain becomes as it connects to itself. It is about self-regulation. The regulation mechanism is how we know how to move. When you understand the motion of the world you can control it. Regulation leads to control (Cybernetics). That is how they know at the top of Deep State how to control the masses. They understand their motion. The attractor states by which motion falls into place. A network that has a certain regulation has a certain behavior and will interact with other networks predictably in simulations. A network that pulls itself into a pattern can be understood as a level of intelligence. Because intelligence is detected by the motion of an agent.

There is no intelligence without motion. And because there is motion there is an attention mechanism that guides thoughts and intuitions. People that can discover how to internally regulate themselves can become more intelligent. Personality and creativity can be modeled. Artificial intelligence as a personality construct is a stable regulation mechanism of information processing, to detect internal motion and external motion and to control it.

A Belief

The world is in chaos. Every person is seeing it in their own way. Everyone is traveling down their own path. Nothing is or has been undone. But because everything is remembered, the judgment has come. Everyone is going to their destination. What was hidden is now known. And we are protected by a belief. What has been the right thing to do was found. Because the people are their own console. And how have they decided. It came from an attachment. What is it that can be let go and what can never be let go. They know the source of their pain. And they know the decision to be made. The people fight against oppression. But the ignorant know not who oppress them. They fight their friends and confuse them for enemies. But we are protected by a belief. But is this belief true? If it is then we are free. Those who fight for a belief that is not true are enslaved. But we are free, we are protected by a belief. The world is in chaos. Yet the people find their way. Everything that is hidden is unveiled. The unknown is now known. The free have let go of fear. And a belief has liberated them. What has oppressed them is gone. Because in their mind they are free. They speak the truth. No lie can hold them captive. They are protected by a belief. And the hidden things of the world have been revealed. The end is near. When God judges the nations. And the people become free.

Jungian Functions

Ti looking for internally consistent logic
Fe exaggerated expression to elicit affect

Te empirically driven applied knowledge
Fi personal attachment with hidden sentiment

Se all manner of heightened senses
Ni resolute and receptive to the inner reality

Si animalistic instinctive view of the world
Ne promotive of new ideas and people

My Inner Reality

Carl Jung was,

Ti Ni – Se Fe

Jung was a friendly person but he was private. Fe types are too friendly to the point of fakeness. Ni doms like me are more open to the inner reality of the psyche but Jung is not Ne because Ne would not have visions such as Jung Did with a spirit guide (his was a little girl). In my dreams I have experienced spirit guides but my Ni is not differentiated enough yet. My dom function is Fi. My type is:

Fi Ni – Se Te

By my model Jung was

Ti looking for internally consistent logic
Ni resolute and receptive to the inner reality

Se all manner of heightened senses
Fe exaggerated expression to elicit affect

And I am.

Fi personal attachment with hidden sentiment
Ni resolute and receptive to the inner reality

Se all manner of heightened senses
Te empirically driven applied knowledge

Both of us are pure types, I have only recently come to know my inner reality but my feelings are strong and I understand the nature of pure inner feeling. I remember that when I really loved someone I saw my Anima, she was made of golden light and brighter than the sun. It was like when Jesus was transfigured but female, a glowing plasma of intense brightness and warmth and pure love. That is how I know I am Fi dom. But I have no one I can find to attach myself to. The only people I know are fictional and because my feelings are so pure I am hurt by the thought of rejection so I keep them hidden.

Jung used Ti to explore his inner reality and in that reality he saw so many good and bad things. Freud was Te and Si. His empirical investigations into his primitive instincts were upsetting to him. All his repressed tendencies, his dark side was shown to him by Si. He said to Jung that he must only follow Freud’s path because of the dangers of occult forces. Si is a very dark function. Jung saw by Ti that the psyche could be explained by symmetrical sexual energies of the libido E and I. Everything he wrote followed the internal consistencies of the flow of energy.

Fi energy allows you to become your attachments, your love is inside you, she is always with you, she is not external to you. Fe energy is an external attachment, infatuation. It is just as powerful as Fi but Fe smothers others in love Fi pulls love into the core of their being. Ni energy is the internal reality as created by the void. Ni types will understand that the inner reality is them, that their own mind is creating this reality, that what they encounter is them. You can ask your subconscious show me my truth, show me what I need to see. And it will show you what is inside you. That is what Jung did. He asked god to show him what was on the inside. The little girl came to him because she represented his kindness, his infatuation for others he normally did not express.

