Type Analysis and Synthesis

Information is understood by the associated causalities within it. (integration)

(Si – reviewing/narrowing in on details |

Se – absorbing all the details, wide as possible)

(Ti – understanding something from ones internal frame of reference |

Te – understand everything from an external frame of reference)

Information is created by combining stored associations in new ways. (inference)

(Ni – a realization arising internally as the way things are or will be |

Ne – a realization as to the way things could be in the external)

(Fi – seeing my preferences from my perspective first |

Fe – seeing others preferences from their perspective first)

More Definitive Type

Ni – finds the causal links behind things.
Se – gathers as many perspectives as possible.

Si – remembers factual details.
Ne – has original/novel ideas out of nowhere.

Ti – follows an internally consistent logic.
Fe – is accommodating to group coherence.

Fi – follows an individualistic approach to people.
Te – is rather empirical and definitive in approach.

(Ni – causal | Se – perspective)
(Si – factual | Ne – novelty)

(Fi – individuality | Te – definitiveness)
(Ti – consistency | Fe – accommodating)