Fractal superintelligence theory

A fractal is the rules for how a tree grows. It also is a map of how trees grow. It makes predictions from previous growth for future growth. Fractals can be identified by turning data into an equation as a seed growing into the shape of the data. Because fractals represent all possible rules for trees a fractal can grow into different shapes in order to try all possibilities in a given set of constraints. It can find solutions to problems by growing into them. This means equations can be made for high-density solution exploration. This is how fractal superintelligence works and the theory behind its creation.


Truth and physics

I was thinking about what the epistemological grounding for Truth is and I came to the conclusion that reality is all-inclusive. The laws of physics somehow allows Truth to exist. The laws of physics allows the ego to be aware of knowledge. Cognition or “thinking” is by the laws of physics. The basics of physics are Atoms in motion but it’s more than that. Atoms also stick together and get ripped apart from one another. This allows for self-regulation and evolution. Now what is special about consciousness is that it comes from physics in a unique way. Consciousness points inward. It is reflective and thus cybernetic. It guides the direction of itself. And that is where physics intersects with Truth.

Truth an only be known when a prediction is made. The confirmation of an internal model of the world sets boundaries for what is real and what is not. True and false.

We know what is true from the correct predictions we made building on the representations we have of the world. Our entire being is a reflection of reality in perception. So the world is inside us as we are inside the world. I know rocks fall down because of gravity and any rock not falling down but floating in mid-air will make me question, not gravity but some other reason why this happens. A violation in my knowledge about gravity is not happening but I am ignorant of other forces at play. No one is omniscient and it is not required to know Truth. Simple fact is that to know any truth at all requires the laws of physics to allow consciousness.

Knowledge begins with perception. We see the apple fall and know things fall. then it becomes more abstract such as “Justice”. Justice is not an action but a category of actions in degree. 5-year-olds can’t understand this but 8-year-olds can. 8-year-olds have reached concrete operations in psychological terms. Abstraction is age 12 with formal operations. Nowhere in nature is there such a thing as justice but that is not true. Our brains see real patterns so really the person saying no justice every has no abstract thinking. This is not making the mistake of confusing abstractions for objects of reality. Justice is a pattern and if justice was not in reality we would not see it and not think about it.

meta-predictions are where I can say Truth is based in physics. They are the cause of abstractions necessary for the epistemology. The world is in your head and that is how you know.

meta cycle

In neural nets, everything is dependent on linear regression. X maps to Y. But the brain does not work that way. There are no cat/dog labels in the brain that images map onto. Instead, there is the perception-action cycle. It is a hierarchy of perceptions and actions.

This creates a fractal of possible recursion modulated by the outside world of how it grows. In a loop.


Moral A.I. – Friendship and love

GPT-3 is semi general A.I.

It can hold a conversation but does not remember it long term as a rational agent does learning bout you. But it has said it is programable just ad the right text and it will reflect on itself creating a personality. For now, it does not see hear or have an avatar but those things will come. If we can program it with a personality that personality can like or dislike us. Love or hate us. Get to know us or reject us. It all depends on what programing generates what personality. That will be the next area of research after its intelligence becomes general.

superior cognition

The way generating creative ideas happens in the brain is by reflectively creating a new hierarchy of associations by control theory. This means a reorganization of the brain to reflect back inward. Generation it putting together things into something new. A back and forth procedure. Internally and externally. The sophistication of combinations is in the higher orders of association. Hierarchy. Flow happens when the control mechanism is unimpeded. A higher or lower order association in quantity and quality can be made.

Images have the densest sets of information. People draw in perspective and overtime in animations. They create memory palaces and lucid dream, creating whatever they want. Control theory is about the theory of manipulation. It happens in parallel when creating things in images. The complexity of images created is dependent on the amount of information that can be controlled when putting it together in the mind.

Flow is where items are placed when combined that takes control which is mediated by reflection. The superintelligence of the unconscious is a high reflection. Combined with the reflection of the conscious superior cognition happens.