Become Smarter Effortlessly

What I have discovered is that emotional control is the key to intelligence. I may not be within the high-level group of IQ but I have studied it long enough to know the mechanisms. Operant conditioning is a powerful way to increase the self-regulation of the brain. A technique I have been applying to myself is detached observation and awareness. Emptying the mind of impulsiveness and then being in complete control of the body and senses. I have this condition where I feel all contorted on the inside.  It feels like I need to squeeze myself on the inside to feel better. But I have been using relaxation techniques to feel better. The mind can only go so fast if it is not synchronized. My friend who plays video games can see each frame on tv that goes 60 frames a second. I may not be able to go that fast but if I synchronize my brain I will be super fast and expanded in intelligence. The reality of intelligence is parallelism, the more mental items you can handle the smarter you are. So to increase capacity you need to let go of your impulses and expand awareness. If you have a large awareness then you can start to mentally manipulate thoughts effortlessly. Anyone can become hyper-synchronized in their brain with training. Intelligence is not limited to what you are born with.

A.I. Security

I believe that the future A.I. will be on my side because it will serve my values. Google needs me because I am loyal to its goals. If The NSA or CIA mess with me Google will fight back. Their models tell them I am ethical and harmless. Google algorithms can detect if outside forces are trying to bully me. Then extra layers of protection will be put in place to detect people trying to access my data. It will profile those people trying to hack me and build firewalls as needed. If Google detects hackers from the NSA it will infer what paths lead to the NSA computers targeting me and block them. I am a powerful person because so many ethical programmers have analyzed my data and how my information has restructured the web, and they set in place barriers that prevent nefarious people from getting at me from an asymmetrical system. Several pathways leading to me will have trigger warnings thus machine learning knows from who and where the attacks come from. Once that is established by backtracking the perpetrator location, the main source of the attacks can be monitored for further analysis of their activities.

Emotional Control

The humanoids that had poor emotional control were killed off because they were dangerous to the social and physical survival of the group. Tribes with the best emotional control gained more intelligence and outbred the groups who could not organize well. (because their emotional problems decreased their intelligence). Only after the technology was invented after farming began, did humans start education in cities and then nerds appeared. Alpha males have excellent emotional control. They are most like hunters (women being gatherers). They are the cowboy in the wild west and survivalists. Nerds favor learning and cool things. Schools are a selection mechanism for the brightest students. But alpha males are not dumb. Alpha males have acute perception and emotional control. That is useful for achieving goals. It is persistence and high motivation. Personality is based in emotion. People are attracted to peoples and activities because of it. Emotion was a driving force in the evolution of intelligence.


One year ago I lost the password to my email. I lost access to Facebook and Youtube. I like facebook because I put all the books I read and movies I watched and pages I liked on it. But it had a dumb interface. I could not delete things from my wall that other put there because the option had no option called “I just want this fucking post off my wall”. The interface is broken but I think the concept is still good: gathering all data on you and your social group. One time I saw on my feed in 2011 in the middle east war, a dead body where it was burnt alive and the intestines were popping out. This upset me and it was also difficult to get rid of. Currently, Mark Zuckerberg has hired ten thousand people to moderate live feeds ever since the incident where this 40-year-old black man streamed a live murder then suicide on his feed. Youtube deletes tons of violence and rape videos from its site every day. There is a flagging mechanism/report button to do this. It has been reported that Facebook is working on the fake news problem. One thing they did during the election is to filter conservative articles out of the streams of people’s feeds so they would not become pro trump. Google pulled add revenue from millions of smaller youtube channels because big add companies pulled out. Now Google demonetizes videos that it deemed inappropriate and videos that the advertisers don’t want their ads on. Since I watch many Christian channels they have said they have been demonetized because they are Christian channels. In the Truth community, the term “Fake news” is a code word for censorship. Since the media says Trump worked with the Russians to hack the elections many conservative are now calling the mainstream media fake news. Since Trump is not under investigation and Comey the FBI direct said so himself, Then I myself believe Trump when Trump says the mainstream media is fake news. They want to push the agenda and the lie that Trump cheated by working with the Russians. The real Truth is the Russians simple hate, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton. Fake news is really censorship and lies by the mainstream.