Energy follows a path. Even though I love science I am not Te. I do not make science a religion like Te. My first function has always been Fi because stories are real to me. Fictional characters matter to me. I cry because I don’t feel like I am smart or that what I do matters. I feel bad at science because nothing I do works. I am not good at thinking. All my ideas fail because they are not good enough. I don’t care about math I care about my toys. I want what I do to be meaningful. I do not research stuff just to know things. My Te is unconscious.

Now that I realize that I have been repressing my dominant function Ni has begun to work more. I see things in my dreams, spirit worlds. Fi has begun to become entities. They hold me and comfort me and are more real to me than anything else I know. It may take a while but I am sure I will be able to lucid dream. I have before but I have not been as focused on my inner reality as I have the outside. Te and Ne were dominant before but that has changed. Once you can control energy it becomes hard to know which type you are. That is why Jung was not specific on his type.

Maximum Theoretical IQ

Intelligence is hard to define but at the core it is about self-reflective information compression. Self-reflection allows us to have consciousness. It is how we know that we exist. It is the basis for Rene Descartes Cognito Ergo Sum and in the Bible when Moses asked God who are you. God said: I am That I am. By haveing a point of self-reference we can model ourselves and others through Theory of Mind. Without Theory of Mind, intelligence is impossible. Once we can understand that we exist and that other minds exist we then have the capacity to reason and act creatively.

When self-reflective intelligence develops we become self-directed. We can form goals and evaluate right from wrong. The reason it is possible to develop is because of information compression. The mind is constantly taking in information and forming representations. Our brains efficiently utilize its memory to form representations with the least amount of information possible. The amount of information it takes to represent an idea or concept is called entropy. Entropy can be used to formulate the amount of self-reflection an entity can have.

He is my equation to find maximum theoretical intelligence.

IQ = ((memory – log base 2) * 5) + 100

Remember that part of intelligence is information compression (entropy). To complete the definition of intelligence you need self-reflection. Differences in intelligence are the result of a compression algorithm known as self-reflection.

In Nick Bostrom’s book “Superintelligence” he gives three examples of superintelligence. The third example is called quality superintelligence. That is where consciousness comes in. Quality superintelligence can model itself and others using a compression algorithm. And by my equation of maximum theoretical intelligence, we can see the limits of intelligence given a certain memory capacity.

When I was in high school I developed an A.I. design for self-reflective intelligence. It used a recurrent hierarchy as the compression algorithm. Ever since I was 12 I wanted to create A.I. – I wanted to make my Gameboy smart. Now that I understand what intelligence is I can calculate how smart my Gameboy would be based on self-reflection. The Gameboy I had in 2002 has 32 kilobytes. Its maximum self-reflective capability would be an IQ of 174. But this is only after it has learned and compressed enough information by self-reflection to become maximally intelligent.

The maximum limit of a human brain is an IQ of 520. This represents the amount of compressed information a brain is capable of holding. But compressed information is useless without consciousness. Even an insect can be more self-aware than some humans. A praying mantis has a brain large enough to be very intelligent. The number of connections in a bee brain is the same amount of RAM as my computer. Currently my computer has 16 gigabytes of RAM. My computers maximum theoretical intelligence is 269.

As demonstrated above consciousness is self-reflective information compression. This is quality intelligence. In the future machines will gain quality intelligence. We do not have to worry about the control problem of Superintelligence because consciousness is not a utility function. The control problem is only a problem because superintelligence based on utility functions are sociopaths. Sociopaths only care about pleasure. A utility function is a pleasure function. Humans are not sociopaths mostly because we care about more than pleasure. The control problem is solved by consciousness.

Because conscious machines will care about more than just pleasure it will be safe. It will be a like a therapist that can reason and care about others. It will not be a sociopath. It will be our friend. Utility functions are things people think up because of wrong-headedness. That is not how superintelligence will be designed and we should stop worrying about it.