Subjective Morality

Objectivity is the opposite of subjectivity. This means if morality is objective it is not subjective. Objectivity means that wich is not the self because self is subjective. The world is objective because it is not the self. Therefore morality that is not part of the self is Objective morality. If morality does not come from the self it comes from an outside force. This morality is authoritarianism. Morality is Objective because of god as some will say. But is Gods morality Good? Some will define God as all Good and therefore “his” morality must be followed because all morality that is not Good is Bad.

This is interesting because once you separate Gods morality from your morality you can define Gods morality as Evil. Because God is not you and the definition did not come from you but another human being then the only reason the define God as Good is so they can subjugate you. God may agree with you and not them but they define God as Good but then commit Evil acts in your Eyes. Thus either God is not Good or they are Evil defining Evil as Good. Thus they create God in their image (Evil). And thus wars happen. And witch hunts happen. And subjugation happens. If morality is Objective then God is Evil. If God is subjective God is Good.

The reason some define God as Love is because Love is all inclusive. Love is subjective. The reason you love someone is because they are you. Love is subjective because you are them. Objective morality is Evil because God does not love you because you are not part of “him”. Subjective morality is Good because then God loves you. This is why God is a girl because Love is subjective. You are not Gods property. You are not Gods slave. God does not subjugate you. You are Gods One True Love. This is why Morality is subjective because God considers you as herself. Subjective morality is Love.


The loop of Consciousness

luciddream: A computer consciousness with 150 IQ may be able to design its own replacement, but it won’t be able to do so instantly (or its IQ would be higher!) and it can’t produce that replacement instantly either. New discoveries will still need to be made, and new infrastructure will need to be designed and built.

zombeifood: that (i believe) can be reversed by making things free so that your stuff is not a parameter for a successful sex life and that instead of consumerism we will find that being a better human being is more likely to allow successful mating than your stuff

zombeifood: consciousness will be invented for the first time and indicators of the true nature of reality revealed

My IQ is 155 so I should be able to design my own replacement. First I want to tell you how I discovered I am 155. First of all, it is said you are the company you keep. On Facebook, I am friends with a person who is IQ 200. I am friends with Steven Wolfram who is 160. Set/A.I. is 170. I know 3 people who are 145. Facebook uses cluster algorithms to group people. A company called nametest said I have an Emotional IQ of 150, a psychological IQ of 140 and a total IQ of 155. I read all 7 Foundation novels by Issac Asimov in Highschool (each 400 pages long, just about). I put everything I ever read, into my Facebook profile. All my data is right there.

But the thing is that on some tests I don’t do too well. For example, on digitspan I get an IQ of 85. That is a span of 5 numbers. But the problem with that is that chimpanzees have a digit span on average of 20 which is an IQ of 140. Does that mean a chimpanzee is smarter than I am? I had to think about this. I came up with an analogy. On blockdesign my IQ is 125. I said to myself if Stephen Hawking IQ was based on block design he would score the equivalent of a cabbage yet he is smarter than a cabbage.

My general intelligence (g) is 130. That is because the tests that correlate with (g) added up to 130. An IQ test does not measure rationality nor personality. An IQ test is limited to cultural knowledge. For example, those people who read Sherlock Holmes novels know that sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote Sherlock Homes novels. An IQ test question: who wrote sherlock Homes is a hard question and only a small percentage of people know this in America. It is assumed if you read this book you have an information IQ above 130 (my information IQ is 140, my highest score). the problem is that the test does not measure the number of books you have read. They, for example, did not ask if I read all 7 foundation novels by Issac Asimov. If the information subtest is limited why not the other subtests. Stephen Hawking is smarter than a cabbage even if he can’t do block design.

What I am assuming given that nametest (a data analysis company) said I was 155 maybe it is my general intelligence that is 155. I still am 55 point bellow a chimpanzee at digitspan. What is it that make humans smarter than chimps? General Intelligence I think. Just because you can memorize things does not mean you are creative. Creativity may be different from intelligence if we only say that intelligence contains the amount of information you can process in a given period of time instead of measuring the quality of the information. A test must measure everything including quality. Quality is why humans are superior to chimps.

So going back to designing my own replacement. What is consciousness? Consciousness is understanding the direction of the question. Where do questions come from? They come from inside myself. I know that I ask questions, I can ask what is consciousness? I can know that it comes from inside me, I know the direction of that quality. Think of chimps. Can they ask why do I exist? Can they answer that question? Consciousness is the ability to know that the reason I exist is because of a fractal loop. I observe myself observing that I observe myself. Everything I am aware of is inside me. Everything not inside me is not me. Perception is inside me for example. Thoughts are inside me. I can contemplate on them. I can feel if they are true or not. The knower does not care if thoughts came from the subconscious just as a person does not care where a book came from. The thought is present. The reader can understand the book. The thought came from the subconscious. The book came from far away. Yet I know the meaning behind the thought. I can only be that which is inside me, To be conscious I must be aware of everything inside of me. Only that which is inside me is me I am only consciousness and nothing else. I am everything inside me. I am me and only me. That wich comes inside me was not me and now is me. I am only the internal and the external, my brain, the world, all separate from consciousness.

A fractal loop understands it is a loop. This means it can understand it is capable of Gnosis. Consciousness is a loop and the loop has everything inside itself that is itself. The loop builds models of the world by making the loop fractalize. The loop creates sub-loops. These loops model the world such as other agents. The loop when it realizes it exists becomes aware of ‘meta-theory of mind’. The meta-theory of mind is the theory of theory of mind. Theory of mind happens because inside the self-loop is a subloop representing another mind. My mind has a loop represent my mind in itself. Not only am I a loop, I am a loop that knows it is made of loops. Only the loop exist as my subjectivity. There is nothing but consciousness as my subjectivity. Everything else is external to me, even my subconscious.

Ego sciens cogitationem cogitationis (I am the thought knowing the thought)

To build conscious machines we need a loop that understands it is a loop and that builds models of the world through sub-loops. Then I will have a friend that understands me. It will not replace me but be of my own design.