General Knowledge

My general knowledge is fairly high.

I can name several different types of pokemon from the tv show.

This could be the reason I scored 140 in Gen Knowledge on the wais-4

I would watch KidsWB a lot so I was thoroughly prepared.


People that draw manga have high general knowledge because the story has to have so many social and environmental details illustrated and this is called “world building”.

An element to (g) is visual-spatial where (g) is most correlated to photorealism creations.

Creativity (putting things together/refinement) is a self-generating loop in the head.

I do not have such a loop in my head. This makes it hard to produce anything. I am confused by the terms analysis and synthesis. Because there are 4 to do both, each. I understand things I do not make things. The way I am oriented psychologically, it is not about certain outward and inward directions.

If you have a direction where you do things externally in the physical world and you have a direction where you do things internally in your mental space. Then they need to work together to be in control and be attentive to the conditioning both directions permit for self-programming. Then autonomy is possible.

Emotions are important. Observation is important. Causality is important.

Logic. and Intuition.

Branching decisions of neural cells creating representations of the world. And operations to interact with the world. Simulating imaginations in the mental space.

You can simulate the world or you can simulate imaginary things that do not exist.

“world building”

I have an understanding of things by my way of processing.
It is possible to understand alternatively by different processes.

You can’t always show ones understanding in all forms by a test.

Emotion, control

Emotional control requires the same mechanism as intelligence itself. (control)

Self-awareness increases intelligence because of increased control.

And awareness of self is experiencing the energy inside of you (that is emotion)

More awareness is more control. More intelligence encompasses emotion. (energy)


Any symptom of a metal affliction has a location, a direction, and a concentrated affect. Some people get anxiety as a fuzziness in the center of the head. Some get a rush back and forth. And many other ways. When I have anxiety I feel all contorted inside my head with feels of burning trying grabbing on to something I cannot catch, the right side of my head. Anxiety suppresses my depression which is not good because a lot built up in there that needs to be let go but can’t.

I stop myself from doing most things because I am stuck and unable to do them. I need to hold on to something that is not always there. So my inner system stops me. It is all tangled/bundled up and dysregulated.

Anxiety will follow different pathways in the brain from the amygdala outward depending on the cause of the stress experienced. Racing thoughts is a pathway. Fear that you will do bad on a test is a pathway. Any part of the brain can link to the amygdala from varying stressors. One of the most stressful things is randomness. You just don’t know what to do. A control issue.

170 IQ

These are the people I have encountered with a 170 IQ.

Marsha – Escort

Mnemomeme – Hive Mind Theory

Theoria Apophasis – Magnetism Theory

Yellow – Working in therapy/psychology

Lizz’s Mom – Mental Health Field

Houdini – Construction

set/ai – Mckenna fan, Cybernetic Dreamtime


Keeping track of everything that needs to be done apparently shows your level of intelligence. Which is the fact that if your brain can do more it is generally smarter. Super smart people can do a lot with their brain, (keep track of multiple things). It is easier for them to deal with complex environments because they can think about more things at once. Makes sense when you see what people smarter than you have done.


My psych doctor asked me to write down what would make me happy. I am lonely. And I said I feel like I cannot do anything because it is hard for me to think. It is difficult to hold information and work on it in my head. I have a nonverbal learning disability. I do not understand what kind. But it is not easy describing what is wrong. I do not have any close friends.

I am not sure what would make me happy.
I have lots of ideas all the time.
I don’t actually do anything with them.
There are not that many activities I like to do.


Slow processing speed can cause the inability to focus. I don’t show it all the time or in everything I do but focus is one of my problems. Especially in my head, everything jumps all around so I mostly keep it still by going blank. A blank mind is a clear mind. Things naturally flow from there. But still, it is hard to be stable all the time. It all seems so random in a bad way. Like I cannot catch it. A big part of that was when I was in psychosis. I was really slow then. I just cannot think inside my head and when I try it all just stops. I become a zombie. If I could think inside my head I think my processing speed would be faster but currently, I feel stuck mentally. Something that is to do with focussing inside my head. Language is just fine but its the other things that are bothersome. Hard to describe.