What is God

By ultimate I mean everything beyond your subjectivity. The periphery of the subjective plane. The boundary between me and all else. It is the great beyond.

So the point is that to listen is to channel this great beyond. To see what it intends. That it has a will and that you are trying to come into alignment with it.

To look for hidden meaning in things. To foster a sensitivity to things.

This sensitivity comes from internal stability. By reaching balance one can contact the beyond. It’s a calm in the storm.

That is when one can send out intents and they happen.

Carl Jung would call it staring into the unconscious. The unknown. Yet that is where God is. It seems that if a barrier is what separates me from all that is. So only a sliver can become conscious. It is impossible to be connected to all things simultaneously but that is what God does so that means you can only partially be connected to God.

Intents are like cracks in the fabric of reality. This makes choice possible. Freewill possible.

The experiences I had with these cracks allowed me contact with God.

Faith in God

Personally, you must feel God is there or that something is out there to have faith. Whatever it is you feel it. It is not required to hear or see it. But if nothing is there then nothing is felt.

God is there I feel them. I have interacted with them. Communicated.

To me personal experience is the only real test.

Because when you have faith things happen.

faith sets ones intent to see miracles happen.

Putting it together

reflective thinking is the basis of IQ. it’s just that reflection happens in so many ways. when it happens all at once creativity emerges. but most people think iq is just manipulation. You actually need to make something to be intelligent. So it is a balance. Of what you can do. I really got low working memory. but I have excellent perceptual reasoning. It’s all about putting the pieces together.