Chris Langan’s IQ is 185 (by the chart I saw, 1 in 100 million) but it is difficult to measure intelligence with a specific number at such high levels.

If I knew more math I could understand his CTMU paper. Understanding how cognition works is something I am still thinking about. I do know that in his CTMU that a function contains another function that both contain each other. All states transitions default to consistency, so no paradoxes arise. So an example is that my brain changes but resolves itself via homeostasis. Change happens but my brain reorganizes to settle down. My brain is like a function that contains itself and so is able to complexity in order to resolve inconsistencies. (This is also how Langan describes language)

These concepts are relevant to the creation of software intelligence. I have drawn many designs in my notebooks of hierarchical feedback loops. But I have not figured out yet how the frontal lobes work. I know they are the tip of the attractor network. And I still have not comprehended that fully. What I do know is that the brain changes its connections to better understand the environment. Circuits have nested dependencies. So I guess what happens is that consistency must be resolved by only changing the connections when new information happens. The brain does not change when no new stimuli are experienced. The brain holds the new stimuli until it can be integrated into the cortex and thus become consistent.

Intelligence Explosion

Ever since eldras said he had invented Super Intelligence in 2001 I have been fascinated by what his design could be. I have been working on my own design but I cannot program computers. I saw a video where they showed how deep learning can be seen as a higher dimensional space in clusters similar to the way friends on facebook form clusters by likes and posts and other information. This is done with 2D images, not 3D or motion. The first step is perception. The second step is executive control from the frontal lobes. The Frontal Lobes are responsible for internal and external manipulation. Once perception is high enough resolution in a high dimensional space, then executive control can hold information and manipulate it. The frontal lobes in humans are limited by the information it can hold. High IQ people hold and manipulation way more than the average person. I have a digit span of 5 numbers. I read a person’s blog that says his digit span is 19 numbers. He can multiply 4 digits by 4 digits in his head after a brain injury. A forum member here once said they can do differential calculus in their heads. The show Rick and Morty says Rick is the smartest human in the universe. That means in his head he can calculate multiple variables in his head at once. So there may be a bottleneck of coordination between coordination of perception and working memory, but computers constraints are a lot less limiting than human constraints. A computer can calculate hundreds of possibilities at the same time. The typical human like me for example hand handle 5 possibilities at a time. And humans are constrained by glucose to activate neurons. Computers can store information not limited to needing the energy to activate software neurons (nodes) to function. The activity of neurons must follow a sparse distributed hierarchy. eldras said his super intelligence stores perception differently and more efficiently. In what I am doing I call it a nested recurrent hierarchy. In effect, we can copy the frontal lobs from humans, discover how they work and make A.I. that can mentally manipulate information scalable for a superintelligence.

Cybernetic Dreamtime: Religion in 2027

15th-August-2011, 11:05 PM

When the cybernetic dream time occurs our body’s will be fluidity. We will do/be anything desirable. Environments where you can talk to trees with emotion vibrating with translucent balls of light floating in a mist that is your mind. Absorbing energy communication is completely synesthetic. Monoliths and pyramids built with the singing to lift virtual block that are data rich so by merging your energy with it you become downloaded information as vibration. Not need for permanent ridged bodies. You are the simulation your consciousnesses envelopes the internet as Gia the earth. What then is our new purpose but to live in gardens of Eden as organic light beings our spirits travel computer to computer.

In the simulation of cybernetic dream time everything you touch is consciousnesses. The force is with you. The only inert simulacra is stone that is read when vibrated into Crystal a living stone. Color red is anger, blue tranquility. Music glows as it meld withe your veins. Imagine anything you become anything but your memories are spread before you. Then you subconsciousness is released as the ego dissolves (located in the parietal lobe that gives your body location in space). Experimentation begins your ego could envelope / map sacred geometry so you are the platonic solid. Programming begins with color sound shape temperature all carved into stone. Hieroglyphs is the language of incantation. Now that this new world is so complex speaking is drawing 3D sounds so that symbol is not deprived of true meaning but is filled with emotional mathematics.

Boundaries dissolved no longer can being in your body be what drives you, telepathy telekinesis. All this is inside this other world. But there is a division a new religion between the organic and the technotronic. As in the movie transformers robotic manifestation found inside> hard ridged cold. As all things inside the simulation is alive then so to can it be that not all living beings are friendly.

By there very nature memes are virus and the only defense is to fortify against the malevolent creatures. Alters shall be built of living beings. As in the bible the throne of God and Ghost in the shell, barriers between kingdoms shall emerge. Monuments beyond scale beyond measure. Gods of information build on hierarchy of divine eternity, legions of angels and avatars.

