No one

Rey was no one, yet she had the force inside her. It does not matter who you are, you can be the one to determine the fate of the galaxy. Because you have the character to stand out. To face yourself in the mirror and see greatness. To let go of the darkness and see the light. Emotional pain is something you must accept or it will never go away. The Streath you need comes from the inner self. When Rey had to protect Finn pure instinct/awareness of the force happened. She realized that she was not nobody, but a person that had a calling. A calling to the force.

I am so disappointed the last Jedi was nothing like the trailers. If the movie was like the trailers it would have been the greatest movie of all time.

Routing System of Consciousness

Everything is a channel. Channels are waterways between to other bodies of water. In the brain tiny wires direct electrical impulses like channels. But in the brain, the wires can change how they are connected. So in perception, these wires are conditioned to be connected in such a way as to mirror the outside realm. Inherently nothing exist in the brain that is not connections modeling reality. To this, it is ascribed that all subjective existence depends on where impulses go, as they travel through the wires. It is impossible to find the transition between consciousness and your beginning self. Life doe does not begin at conception because before conception you were beyond space and time. All the ways your brain can be wired up has no effect on your relations to the timeless, spaceless void. Accept to become aware of it. All brain cells are internet routers. And they make you conscious by looping into each other. The complexity of these loops allows higher order thought. Metacognition. It is possible to become aware of where wire directs the electric impulses and change the routing system. The experiences you can have are amazing. The analogy of brain cells to routers shows that birth and death are illusions. Experience could stop if the routing stops. But then how do impulses in a router produce experience? When you die why not transfer to a different network of routing? In the void, you can return to a routing system that begins new experiences. One body goes, a new one emerges. All experience is a routing network.

A.I. Experiments: Visualizing High-Dimensional Space

I think that high dimensional space could be used model recurrent hierarchies for general intelligent agents. It could understand temporal patterns and feedback by interactions with the world in higher space. It could predict future events by exploring high dimensions of outcomes and categorize solutions by how close they came to the actual results. It would be the simplest way to match cause with effect by mapping relationships in a recurrent network that expands with every new event. Basically, it is a Markov model using clusters as the base for pattern recognition. Making a model of the world by interacting with it and storing it as a higher dimension set allows imagination to form when predicting how new clusters perform act learning stimulus. The number of imagined clusters testing future events could be an increased form of working memory added to clustering.