Highest Heaven Deepest Hell – The grounding of our eternal soul, Carl Jung conscription

Jung had nightmares and visions. Lately, it has been the same with me. I had satanic nightmares. In this pit I realized I must love myself. The horrors I experienced were just hatred of self. I had a dream where I was six being stabbed by an old man. I went to heaven where my uncle aunt sister and niece were. But in the distance fire and dragons. An angel asked me if it was a hard birth. I said yes. She asked if I wanted t go. I said yes. The greatest thing is the fear of not knowing what will happen to me. I cannot tell what is real in the dream but this time I became lucid. I just have to face the fear because it is a deeply embedded trauma. Dreams of hell caused by psychological pain. It is symbolic.

The symbolism of trauma is in what cures it. Facing daemons and getting in touch with the Anima/Animus.

To become fearless trauma must be overcome. But this is only possible with energy. Libido.

I have become greater because I build energy by loving myself. I met my shadow in my dreams.

AMV Fairy Tail – Issues

Spirit world

The original prime mover either arbitrates or we are alone left to do the arbitration ourselves. The prime can be unconscious and thus not able to arbitrate or is conscious and willing to arbitrate. Consciousness is part of arbitration then because we are primes-free agents able to tamper God’s creation. not simple 1 + 1 = 2 more like (wave collapse decision space) Conscionesss creates a reality not to cause to happen the same way twice. God only knows the full possibility of what may happen in the local range of the agent. But not the specific outcome in a space.

I do not believe God is infinite but finite that kicks omnipotence out the bucket. God is self-generating. It also makes choices free because a selection of what is possible must be made. Expansion leads to contraction and thus asymmetrical rearrangements without entropy loss. By this I mean the information is not lost. Decisions build on the previous decisions made.

This is CTMU by Chris Langan

What it has to do with God is that Life is stored as a fractal Higher dimensional. Call them aliens but God They don’t die. Neither do you. Christ is a being who by love raised to the spirit world. Made telepathic connection with the disciples and told them they cannot die. We are stored in God.

Kingdom Come

August 25th 2022

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