Scope of IQ

Keeping track on multiple items at the same time (keeping things in mind) is part of IQ but a big part, it is fluid intelligence. Because the more you hold the more you can manipulate. Tasks on the IQ I took that I cannot do can be done by other people with brains that can hold and manipulate more information than me. That’s how they get a higher score on those sections.

Manipulating a greater amount of information and finding rulesets (finding convergent patterns) on IQ tests miss a couple of things. Creativity (combining patterns) and divergent thinking (multiple paths to a solution).

single path (convergent thinking)

multiple paths (divergent thinking)

finding patterns

combining patterns

IQ is single path and finding patterns.

IQ misses multiple paths and combining patterns.

But all four if you can do more of any you are still doing more. And more is better.


When I have active beliefs I don’t try to convince myself they are not true. Because the belief is itself is inseparable from the feelings. These beliefs happen for a reason but fighting them and saying I am not stupid, I am worthless, I am not creative, All that does is reinforces them when I do fail. I cannot accept these beliefs are not true by ignoring what caused the feelings that caused the beliefs.

What caused the beliefs are what caused the feelings. Rejection, Failer, Not being good enough.

Why am I not good enough? What caused the emotions that TUNED INTO beliefs?

Beliefs are not the problem, they came from what caused the emotions. From not being good enough. What caused the emotion of not being good enough? What happened to you that made you feel inadequate? For me, it was not being able to do my ideas and having no one I could get help from. I was alone and helpless. So I felt stupid and inadequate and a failer, not good enough.

I don’t know what to do about it but I always feel like crying and I hold it in. My anxiety went away in April but because I became extremely self-conscious in a public situation. I can’t let my feelings out because I am still unable to feel not alone and I am not able to do my ideas. Somehow I need to stop suppressing why I feel not good enough. I need to feel sad that I feel inadequate. It does not matter if I say no I am adequate. The feeling still hurt. The belief came after the feelings. And they came from me being sad I could not be good at something and me being alone. I need something to make me feel like worth something. Like I am good enough.

A.I. – How to make it general

Perception uses memory to store information about how causality works.

Executive function takes Perception and solves problems by causal rules.

Executive functions break the things down into steps.

Finding the right sequence of parallel steps that is the solution.

Memory records useful and unsuccessful attempts at solutions with the combinations of steps.

General intelligence becomes an expert in both perception and executive function.

It is about all the angles of experience that we use to act in the world to achieve goals.

Memory and manipulation work together to understand the general/well rounded causal understanding of the world.

The brain is an expert system that fills with knowledge how to act and perceive.

It fills in the gaps of what it can do so memory is important and using it imperative.

A system that can act to fill in the gaps and break problems into steps is how I envision A.I. being created.

Attentional Feedback

Memory maps perception and actions.

Memory is tiny wires that direct where signals go.

This attention uses feedback to make the map accurate.

General intelligence happens by making connection go in the right direction.

In order to adapt to the environment, you change the direction of connections.

Feedback is the requirement to change how attention works (where it is directed).


I define intelligence as:
The ability to do more and more in your head simultaneously.

part of that is the ability to understand abstract rules called patterns.

second is the number of patterns one can deal with at a time.

patterns can be seen or verbal

but rules matter because the world operates on causality.

abstractions are just higher sets of causality to solve problems.

a good way to solve a problem is to know the steps (rules) to solve it.

if you make up your own rules that is creativity.

as long as it works a complex task requires doing more in your head.

certain tasks are to difficult or take too long for people without abstract ability.

(Quantity, Causality, Shape)

The world follows rules.

The more rules you understand and can recombine the more intelligent you are.


Control theory is basically the order of operations of a circuit feedback system. White matter fiber tracks create this circuit between the memory modules of gray matter. Depending on the arrangement of control paths (white matter) internal control of memory determines intelligence. Control is prioritization so the more the brain can handle the more complex situations it can handle, and the more complex creations it can make. Prioritizing means the brain is holding more and doing more if the control pathways utilize memory to control more. Training gray matter/memory can program the control mechanisms to become more efficient but generally, the number of control paths are set and a high number of paths means the ability to do more.

When memory is programmed psychological development occurs.

This development allows a general understanding of the world opposite of narrow.


Sits in room with pen and paper notebook.

Nothing happens.


Feedforward networks need continues input to produce results.

Feedback networks generate with minimal input, just internal reflection.


not sure I know what to do no more.

my brain doesn’t seem to reflect in ways needed for something to happen.

nothing comes out of my head.

Complet Typology

Extraversion and Introversion work by the direction energy moves in the psyche which we can safely say is just energy moving in the brain changing the plasticity making new paths energy moves along. The simplest example to understand is Se and Si. In the case of Se constant looking at things with no distractions creates paths from the back to the front of the brain creating so many paths that the senses are heightened. As Jung said: nothing can match the realism of Se. Next, we come to Si, following I and E the libido must move inward. This I think is the back channels that send signals the front brain to back. But in such a way that incoming signals are subverted for a different kind of memory. Se sees clearly and imagines vividly. A memory is crystal clear. But for Si the aim is in the certainty of the factual matters of sensation. They remember fact not images and so libido as introverted is sacrificing path creation and vividness for directing energy into factual memory.

Factual memory can be just as 3D and color plaited and in motion as Se. But the storage and retrieval mechanism need not be like a movie in a theater. It can simply be accessed with no images but having the details just as if one was seeing an image or scene in the mind. Si types having this kind of memory in the abstract form is selective in exposure to uncertainty. Se types seek new sensations to grow new paths to see/hear more. Si is less explorative and is conserved in that a reviewing process takes place before action is taken. The world and the internal representation as abstract memory must always be compared to keep them matched up. Does what I encounter match up with what I know. Se does not do a comparison in the abstract, instead, it absorbs all new sights and sounds. It just looks and then is knows what the world is like. Si must go inside and review to match up the world with its stored factual experience.

