Slow processing speed can cause the inability to focus. I don’t show it all the time or in everything I do but focus is one of my problems. Especially in my head, everything jumps all around so I mostly keep it still by going blank. A blank mind is a clear mind. Things naturally flow from there. But still, it is hard to be stable all the time. It all seems so random in a bad way. Like I cannot catch it. A big part of that was when I was in psychosis. I was really slow then. I just cannot think inside my head and when I try it all just stops. I become a zombie. If I could think inside my head I think my processing speed would be faster but currently, I feel stuck mentally. Something that is to do with focussing inside my head. Language is just fine but its the other things that are bothersome. Hard to describe.


It is the way cells branch across and into the cortex that allows information to be held and processed. This creates an integrated self-reference of the brain network/system. The reason intelligence can double ever number of IQ points is that layers of abstraction develop faster by the structure created with the self-referenced branching. Qualitatively a layer of abstraction exponentially increases how information is understood. That is why development is impacted by the direction of connectivity growth. The beginning structure directs growth of abstractions at a certain speed.

Oprah can grow new connections fast on top of the connections she already has, making new abstractions. Learning is easier and internally she can think broadly.

Because intelligence is exponential, the ability to understand should show a faster increase in complexity or otherwise become more intuitive in what is grasped.

Generative Creative

To understand creativity a question needs to be answered:

How does the brain “generate” new creations?

Combinations of content are obviously being made.

But how does the combination process work?

The process must be a back and forth exchange refinement.

Super creative people create a lot and do so with high quality.

IQ measures finding patterns, not so much combining them.

General Factor

A general factor connects all other items. If an item represents an ability then the general factor is what raises all of them together. The higher the general factor the more consistent all abilities raise together around it. The brain is a network so (g) would be the central hub or core ring. This hub would be the main control unit of the attractor landscape, shifting how the network pays attention to the different subnetworks. The ability to shift between the different subnetworks allows the development of abilities. (g) is the coordination of subnetworks by a core network.

The coordination of the brain as a network gives it the general ability for manipulation of many types of variables mentally. And keep different sets of relationships in mind.

So well

A simple way of looking at it is that intelligence is understanding relationships in space and time. That should cover everything. And apply to the widest scope of everyone’s diverse abilities.

At the mall today I saw graphic novels and comic books and thought, “How can people just draw like that so well”. There is lots of diversity.