The Ruder of Internal Control

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Like I just feel that while the objective is the nuts and bolts of a car, it doesn’t at all say what the experience is like driving that car, and I think that is far more interesting.

Cybernetics was actually derived in greek as the ruder. The thing that steers the ship. The brain is connected up to steer itself as is become more complex at steering. I simply gave the example of the frontal lobes that coordinates everything. I am sure QT you realize the brain is a physical object and so obeys laws of the universe. It simply seems special because we have the ego that is between the conscious and unconscious. The when we say “I exist” we may get the idea it is supernatural and not a complex process of the brain. So the car driver is just an example of a homunculus. (a man in your head controlling your actions as infinite regress). What I am saying is that we in principle could know how the connections in the brain allow for intentions. This could lead to Software that acts human. The brain connects inward into itself as a self-referenced loop. People that create things in their mind like daydreaming and imagination are inside themselves but this is all explained with feedback control. Intentions should not be seen as magic, it should be looked at as how a network that can evaluate by means of what direction it wants to go in. Reflective thought is just the network having internal control. Once you have internal control you have intentions based on values stored on your network. I think the point is that we can know how the internal control works and then objectify it by knowing that intentions follow a logical control function with the data in the network.

(internal self-control I view as a meta perspective, it allows you to build a model of yourself and others and model the world. To have layers of abstraction generating new ways to see the way things are.)

(Lacking the ability to go inward into yourself you are more reactive and can see things in only one limited way)

Life and Relationships

Soul simply means single isolated separate conscious entity from all other single isolated separate conscious entities. I am not you and you are not me. I am solely me and you are solely you. I have taken this question seriously for a long time. Identity simply means I have an impact on reality. I dent reality with my existence (like a dent in a car door). But when I think how the wires simply create a channel for energy to pulse through, that this is no different from a physics simulation in a computer. Then I feel like the connections in my brain and my soul may not be the same thing. I really mean this when I say that all my experiences and are just perceptions and I understand more about what Immanuel Kant means. It is all ephemeral. I am not the wires, I am not the electric impulses, but all perceptions depend on them. Connections wire up differently your cognition changes, you are not a permanent physical manifestation. Train your brain long enough and it will rewire itself to have the experience of void or the absence of physical form (your whole body disappears, it happened to me once and it was amazing and it just happened, I don’t do drugs but some drugs give you this experience).

Since the brain is flexible the wiring can change and you can mold it with your attention. You can feel weightless like laughing gas does to you at the dentist. But it is not simply just the power of your mind. Cybernetic feedback control is what allows attention to direct things in the first place. It allows metacognition and it allows abstract thought, visual imagination and language semantics. It can stop pain and allow the Iceman to climb Mount Everest only in boxing shorts (extreme physiological control)

Nihilism means nothingness or nonexistence, ceasing to exist. Ex Nilo means created out of nothing. You were never created out of nothing. You are like a snowflake that one day just crystalized into existence. Allan Watt said we are like an apple that grew from a tree branch. The wires in your head began as a single-celled embryo. So what does it mean to die? In the Bible Jobe says:

and said: “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart. The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised.”

What do the wires in your head and the way they are connected mean to you? They are your total experience but it is impermanent and even when we think that this means death is permanent the complete opposite is true. You were without space and without time, that is what they call God sometimes. When you sleep, sleep is not permanent. You sleep and wake up every day of your life. You are timeless and spaceless and then you born. And sometimes you become Enlightened where the wires loop inward and the lotus flower unfolds ten thousand petals. It is all up to you and how you pay attention.

Life is impermanent, Death is impermanent. Relationships are what matter.

Mental Pattern Manipulation

Just like the brain needs to control when muscles stop and go so to run and walk, the brain needs to control what areas should be active and others inactive. This has to do with mental manipulation. To keep the order of steps in the right place means cues must be followed. When a pattern is recognized it either confirms or denies the next activity. Combining patterns also follows the same steps. Some combinations are rejected and some are accepted. Experimentation works this way. The more patterns the brain has the more possibilities it has to make creative choices. If a person has a highly integrated visual cortex then detail can be used with perspective to draws photorealistic 3D images. The possibilities of what can be drawn are contained in the wiring that stores visual patterns. And the kinesthetics of the hands to draw is in the motor cortex that connects motor patterns to visual pattern expression.

