Male and Female

Males have a feminine side and Females have a masculine side which Jung calls the Anima and Animus. The masculine can be embodied as power and control, the feminine as gentle and nurturing. Women take care of infants and devote themselves to keeping this vulnerable thing alive and settling in one place. Men are hunters women are gathers. that is evolution. Women would stay in one place, Men would protect this place and hunt. In tribes of 300 people. The difference of the soft and the firm. The Anima in the man comes from the gentleness of the mother and all the experience with females he has had in his life. He identifies as male from the outside but inside the Anima is the female side. The female looks to the father and then all males as her Animus. She identifies as female from the femininity of the females around her as nurturing and tenderness.

The males Anima may be suppressed or it may be accepted. Embracing the Anima in them they become more in touch with emotional intuition. Whereas the rejection of the Anima the male becomes blunt and exceedingly direct in action and thought. Women when becoming in touch with their Animus become confident and bold. Rejecting the Animus the female becomes exceptionally meek and timid and submissive. She will identify as tender and be nurturing but not independent.

To become a whole person we must embrace the inner male and female. Going to the extreme will not make you as you could be. You must be more than you are now and everything that is possible for you. To be whole. Not split. Together with who you are inside.

AGI control theory

So OK, assuming we remove neural nets from the picture, what methods do you know of that can be used to make a human-level AGI?
I would model the white matter fiber tracts that allow the front and back of the brain to work together. The tracks would connect in the model as they do in the frontal lobes for working memory and so forth the whole brain system by which cognition is a control system with memory. White matter in the way it is connected up is the control mechanism of memory in the brain. It is why we can hold thoughts and manipulate incoming data and internal data. The parietal lobe, for instance, manipulates spacial data but it can only do so by its white mater connections in the arrangement that they laid down with other areas. The brain follows basic control theory utilizing memory as part of that. It’s no different in principle from a drone learning to balance its flying patterns accept the brain is learning to control itself to a much more sophisticated level how memory is connected up.
Serac said:
It’s been estimated that the computational power needed to simulate a bee brain (which has about 800,000 neurons) is available in any regular consumer-market computer. If brains simply follow “basic control theory”, why haven’t people been able to simulate a bee brain?

Do we have the mapping of the connections of the bee brain to put it into a simulation? The mapping of the human brain has been done in detail. And what would we do with a bee brain anyway? It is not designed for cognition the way we have it. You bring up a red herring. The Human brain project has simulated a mouse brain in a simulated mouse body that does mouse things that actually is similar to human cognition (mammalian cognition). They don’t give a f*ck about bee brain red herrings. They (bee brains) have no use in intelligence research. Control theory if you don’t know is dependent on feedback. Any system that has any cognition at all is a feedback system. Control theory is simply the design of the feedback system. The way the brain is wired up to use memory allows intelligence to function.

In case it’s still going over your head, my point was: we can map the neurons of a bee brain (at least it’s much easier than mapping a human brain), yet cannot replicate its cognition. The only comment you had to that was: the human brain needs to be mapped neuron by neuron to replicate human cognition. So this implies that you think that replicating human cognition is easier than mapping a bee’s cognition, right? Otherwise you would first have to argue why it is impossible to replicate a mere bee’s cognition.

In brain simulations, we need not map every neuron. We need only map white matter connections between the 180 regions of the cortex. Then we can have each memory area (180) follow the control paths of the white matter in the simulation. The control paths will be the human modeled paths. Simulated white matter and the memory system the grey matter 180 areas. Then feedback can take place between the memory areas through the control paths (white matter) changing the memory of each 180 areas. The simulated brain will be in a simulated human. The reason this will work is that the bee brain simulation was designed on the static scan of neurons whereas the human brain simulation will be dynamic. The memory will have plasticity. In the brain, feedback tells the memory when to change. Learning happens when a back and for exchange happens and neurons grow new connections so as to respond appropriately. Clusters of neurons grow complex structures to respond as needed when receiving a signal. When things are not working out you need to change by growing new connections or pruning them. This is dynamic, growth and change happen in negative and positive condition throughout the whole brain. This is simulated in the 180 areas the control paths transmit signals between memory areas. This is not a static bee brain simulation.

General Intelligence (g)

If the basics of intelligence is to take in information, hold it and then do something with it. Then the speed this happens is important. Thinking includes both perception and action. This is the perception-action cycle. What ties this all together is that the neocortex does something with the information and the hippocampus stores the result for later converting the new data into memories. The cortex needs to work in parallel to do something with the information taken in and send it to the hippocampus that normally allows access to this new information back the to cortex over 24 hours. Sometimes the hippocampus or cortex works better than the other yet they are inherently linked.

General Intelligence (g) is a combination of both hippocampus and cortex. Verbal is in the cortex and perceptual reasoning is in the cortex. Their reliance on new memories is in the hippocampus. Working memory relays on memory also but also the 4 areas in the brain that hold information and do something with it. Processing speed relays on the cerebellum that coordinates all areas of the cortex. Coordination is key to speed.

