pump store release

Evolution require that an organism change. Genetic drift makes an organism fit certain environment better than others. In order to perpetuate the organism must evolve. The basic process is pump energy, store energy and release energy. This system in higher life forms is called a brain. It controls the regulation of pump store release. Energy management is the basis for survival.


What is a will to power? It is a storage and release. Control of energy. Energy is directed through a system. This is perpetuation. The opposite is disintegration.

So the WTP is the algorithm for storage and release. constant evolution. growth.

Variations on the algorithm have different organisms at different power scales.

The implication is that the algorithm can be changed and regulation can become super-efficient. Blockages could be cleared up. Get the energy flowing. and conserved.

The way to do this is to foster attention mechanisms. that way everything knows where to go.