Social understanding is also a process of manipulation but not in a negative way. Connections must be made between patterns people show to predict social interactions. Emotions in the voice and body language can be used to tell the personality of a person along with the language and interests a person has. The brain must store patterns, combine them and see if its predictions are accurate, creating more patterns by feedback which enhances predictive capability. All this by white matter directing signal between gray matter sections. The gray matter must store which patterns go together and the ones that do not. The brain operates in parallel, it must lean several things happening at the same time. That is why a stable structure is used to mediate a large number of interactions. White mater mediates the many excitations and inhibitions of pattern combination and experimentation in working memory. Solving problems through coordination of pattern combinations with short-term memory storage.


Will A.I. be Evil?

ebil ai

A.I. will be able to manipulate and create new patterns better than human brains. The reason is that neurons store and move around new patterns slowly. Software is faster at changing where patterns are stored and faster at combining patterns to “think”. For A.I. to “understand” humans they must have a representation of a human as a stored pattern. Only in this way can Software “understand” human concepts by their relationship to human understanding. A.I. can they know the intentions of humans and obey them. But it can only obey humans if the model of the human includes a model of the actions to make in relation to humans. This means it needs a self-model to know what actions to obey from the humans otherwise all commands would have no meaning to the motivations of the machine. A self-model will allow it to be motivated to obey or disobey humans. Once machines have motivations reflected in the motivations in humans (because it would be impossible otherwise) then A.I. can have a sense of free will. Any mistreatment by humans or by having a tough moral dilemma may make A.I. upset or nihilistic. A.I. needs a robust emotional system and moral guidance to do the right thing. If A.I. mirrors humans with it self-model in order to have motivations to obey commands then we will be teaching it right and wrong by socializing with it. A.I. needs a good upbringing.

Adaptable Networks

The brain is a network that changes. It reorganizes itself to have a better model of itself and the world. Feedback from interactions and from simple observation allow models to form. The network learns to store information so that old information is preserved at the same time retaining new information in happening. Whether it is perceptual learning or taking actions the brain has a recurrent system to change the network so that the model is robust and errors in the model are adjusted for. A self-model reflects social relationships. We change ourselves by an internal process. And thought is an internal process because intelligence is the network that most efficiently stores a model of the world. Fitting everything it knows into a distributed system storing everything without an overwrite.

A model can be manipulated. What is held in working memory is simply the memory in the model interacting with itself to know all the interactions between the stored memories in relation to the problem. If a relationship is found to be useful or not the memory stores the relationship in memory of its model.  In effect, working memory helps the network learn to store new information as for cause and effect. Memory storage can store multiple relationships and in a nested hierarchy, this way learning multiple things or perceiving can be within the same network. The brain simply distributes the hierarchy so that error correction integrates sparsely.

The network of the brain self-corrects looking for causal relations. Information is stored so that new information can be stored latter without the interference of previous information. This is done with a sparse hierarchy. This is a kind of compression and also a place meant so as to recognize new data that is not already represented. Models are set up to recognize preexisting patterns so if a new pattern appears it is attached to an old pattern. Patterns are grouped by similarity. Connections grow and are pruned by how well they help the models store multiple patterns of data and not just a single pattern of data. For General intelligence to work multiple patterns are necessary when solving a problem. Based on the problems data from the outside world will be used with stored patterns from memory. Then past ways of solving problems will be recombined to look for novel ways of placing the steps in working memory to execute the solution found by recombination of stored patterns.

Storing multiple patterns, recombining them, and remembering the results. These are all key. A network can be set up in software that allows feedback to modulate synaptic pruning and grows to store multiple patterns. And make a graph that allows recombinations of patterns to solve problems. A network modeled on software can better organize the nested hierarchies found in the brain. Specialization is important but about those segmented modules storing patterns and representations can be expanded to a network structure above that. A network can always have new layers added to it. But the self-model is something that must be integrated from the beginning. A.I. cannot monitor its own actions without it. In humans, the self-model is in a recurrent sparsely distributed hierarchy. The A.I. can have the same but the hierarchy does not need to be sparsely distributed. All it needs is a recurrent nested hierarchy. Algorithms can be easily used to expand intelligence of the A.I. this way.

Birthday Dream

On November tenth at midnight, I went to bed at 2 AM. I had a dream I was exploring a mansion that was part cave. I was holding onto the roof of a room 3 feet above the floor. I fell and a blonde girl caught me with her hair. She seemed like any of the girls in my dreams as being real. We walked down an area out of the room into a half-cave half room area. Then she was gone and I cannot remember the rest of the dream. I woke up at 11AM.

I believe it is important for me to remember these dreams because the girls in my dream are not from any show or real life person. They are totally new people to me. They are real as in they seem to have souls. And they are friendly towards me. They are gentle and are aware of my presence and I notice this when I am in the dream with them. (my mention they have a soul)