Knowledge and Discernment

I do not see nor do I hear my thoughts. My thoughts are pure abstraction. But I have a problem. My working memory is low. Some people can handle over 200 items in real time strategy games well I barely am able to deal with 4 items at once. I feel mentally fatigued all the time as if my brain was full of molasses. There are times when my mind is clear and the difference is the same as when I put on my glasses. Without my glasses, I can’t see far away objects. With my glasses, I can see leaves on trees. I notice that when I focus my mind feel clear. My mind feels like a computer program that performs logical operations with no effort at all. But still, I am really slow. I am not good at mental manipulation. This gives me bad anxiety because I want to think cool thoughts but I loose track of my ideas. The only reason I made it through school is because I understand language better than 99 percent of the population. I understand concepts and this is where I am able to combine them for the realization of new ideas. I read all the books about A.I. in the middle school library when I was 12. I put everything I read into a diagram. And now I almost understand how thoughts happen in a real brain. Thoughts happen because of a shift in the focus of attention. The mind self-organizes from confirmation or negation of hypothesis generated by the brain. What works and the categorization of higher dimensions of causality. Little kids understand that a box will help them reach the cookie on the table. They put two and two together. Yet I have trouble with just 4 objects in strategy video games. I am much better at dialog role playing games. I think the reason is that language understanding leads to comprehensive theory of mind. I do notice how people are differentiated. I can read into the emotions of others, verbally or in text. Currently my doctor thinks I have autism. And I think this is why my mind feels like molasses. I am a very intuitive person when it comes to evaluating the objectivity of others. This is because intuition is a deeply nested awareness of convergent paths. Integration is key because integration builds predictive models well absorption merely generates noncontextual associations. Evaluation is necessary to understand contextual association. Consciousness is proper evaluation.

“Teach me good discernment and knowledge, For I believe in Your commandments.” – Psalm 119:66

Potential Intelligence

Language is the abstraction of concrete reality in a hierarchy of concepts.
Math is a word that represents all possible constructs of math entities.
All constructs of Math is compressed into a single word (Math).
Language is compression.

The brain is shaped as a compression mechanism to model verbal and visual language. If we programmed software that generalized abstraction (compression) better than the brain it would have a higher IQ. IQ is the ability to build models of reality that can then be used as the rule set for the simulation of possible reality. What we need is an optimized compression algorithm of abstraction for the simulation of possible realities.

What Quantum computers are good at is finding optimization algorithms.
But Quantum computers are not general purpose computers.
Entropy is the limiting factor.
Entropy doubles every 5 IQ points.
This means that for example my IQ being 155 has an entropy of 2,048 times greater than an IQ of 100.
My compression algorithm (IQ) is 2,048 times more efficient.

I made a simple formula of the relationship between IQ and entropy.

Entropy = [2^((IQ – 100) / 5)]

If every atom in the brain represented one bit optimized by Kolmogorov complexity, then the maximum IQ of the human brain is as follows;

A human brain has 10^26 atoms.

10^26 atoms = [2^((520 – 100) / 5)]

So the maximum IQ a human brain can have by atoms (bits) is 520.

The reason the brain has an IQ limit is because the entropy a mass of atoms can have is limited.

A brain the size of a planet can have a maximum IQ of 1000

10^54 = [2^((1000 – 100) / 5)]

10^54 is the same number of atoms as the earth.

My formula represents the maximum potential of a brain of any size.

The maximum potential of the universe as one giant brain is greater than the potential of 3 kilograms of gray matter yet is still restricted by the physics of this universe.

Potential intelligence = Kolmogorov_complexity

Potential intelligence = [2^((IQ – 100) / 5)]

IQ is the entropy (complexity) of what a brain can simulate.

IQ 520 represents the most maximumly complex simulation a 3-pound brain can do.