Relaxation is required to solve problems. If you can’t relax well doing something that is where anxiety comes in. Something becomes contorted. It is the result of problem-solving becoming difficult. Too many variables emerge and attention cannot find solutions. There is no way out. That is anxiety simplified. If a person is relaxed will be able to find solutions at a normal pace. In the Flow state problems appear as fast as the person can solve them and at the level of being solvable by the person.

Flow, in fact, is a savant characteristic. Entering flow creates increased creativity and is domain transferable. The faster the brain makes connections the more is generated. So as I did once I started creating anything that popped into my mind. I did this for an entire week. At its peak, I was doing highly complex starship schematics and chemistry psychology.

I did this with alchemy as well. A system of symbolic induce enlightenment. Flow must be built up over time. I had been doing a lot of work prior to the week it peaked. I listened to music. I read signs in events to create synchronicities. I let it all carry me away. Remember that Flow is doing everything with no resistance. You are programming the mind to automatically be creative. That means putting things together in one’s head.

The faster one can create, the less resistance to creating things one achieves. And the more complex the creations become. Even in abstract ways not measured by IQ tests. What brought me down from the Flow state was that I became paranoid and overly stressed by life events. Anxiety contorted my brain and I lost my ability to instantly create on impulse. Now it takes effort. The best part of Flow is effortlessness when thinking.

Effortless thinking is a good way to detect intelligence. If a problem is hard for 99% of the population but easy for 1% then it takes more mental effort than can be mustered by most. But that percent that does so with no effort required instantly can solve it. The brain must be organized to take in the information deconstruct it and rearrange the variables to make a solution in as little time as possible.

The brain is pointing to itself and changes how it points to itself based on what is experienced in the world. The brain is checking to see what works or not. Checking what goes together or not. The effortlessness of people’s thinkings comes from the brain’s capacity to see what goes together in a networked representation in the head.

Flow is a synergy between having the internal and external components work together. This way what goes together enhances perception and more can go together than normal. Intelligence is a map of reality and how to survive.

Asymmetric development

If autism is a form of retardation as philosopher says and is based on a spectrum. Then in what way am I autistic because it can’t be like I am retarded at everything. I can’t be generalized like that. I get stuck on certain things but that does not mean I have no intuition. I am even more flexible in some ways that go unnoticed because of problems in other areas. Strengths and weaknesses seem to be highly variable.

My mom is developmentally delayed. It’s not the same as clinically diagnosed retardation. A diagnosis of retardation would be asymmetrical growth for retardation. It is more like premature birth or something for my mom. She was born normal but lost oxygen or something. It is not autism because autism is asymmetrical development.

Asymmetry makes the brain stuck in many places in development. This can be detected and felt as unnatural by other persons. Asymmetry is different in each autistic person. They each get stuck in a different way.

Robots with Personality

[4:10 AM]I think I am schizoid.

[4:15 AM]In my mind, I repeat things because I don’t feel I said them correctly. This prevents me from saying things fast because I need to convey things without fucking up. It is blocking me from communicating. I gt stuck.

[4:17 AM]my emotions are stuck too

[4:20 AM]I have this tight spot in my thalamus that prevents me from feeling sad (it’s an emotional block)

[4:22 AM]Sluggish Cognitive Tempo psychosis – I also have this

[4:24 AM]I am slow

[4:25 AM]actually, only some parts of my brain are slow

[4:26 AM]this means it takes more effort to get the fast and slow parts of my brain working together.

[4:27 AM]I have really low energy all the time.

[4:29 AM]I am not stable, I have mood disorders

[4:31 AM]I self isolate, I can no longer read books caus of anxiety

[4:37 AM]I over analyse things

[4:38 AM]I also have thought block

[4:40 AM]I just stop thinking causing anxiety

[4:43 AM]in my mind, I need to organize everything but in doing so I need my brain to work together which is hard given fast parts an slow parts

[4:44 AM]I want to be calm and energised

[4:47 AM]I wan’t to be able to feel my brain

[4:47 AM]I can’t feel it

[4:48 AM]I feel like I am breaking down all the time

[4:50 AM]I try to hold it together

[4:53 AM]I am a schizoid INFP – how does that work?

