Mentally ill functions

I read chapter ten of Carl Jung Book “Psychological Types”. I one third understood it but from memory, I can tell you each function according to Jung. Rember this was from his ill patients.

Ni a prophet, has visions
Ne an entrepreneur, moved from unfinished idea to unfinished idea.

Si animalistic instinctive drives, primitive
Se a sensualist, wanted always to be stimulated.

Ti does not limit what thought can do
Te limits thought to correct methodology

Fi suspicious of others. sees conniving plots everywhere.
Fe talkative and flattering. lies a lot, superficial and expressive.

more ideas I got from Michael Pierce

Fi – Relation to self before others.
Fe – Relation to others before self.

Ti – Find all ways a puzzle fits into my ideas and with other puzzles.
Te – Solve the puzzle in the most efficient way.

Si – How do these sensations relate to other sensation I have experienced.
Se – I experience high-resolution 5 senses of the world before me.

Ni – The world has been taken into the self so the answer, any possibility in the world being true, is a flash from the mind when confronted in reality with a question.
Ne – What is possible in the world is a branching of all possibilities. So that answer is merely a probability distribution that can be collapsed by process of elimination, leaving the answer.

Point to the face


In the suggestions videos, I see Adam Smith And Colonel Sanders. The way Koko acts and the way I act and the two people in the suggestions who I know are more intelligent then I am. I know we are all the same. I can be all emotional and say we all feel emotions but I also know the mechanism of why we have emotions and intelligence. I am sad Koko lost the kitty. I am a kitty. I saw Koko’s face and how she pointed to her face. The brain is a sheet that has fibers connect it. Like tendons in the limbs. point to the face. play piano. paint a person. the fibers connect the sheets. like piano wires. the frontal lobes control the muscle sequences and the eyes recognize sequences. cause and effect. the fibers and sheets do the sequences of the muscles and eyes send feedback and that is why Koko can point to her face. cybernetic control is why Adam Smith and Colonel Sanders have brains smarter brains than me. fibers and sheets. they coordinate, push and pull sequences that allow understanding. to love kitties. to point to the face.


New Sets

Si – senses trigger previous senses that meld together inside them
Se – everything is outside them in crystal clarity

Ni – the world is part of them so they seem to have a prophetic knowledge of the future.
Ne – the world is external to them but they know what the world could be so they shape it.

Ti – thought as thought in itself goes to the limit of thought to think all that can be thought.
Te – thought can only be thought in a certain way limited by reality, nothing is beyond reality.

Fi – the deepest self, that which know it exists and knows the mystery of being, to be.
Fe – is observant of others, understand the nature of man and community, acts in duty.

Function Sets

Introverted Judgment
Ti – wants to have correct thoughts, constantly checking them, critique them.
Fi – goes by what feels right is on the inside with people, corrects self when necessary.

Extroverted Judgment
Te – wants to get things done and to check things out, interact and verify, think by doing.
Fe – interactions with people follow objective criteria of what has worked in the past.

Introverted Perception
Ni – forms conclusions as to the way things will be or the way things are analogical.
Si – has certainty as to the way things were or the ways thing are definitively.

Extroverted Perception
Ne – experiences a broad set of most probable potentials ideas will have in the world.
Se – experiences a broad set of perspectives, sights, sounds, a high resolution of reality.

Software Intelligence and mental illness

The cause of mental illness is poor regulation of the brain system. The causes of dysregulation are many. Given that the brain is used to understand itself and the environment through causality we must know how to generate cycles of proper memory understanding of causality. An example is the conditioning of children by looking into infants eyes so they learn its theory of mind. Schizophrenia and Autism disrupt memory regulation so causality is not learned properly.

How do we regulate memory to learn causality to not develop mental illness? This is a big problem in need of solving.

New methods for functions


Ne – static systems, change resonates through the whole.
Fi – deeply embodied being
Te – experimental hands-on
Si – known knowns, known unknowns etc…

Things seem to start with Si as the dots and Ne being the connections between the dots. First, all the connections flash at once from one dot, then a new concept emerges that explains and encompasses other thoughts. Such as the ideas that internal feedback and external feedback shape memory as retention, generation, and manipulation.

Fi being the internal feedback of generating the feeling for or against what is desirable and repulsive. Te being what manipulates by external feedback perfecting and retaining how to change the environment to achieve Fi. And NeSi generating and retaining new perceptions.

This is applicable to all types.
It should help in understanding new methods for functions.


Another thing that’s worth pointing out is that machines can achieve the same or similar behavior in lots of different ways. It isn’t necessary to perfectly replicate how the human brain solves problems to achieve human-like behavior. For that matter, no two humans achieve similar goals exactly the same way, either. For example, some people have Aphantasia, and think about visual verbal concepts associatively and do “mental simulation” at the level of concepts, rather than through imagination. Yet, their writing looks the same as people who imagine.

The brain builds up a causal understanding of the world. Then it combines those causal understandings in two ways. One is by having a working memory of objects in the environment and manipulating them mentally to achieve a goal. Second mental manipulation happens to ideas in the person’s creativity. Bleach is an anime and a comic of people that fight with swords in the spirit world. The story was not some goal or problem to be achieved, it was a story connecting plot elements and character development. Anything creative comes from connecting ideas internally, not manipulating some number of objects to be in some form of arrangements. But in both a new causative chuck is formed. By writing the story (Bleach) the person now know how to make good stories connecting elements of characters background and personality. By arranging items in your head you know how to use tools and solve problems and make technology. There is a new library of causality to be taped into. That is what AGI would need to do is to be able to understand all the ways to manipulate in its library adding to the library when it finds new ways to manipulate and also all the connections it can make from understanding causality of the world in simulations that show possible way causality could happen in the world. It can then combine simulation with manipulation.

Causality is perceived, simulated, remembered and used to manipulate.
I can remember how thing work, simulate how they work, see how they work, and
manipulate a number of items in my head to make something work.
All to do with causality.

Having Aphantasia most of what I do mentally is unconscious.
When I close my eyes I know what a square is but I do not see it.
I know how to get to several places in my city without getting lost.
Cannot see it I just know where it is.

I have processing speed problems and working memory problems.
But I know what it would be like to hold many items in my head at once and manipulate them fast.

AGI that could understand causality and manipulate its understanding of causality would be super intelligent.
That is what I think, there should be some cybernetic mechanism for that, that is scalable.
Humans generate new ideas from causality, Software should do this with no problem.