Divine connection

BurnedOut said:If atheists are as defenseless as theists to their own biases, it is unlikely that an atheist can remain an atheist if he does not practise atheism. This is also the case with theism. A theist won’t remain a theist if he does not practise his faith.

Atheism is rational Theism is irrational. That is the first is Judgment the second is perception. That is the tendency but both work together, it’s not definitive categorical. But Atheism makes judgments on what is real. Theists perceive what is real. Specifically, they perceive God’s presence. How can Atheists be right if Theists feel God inside them and all around them? This God perception anchors causal belief. Atheists’ frame of reference is empty a God perception.

God feels like a person so Atheism is absent a personal experience.

In the background workings of my mind, I feel God is there making everything alive. It is very subtle. It is at the core of everything. But it does fade in and out. Like music, you can become numb to it but the music still exists. The feeling that something exists always returns.

Atheism is freer with emotion because it is not tied to ultimate purpose. When a theist encounters all things it is to do with meaning. Everything happens for a reason. That means Atheists devoid themselves of significance. They have no reason to pray and no reason to get personally involved with emotional intentions. They take an emotionally neutral stance on reality.

Theists find significance in things/events. They perceive it that way.

your will not mine

Control is a sticky thing. It is not really about external order but internal order. And fluid nonresistance. Control means you act such you are not stuck or make things in a way that you avoid obstacles. Also, existential questions happen. Why control? What is the right way? Why? what goal is worth it in the end? The reason behind it all.

Why control your own ego? Is it any better than the alternatives? Who controls you is important because only a worthy relation is best. there are goals beneath a person not worth pursuing. What is worthy to follow because a self-goal is just as good as some causes. sometimes.

Surrendering the ego means you gain supernatural abilities. You can do things beyond willpower. Beyond what is humanly possible on one’s own power. 

If one can rely on the will of the others will one can become superhuman. And of course, if we are talking about a spiritual force above us and we call it God or higher power it gives us purpose beyond any pointless things we could rely on for our life. Life must mean something and it comes from what is bigger in the worthiness sense.

Because we need something that is worth it, we follow the higher power beyond ourselves. It becomes the center and we go by its will. Now the self can be the center but it is not the ultimate or any better to have than a center outside one’s self.

It is rather like an introverted or extraverted orientation. But with respect to the center of once life. If one is spiritual the center can be anywhere but it is how one views what is most important, the self or other. Are you more important than what is God so be.

Nihilism would say nothing outside is worth it. Nor even the inside. No center at all. No purpose is more than a pointless pursuit.

Going with a center to one’s life is pointless, no reason to do it. The opposite is that there is a reason and that it is worth it. Surrendering to God is a real thing worth pursuing. Nihilism says no because it views God as not real. God does not exist.

There is no way to prove God is fake but we have people surrendering thems selves to something calling it God so what is it that is happening to them?

They are being taken over by a will higher than themselves so yes that would be God because the will above shows itself in what is beyond will power. Or is in spiritual terms “your will not mine”.


Unlike spike, I believe in recurrent time. The past is not set until observed from the future. That does not mean it is set always. The past can change many times if the future observers it that way. God works this way creating branches forward and backward in time in the 5th dimension multiverse. I notice things change sometimes. People have different memories. But it is settling down as we reach closer to alpha omega. Resurrection of the dead. It’s in the math.

Grape Soda

Yesterday I had a dream I was in my old bedroom I became lucid when I was playing music lyrics in my head. A little anime girl came in the door. I reached out and touched her. I actually felt her touch on my hand. She told me not to drink grape soda because the sugar would rot my teeth. Then she was gone. This is the most real person I remember meeting in my dreams. Because I was lucid enough to interact with her.

manipulating representations (iq)

I think there is a good point to be made that intelligence is both extraverted and introverted. Both hold and manipulate information in the form of representations in brain wiring. It’s putting old representations together to create new representations. This works best as a hierarchy of orders of association. To some individuals, these associations are not measured on IQ tests, and thus why autism is considered a loss in social attunement but not intellect. It’s been said IQ is just a mental calculator. But if all domains of intelligence in question are to be calculated it would need to be in what representations/patterns are put together and in what way. It can’t just be a quantity but also a quality of arrangements found in intelligence. (g) would be found at the top of a hierarchy that pulls everything together. The top association. In effect, the entire brain is a working memory system, not just the font regions used to hold mental objects like numbers. All together we are simulating the world but also each of us is simulating a different part of the world in overlap with others. Simulating possibilities and the overall scale of them sets up a broader definition of intelligence than just iq.

Spiritual Nihilism

Spiritual Nihilism says nothing spiritual exists.

To begin spiritual is first emotional.

Emotional Nihilism, I am referring to a feeling. An emotion. It is completely in the present. no inner monolog. It is neutral. It is still. stable. balanced.

“nothing” feels a certain way.

but what is the opposite:


meaning in the most satisfying way.

in both, “anything” blocking a person emotionally is gone.

clarity exists

A problem for nihilism and meaning is randomness. It creates instability. Confusion. Suffering.

In Spiritual Nihilism, a person does not experience transcendent things. But they are pulled by something. An inner drive. Will. The purpose of things is just to be but to be also is to do so doing is essential. life depends on it. The spiritual rather is about acceptance or letting go and doing not by ego. Doing by another force or just letting you be guided. But not in the superego sense. Not the id either. You must be taken over, possessed. By a spirit. And Spiritual Nihilism denies this. Or at least says there is nothing but the ego. No force outside it.

To let go is to drop the ego and accept whatever is out there.

The ego is more monolog well the spiritual is visual.

The ego is certain well the spirit is quiet.

behaviorism and a.i.

The most recent advancements in a.i. is meta hierarchical reinforcement learning but it is still limited. It is still focused on mapping states to actions or most known as behaviors.

Behaviorism denies imagination which is an internal property of mind.
because of this behaviorism is limited to linear regression.
the analogy is that a.i. is limited to linear regression thus no imagination.
people that deny a.i. has imagination believes a.i. is limited to behaviorism.

There is no conception of imagination in behaviorism. that is why people opposed to a.i. deny a.i. is capable of the same.