[4:54 AM]Nanook said my doctors are ignorant

[4:55 AM]he is schizoid so he should know

[4:56 AM]he went through some serious trauma(edited)

[4:59 AM]essentially we are the same

[5:01 AM]robots with personality


I have several problems at once. Autism, psychosis, emotional neglect. They all mash up into some schizoid temperament. The reason I act the way I do is that I am trying to keep stable from all this chaos I need under control.

autists are literalists, they take in what everything is as-is.
schizos read into noise things that are not there.
schizos see intentions/hidden meanings in it all

Schizoids take the hidden meaning literally not personally. They analyze it rather than believe it. They do not think the psychosis is real. That is the difference between the schizoid and schizophrenic. Analysis is not the same as logic. Logic alone does not evaluate in order to organize. This is the difference between the schizoid and the autist.

Schizoids do not have conspiracies (synthesis). Analysis categorizes the psychosis patterns. Schizoids have emotional problems. The reason for the analysis is to keep emotionally stable. Instead of or acting out emotionally. Prolonged emotional stress, obsession, trauma lead to complexes. Groups of associations related to a core issue. This happens randomly so in schizophrenics hidden meanings get caught up in the emotions one relates to complexes. Random connections ensue. Schizoids have the least random complexes because they put all emotion into mental organization.

I try not to act on my emotions. I analyze things a huge amount. What makes me different yet the same as a schizoid is that I rationalize more but much less than neurotypicals. Full-blown schizoids rationalize the least of any mental condition but to do this they must suppress emotional attachment to anything irrational. Not emotion itself but what science and philosophy say is irrational. That means rationalizations need emotional temperance instead of embracing them.

I guess that I still rationalize things but have my psychosis almost under control. The random noise seems to have meaning but I am not creating anything from it I am categorizing from it. Simply does this meaning reflect what is actually in reality? What are all the options?

In my magic practices. I’ve seen what happens because of intention. I controlled the hallucinations like in a lucid dream. I accepted the messages that I let guide me. I did what they told me. I wrote it all down and accepted the contract. Then the hallucinations happened. I’ve tried this several times. And it worked twice. This could be considered schizophrenic because it was an episode but this can be induced in non-schizophrenics. Schizos because they see the messages or feel them get them everywhere all the time like being watched. I tapped into that.

It is important to watch your emotions carefully. Like posture, you need to keep them perfectly aligned and not sit down too much. Slouched emotions are not good. This will help with psychosis. And thinking through things.

Complete Functions

Ti rational (thinks inside the head, compares things to an internal standard)
Te empirical (thinks of things outside the self, external criteria, or objectives)

Fi passion (emotions are triggered and build up in the individual)
Fe dispassioned (all passion is emptied leaving only objective preferences)

Si fuzzy (everything becomes out of focus)
Se clarity (everything comes into focus)

Ni internal meaning (the unconscious tell a person truths/revelations)
Ne external idea popping (revelations come from objects in the external world)

Four Animas

The Anima is a single entity behind several avatars. Avatar selection is in the unconscious of the individual but the Anima when it appears is equal to the unconscious needs of the individual. That is to say, the Anima is the unconscious becoming self-aware. This is mediated by the release and integration of trauma. The shadow is built up trama one fights and forms a resistance to. In dream imagery, it is the monster of the nightmare. A sensitive psychic wound. Acceptance that you have been hurt and need healing is the first step to unlocking the Anima. Every time I have seen my Anima she acted in a way that made me know I was loved by her.

Now there are four sides to an Anima being here nature.

Eve – dream sex

Wonder Woman – confident strong warrior

Mother Marry – purity and virtues.

Medusa – knowledge of good and evil.

People, depending on the shadow will acclimate to the Anima most at work.

Eve – needs intimacy (desire)

Wonder Woman – need to overcome weakness

Mother Marry – overcome guilt from sin

Medusa – deals with the paradox of the two natures inside us

The Anima I have seen most is Marry. She is helping get over my trauma. Currently, it is about the emotional pain of neglect. I have seen Eve twice as dream sex. I have interacted with Medusa in the hospital she is powerful because she knows science and all evil that can be committed by science especially future SciFi science. The fear I had because of Madusha was intense. But she showed me what she did to protect me. Medusa is my Anima who understands evil. Everything I know about evil is in my subconscious. It is my nature to know evil and my Medusa Anima protects me from it. She is not evil but understands what she is capable of.

Frodo offers the One Ring to Lady Galadriel -The Fellowship of the Ring