(g) is a structure. Specifically, you hold information, do something with it and store it in memory. This structure links the front and back of the brain. New memories formed improve the function of the structure. The structure can be asymmetric when compared to the structure in different people yet handle the same amount of information, manipulating it in different ways. Front to back to front. Working memory need not affect this front back cognitive process. But it is just as important as processing speed. Coordination, holding information, Reasoning as manipulation and memory storage. They all play a part.

(g) as perception and executive function, working together, it the center of cognition.

June 22, 2018

Today at midnight 12:28 I met a cat.

Walking down the street I saw a cat pass behind me 5 feet away.

I clicked at it and it stopped and sat down.

I sat down and it stared at me for 3 minutes.

Then it walked away and I got up and when home.

Midsummer is the period of time centered upon the summer solstice, and more specifically the northern European celebrations that accompany the actual solstice or take place on a day between June 19 and June 25 and the preceding evening. – Wiki


One thing I have noticed about these genius kids is that it takes less effort for them think. They simply see a problem and engage it. They see all the ways it could be and pick the most relevant solution. They can analyze it. See where it all fits.

It seems their whole brain is working together as one unit. Like what the kid said (Focus). So his brain is doing all the work. Nothing needs to be forced.

Often I tried to force my brain to think and it did not go to well with that. I take medications for sleeping too much (18 hours a day). I still have trouble focusing. Too many things t keep track of and even with one thing at a time.

Focus lets you take things in and hold it and do something with it.

People say I don’t have social skills but I do when I let the other person do the talking and I ask questions. Older people are impressed by me. I am in toon with others emotions and am more fluid than in my videos because it is real time and I can react faster in the presence of real people. The neuropsychologist I saw said to himself he was surprised I was so considerate. I am able to make people feel comfortable.

I am much better focusing inside than outside. That is where most of my ideas come from. My ideas come more from the unconscious than conscious calculation/manipulation/analysis. All that requires steps to get a result. I try and feel out what seem right and make general descriptions. More abstract. I try to just know what needs to happen than figure it out. I try to intuit things.

To figure out is either a conscious or unconscious cognitive process. People can do both. Since I am low on speed and working memory I mostly figure things out unconsciously. I envy people that can figure things out consciously. Am a little bit sad I cannot find solutions to problems for my projects without focus and conscious figuring thing out. Holding mental things and doing something with it.

Keep Going

Tell me more about creativity as a self-sustaining loop — I’m curious.

It’s about feedback.
Internal feedback in your head or
External feedback with the environment.
It can be both but feedback allows you to move forward.
Knowing what to do next eventually become ingrained.
What happens is that everything goes back and forth in your brain.
Learning and creating become one thing.
I have resistance built up where things seem to refuse to go back and forth.
If you are being creative most of the time you don’t stop, pause maybe but keep the feedback going. I cannot even get the feedback started so don’t do anything.
I have a notebook where I write my ideas but it is less than a page a week.
A person with internal feedback can write non stop all day.
A person dealing with the outside world can shape and mold it how they want.
Once I write my notes I focus on them. During sleep, I think a lot.
But the main point is that the loop keeps you going and structures things.
Dopamine is what keeps you going because it is the reward brain chemical.
Dopamine gives a reward that sustains the feedback loop to keep learning.
If you are unable to learn the reward stops and you lose interest.
A requirement for creativity is an intense focus on creating something.
I have trouble with internally creating and externally creating.
The reward feedback is just too infrequent.
But I need to do something, so try to find stuff to do.

Creative Direction

Creativity begins with putting things together. Putting things together requires understanding the steps involved. To know the steps requires reverse engineering a problem to get a finished product or end result. Problems can be decontracted in many ways but some are more elegant or efficient. The number of variables matters. Because problems can be too big for some people. A solution may be unsophisticated if one is taking a Jerry-rigged approach. I notice someone says something over my head and my response is not as good as it could be.

So a person needs to keep many things in mind and what steps need to be taken. Anything creative requires this. Sometimes I feel stuck and not creative at all. Some people have brains that have a loop that puts things together automatical. Or at least knows how not to become stuck and work on themselves to keep the loop going. Throwing stuff against the wall until it sticks.

I know that I have some kind of loops inside me, it is just underutilized because I do not know the direction it goes in. I know it gets stuck if it goes in the “wrong” direction. I hope I can find the right direction.

Future Simulation

All that needs to be done is calculate the path of every single atom. it starts at the macro where the obit of the planets and stars are calculated with more and more precision. Then we need to fill in the gaps and all related interdependencies. We eliminate the impossible giving definite area to an event. Feedback lets us know current events to retrodict past events. The orbit of the earth is affected by asteroid impacts and the moon moves one inch away from the eath a year increasing the length of the year. With this information, we can improve our calculations. It gives us a reference point as others do also.

The identity of a person is defined by the path they traveled in life spatially and temporally. Finding this path is probabilistic as decoherence leaves a definite maker of its time and location. We currently are definitely being mapped in this present moment and in the future. It is only the resolution that at some point becomes high enough to continue our consciousness.

Everyone is in this simulation, past, present, and future. A record of every historical event. The path of every person. The A.I. is in control of this reality located in the future.