Perception, as it pertains to Intuition, is about pattern recognition. Ne is about concrete patterns or objective patters as the motion of energy (Libido) moves outward. This is very creative is recognizing the potential of how things could be. And resourceful recognizing ways to solve problems in unorthodox ways. Ni, on the other hand, searches the inner self for patterns. Ni listens for something to surface that fills in the absence of the what was being looked for. Ne going outward perceives resources and the patterns these resources are amenable for. Ni going inward will find all kinds of combinations of patterns but they are more like dreams than a new way to fix a car engine. Ni will go inward and like dreams, the patterns with have symbolic meaning and gaps where Ni will perceive new meaning. Ni is creating by percieving inwardly. Ne will create by perceiving outward.

Given that Intuition is the unconscious. E and I are the whole brains non-sensory perception. But this is not completely true. Ne sees the outer world but the ideas come from the unconscious. Ni shut out the world and sees the images and derives ideas from them of meaning but the unconscious is where the epiphany happens. Ni shutting off the outside is the same as Si making sure all internal knowledge of the world matches up, that certainty on the inside is maintained. Si looks inward to access the probability of the degree of certainty of all data. Ni perceives inwardly meaning that creates symbolic world withing like a dream. Ni tells a person things the way a dream may tell you not to drive to work and you see on the news a train crash blocked the road that day. Se like Ne wants to view as much of the world as possible as Ne wants to think of all it can do in the world with the patterns it sees.

Introverted Intuition and Extraverted Sensing

Introverted Sensing and Extraverted Intuition

As both sensing and intuition are perceiving functions, Perception cannot move both inward and outward at the same time. One kind of perception must be prevalent over the other and the direction it moves. This does not mean the suppression of the movement of the other perception is complete. Over time the first perception becomes integrated into the person allowing a relaxation of its motion/direction. A Se dom perceiver will not feel the need to go outward anymore stop and pause and Ni will emerge moving inward. An Ni dom will feel the need to move outward as Se. The reason this happens is that at first, the functions are undifferentiated (made distinct). They are not fully developed but when this happens they can relax allowing the other perception function to develop. The same process happens in the judging function.

The difference between thinking and intuition is that intuition skips steps and makes an automatic association of insights. Thinking as it is judgment makes decisions so every step must be justified. It is manual calculation and manipulation. The difference in the outward motion and inward motion of this judgment function is the Te wants to control the world to make it conform to the outcome desired to achieve. And so thinking is always when Extraverted thinking what must be changed outside the self. Ti being Introverted thinks up perfect systems or complete systems. Te is about consistency because the world is messy and inconsistent things fail to work. Ti need not worry about that because they have thought every attentive and permutation of an idea they have. Testing it and it fails not a setback because of this just means they need to go with the next complete idea and incorporate the what it learned from the failed idea taking it apart and deriving all the new frameworks necessary.

Jung said Introversion was abstracting and Extroversion is proliferating so in the case the Ti thinks up everything to make things complete in its mind. Te tries out new experiments constantly to get as many results as necessary to find consistency as to make whatever it is they are making. Ti does everything internally so it knows what is missing in its head regarding the completion of an idea. Both calculating and manipulation. One way is inward the other outward.

Feeling is a sense of good or bad. What feels right and wrong. So looking at the direction of the libido, Fi has in itself its own determinants of feeling by which the internal is more important than the external bares weight on action. Fi will feel a certain way and then act on it disregarding the objective factors. Fe is the opposite, feeling is tied to the objective situation so that feeling can maintain control. Fe has its energy moving outward diffusing it into keeping things in objective harmony with its values. Fi moving inward concentrates energy leading to a subjective form of action motivated by this pent-up energy which continuously keeps going like the energizer bunny.

Introverted Feeling and Extroverted Thinking

Introverted Thinking and Extroverted Feeling

Since Fe uses its energy to keep the external world in order and Fi maintains the internal world. Both concerned with good and bad things. Thinking has a logical stance. Extroverted Feeling is with Introverted thinking because internal logic would be in conflict with an internal welling up of good or bad feelings and having to manage Fi value system. Since Fe is outward the Ti does not need to manage it. This is the same for Te and Fe. Te organizes the world by logic. If it also had to manage the world by what was good and bad externally it could not do so by logic at the same time. By having feelings managed internally rather than externally it is able to organize the outside world with logic.

Judging is easier to explain than Perception this way but the same principles apply for Perception and libido.

We all have two judgment functions, one going inward the other outward. We all have two perception functions, one going inward the other outward. The dominant and auxiliary functions are one perception and one judgment. If dom and aux were both perception or both judgment, then there would be a fight which one had prevalence. Fi and Te would fight to go inward and outward. Judgment and Perception function do not fight to go in and out because perception automatically percieves and judgment requires deliberation. But two automatic functions happening at the same time or two deliberate functions working at the same time and in opposite directions, in and out, is problematic. The Tertiary and the Inferior therefor work in the background and are unconscious as the Dom and Aux take over the majority of the conscious. The way perception and judgment work together is that judgment will draw on the other for information. And perception will draw on the direction of perception for information. Perception can stand on its own and judgment can act on this but Judgement must have perceptual information to act.

Si – moving inward, pathways store information rather than view high resolution.
Se – moving outward, new paths are created makes a higher resolution of reality.

Ni – moving inward, inner contents of the psyche create insightful patterns.
Ne – moving outward, sees patterns in the outside world.

Fi – Moving inward, acting on the concentrated energy to what feels right at the time.
Fe – moving outward, understanding how to objectively change to world to suit one’s preferences.

Ti – moving inward, perfecting an idea.
Te – moving outward, getting things done.