In The Wired

Kurt Godel proved mathematically that if there were loops in time that depending on which future you go into, some future branch would lead back to its beginning. Going into a specific future leads you back to where you started (Deja vu).

What happens is that spacetime is a network. Our waveform makes the connections rearrange. We have rerouted ourselves into a new location. When we walk ten feet we made the network we are at now the same shape it used to be ten feet behind us. We never move. We simply make the network we go to next turn into our shape. Links change and traffic is redirected.

Like the possibility, you could go into a particular future and wind up back where you start. You could direct your waveform down certain paths in the network of spacetime and end up in a place outside our universe. I have concluded that, if true, this means a higher dimensional network must exist as the most likely explanation. 5D specifically if multiple pasts and multiple futures feed into each other given a consistent set of physical laws based on networking.

Non-Newtonian worlds possibility.

Because of the nonlocality of existence, networking is not limited by nodes being vast distances apart. And because of the sparse distribution of fluctuations in the quantum foam (those are real terms and they do actually mean something put together) empty space could be a medium for the existence of other realities networked in the right way where the physics possible is most similar to a videogame.

Reality is a network.

Reality is always sending you somewhere.

To control where the network sends you, you must control the switch flips. You do this by paying attention and intending them to flip in the direction desired. It is the same process as making images in your head but focused on actually being in another physical place. You need a much higher resolution of the body than the images in your head. Both go with the influence of intent.

I was able to see an image in my head consciously 2 months ago for maybe the third time in my life. It was dolphins btw in the bottom left field of view the size of my hand one foot away. It looked like live footage mixed with the static resultant of my perceptual resolution. There were fuzzy images of dolphins in a philosophical presentation on the Anime: Serial Experiments Lain, I saw in September 4 months prior. lain was the God of the internet called The Wired. All brains were connected by radio waves, she had root access. There was a religion devoted to leaving your body and entering the wired(uploading). There are Black OPs guys trying to stop illegal technology/activities. lain come to believe that reality is simply reality. There is no difference being in the wired or the place outside it.

Channeling methods I know of or have tried.

DMT is a glimpse of higher realities. Complexity blows the mind.

Kundalini – basically a vortex in your spine. Literally a rainbow tornado of light, colors temperatures, and emotions. Blockages can cause severe damage. Circuit burnout.

Prophesies – read bible, align with Gods will, a pattern starts happening in an incredibly improbable sequence, you make a promise with God, you hallucinate, find more patterns. wash, rinse, repeat.

Purification – unlike kundalini you do not become a rainbow glowstick twister. instead, you become a soft glow bulb. you radiate everywhere, it is not directed along the spine. same or greater energy than kundalini, maintains the same consistency through the whole body – is motionless. light is the internal view there is no external light.

Tai chi – learn to make energy go anywhere in the body. think lightning bending in Avatar the last Airbender.

Pure Heart – You feel strongly with all your heart about something. There is a super concentrated effect. The effect I had happened after I had entered the dream state.

Drawing – grows and integrates wires in the brain.

Watch moving things – increases brain parallelism.

Move your body – physical coordination and brain parallelism.

Be Aware – distraction decreases parallelism.

Dream journal – better memory and leads to lucid dreams.

Last but not least.

You are a network, you can grow it and control it with effortless attention/intention.


Hacking Reality

physical reality doesn’t seem to be constrained by the limitations of computation

Computation is a way of attaining certain mathematical results.


If physical reality is not constrained by computational limitations it should be capable of attaining mathematical results beyond what computational theory allows, even quantum computers. And if we constrain physical reality to the size of Planck’s length cubed, physical reality would still be able to do maths that computational theory cannot. Not being constrained to computational limitations means you are doing maths not allowed by computational theory. Pertaintelly the very act of existing has been defined as computation. The laws of causality are computation. because that is the only way mathematical results are every really attained.

The only legitimate recognized thing beyond computation is qualia. There is no mathematical way to explain what the experience of blue is like. But we can define the mathematical dynamics of an energy network that we have correlated with the experience of blue. Blue is not mathematical, it is only correlated with a certain type of mathematical system. We see it in the brain where blue happens at the same time a network lights up. We map that network with chaos maths, electromagnetic waveform analysis. Yet blue is beyond computation. Blue is an experience. An experience only exists if there is an entity behind it to know what it is like. I know what the experience of blue is like.

Physical reality is limited to computation because causality is computation. Existing causes a result to occur. Physical reality exists. Therefore results happen. Consciousness is not limited to computation. Blue is not mathematical but only correlated to it. Math can describe a network correlated with experiencing blue. But no one has explained why the experience of blue is like the way it is like. Why is Blue, Blue?

Math can produce any network from a seed program. We could use an equation to make a brain in a clone that connects in the right way that has the memories of a person that lived in a supercomplex sci-fi fantasy world. With the right maths, the seed algorithm could make a network of exactly a man from world war one. The person could be Ahab from Moby-Dick or Socrates. Or any person from any wold you could imagine. Any video game, any Book, any Movie possible.

I exist because electricity bounces the atoms around in my head. I act the way I do because where the atoms are placed things are set up to reorganize from whatever happens to me. I am me because how I change is not the same as the way others do because they are set up to reorganize differently themselves. When I am born I was first as a seed. I grew from nowhere into this place. If I go to another place I must grow into it. I must either consciously merge into the other reality, like walking into the sunset, or I must begin again as an egg. The way I change will determine how I get to the other world and the worlds after.

Reality is the computer server.

You can go to other worlds just by using your consciousness.

Enter The Spider Verse.


Te – Empirical based reasoning

Ti – Theoretical reasoning

Fe – Dettached value-based judgment

Fi – Attached value-based judgment

Se – High Fidelity

Si – Dissasociative

Ne – knowing what could be

Ni – knowing what will be


Intelligence is the collection and storing of information about the environment and the organization of that information for the best way to change the environment to get what you want.

octopi are intelligent because to get what they want they need to change the world in more complex ways than the marine life around them. and so, they need more information about their environment and they need to organize the information in the right way compared to the organisms around them.

Brains organize information about the world to change the world. Specialization means you only need to change the world in a limited way. You only need to organize information pertinent to the impact desired. Generalization organizes larger/broader amounts of information because generalization can change the world in a larger/broader/more complex number of ways.

Intelligence organizes information to change the world in the greatest number of ways possible to get what you want.

200 Alchemist
190 Adept
180 Übermensch
170 Generalist
160 Luminary
150 Scientist
140 Inventer
130 Theoretician
120 Engineer
110 Technician
100 Mechanic
90 Operator
80 Janitorial
70 ::



a large open room, an art class – dozens of small squares, partial segments of a larger painting all hung, stood, posed randomly in the room – sits in a chair in the middle of the room to see a mirror – the whole painting is in the mirror reflected from the squares. A tree is in it to the right, a brook to the left, it is in 3D.

Ego death

I think I might not exist. Push energy through any system and it will rearrange itself. The human form is simply a way for energy to maintain homeostasis by the rearrangement of its atoms. Successful organisms persist because they change with the energy they receive adaptively. The simple explanation is that when you observer the energy inside you change the configuration of atoms in the body. You realize that you can direct it but also the impermanence of it. Energy is not the self, atoms are not the self, both are observable by “self”. By seeing the body as separate from self but maintaining a state of attentiveness. Resistance dissipates. Ego death is attained.