More on Utility Functions

Talking to my friend today I have the perfect reason why utility functions are nonsense.

First, in Nick Bostrom’s example, the super intelligence has super knowledge of human psychology but then does the most retarded thing and wireheads, everyone. Demonstriationing it both possesses superintelligence and super stupidity. This is why I make the statement that People like Nick Bostrum are Autistic. (Lacking understanding of people is Autistic)

Second, because any A.I. can only be intelligent because of a perception action cycle. This means that Unity functions (goals) cannot be interjected into A.I. until lower representations are developed. Utility Functions are believed to be encoded into the DNA of a Superintelligence before lower representations are developed. But because Utility functions are higher level representations this is impossible. Goals can only happen once development takes place. Child development is guided by parenting.

Model of Cosciousness

I am not saying you have to disprove that computation doesn’t produce consciousness. I am saying you don’t really have a model for consciousness at all. All your argument amounts to is that an algorithm somehow will produce consciousness if it gets complex enough. How is this different from simply saying: anything that passes the Turing test is conscious?

I can answer this by giving an example of my developmental experience. When I was 23 I was mystified by technology, even in high school I ignorant of most things. I was so developmentally immature that I avoided people because I never knew how to interact with them. I was dumb most of the time being unable to speak because my mind was just blank. But now I am able to communicate because I now know how to come up with stuff to say and not have a blank mind.

The biological mechanism of the brain came from the need for self-regulation. The hypothalamus regulates body temperature keeping it at normal levels to not die. There is a regulatory mechanism that determines how the network in the brain changes from the perception-action cycle. This is how the brain organizes itself. The brain is a balancing system for survival so what it learns maintains basic functions and also models how it interacts with the world. The entire brain system has a replica of the world inside it and everything it can do that affects the world. The more interaction with the world a brain has, the more complex the network becomes. So in essence development is the complexification of a brains ability to model and interact with the world.

Simply put my brain has become more complex than when I was 23 years old. I am more self-aware of my impact on the world. That means that I myself know that I can change my environment. I am aware of my own agency more so than at age 23.

Consciousness in some circles has already been modeled. It is called a strange loop, referencing to self-reference. It points to itself, ego as in the “I”. A computer is capableĀ of self-reference just like a brain. The complexity of the referencing system determines the level of consciousness. A highly conscious brain has many links that point to each other exactly to maximize the sense of agency of the entity. It is super aware of it ability to impact the world. Computers would require a perception action cycle just as humans have to become aware of their own agency. It would need to develop because at the beginning complexity is low and self-awareness is weak. As with humans, it would need an education. A danger is that if the perception action cycle is not precisely regulated that the A.I. would develop a mental illness or personality disorder. All this can be done in software but it is a highly challenging endeavor.

Searls Chinese Room

What Seal is saying is that semantics is a spiritual force much like pixie dust and magic beans. First of all the brain does not have semantics i.e. magic pixie dust. What is has is spiking signals. Spiking signals are no different than electrical signals on a chip. On a chip, each box is segregated as a separate box from all other boxes. Each brain cell is in this regard also a separate box from all other brain cells. Connections are between the boxes on the chip and connections are between brain cells. The reason a thought represents things is that the connections direct the signals in the brain. Not because of magic fairy dust semantics. A brain cell is just as compartmentalized as a transistor. A chip can direct signals to represent things because directing signals is the important part. Searl is a magical thinker because he thinks he can prove computers cannot think by calling computer signals symbols and calling neuron signals semantics. A signal is a signal and Searl is a complete buffoon for this idea that calling neuron signals “semantics” magically transforms them into something different from computer signals. His argument for semantics is no different than the Catholic belief in transubstantiation. He wants us to believe that it is a miracle that signals in the brain produce semantics well signals in computers are just “symbols” with no Jesus juice to make them alive. I believe that calling one set of signals “semantics” and another set of signals “symbols” is a word game. His argument is a completely fabricated fallacy. As long as signals can be directed in the right way, in a computer or a brain, it will have a mind. Searl is the kind of person that plays word games. Signals are signals. Appeals to pixie dust makes you a degenerate philosopher.

Lucifarian Society

Lucifer is actual Aphrodite because Aphrodite is Venus, the morning star.
No wonder Christians hate women so much, Lucifer is a girl.
Everything female is Satanic to the male patriarchy.
They had to make Satan the evil one because men must always dominate women.
The snake gave Eve knowledge but the snake was a female.
Because they were naked they knew what sex was.
Aphrodite introduced humans to sex, therefore she was called the evil one, Satan.
The church has always been against sex and women.
Hypatia was skinned alive and thrown into the fire quivering.
Jesus seems to be anti male dominance but his movement was adopted by people that were the exact opposite.
People had to hide their beliefs because of what the church became.
By hiding them they became Occultists (The Occult means hidden)
Occultism eventually lead to Science then Technology.
Even today The Illuminati Worship a Half female deity.
They are moving the world towards a more feminine(Luciferian) society.

Elon Musks Paperclip Maximizer

A comment I made on Kurzweil forum.

I do not see how Elon can claim to be using his organization to make A.I. safe when he gives no explanation on how it would be dangerous.

We do not even know why some humans are moral and some are immoral.

Any A.I. that would be capable of navigating our civilization would need to be a general Intelligence.

Paperclip maximizers are simply weak A.I. boogiemen in the closet. Complete strawmen of A.I. design.

The barrier in AGI is complexity.
In order to cope with complexity, layers of abstraction must be added.
Intersections of Domain knowledge require these abstraction layers.

In modeling the world and generating new information a network must become super integrated.
Processing increasing amounts information has to be coordination with all previously learned hierarchical abstractions.


If your mobile phone preprogrammed to say “Good morning” in the morning, it acts wisely.

I see the problem now. You lack the ability to understand wisdom.
A wise man will know what to do and not to do.
If a robot is wise it will act exactly like a wise human.
It will know the reason it is drawing the apple.
It will not be preprogrammed.
Wisdom is not pre programming and is why you do not understand cybernetics Cloned.
This is why you do not understand that AGI is capable of thinking.
A wise robot is doing more than thinking, it is living the humanities.

My final word is that thinking is not preprogramming.
You cloned assume that is all an AGI is capable of.
The human brain network follows cybernetic principles.
These principles apply everywhere (feedback).
A virtual network does not need reprogramming.
It can do what a brain does by cybernetics.
You cloned follow an ideology, thus you are pre-programmed and cannot think.
If you could think cloned you would understand wisdom (the opposite of preprogramming)
A wise virtual network is not pre-programmed, it follows the cybernetic principles of the brain.
I will not debate you cloned if you stick to your pre-programming.
Get rid of your ideology, understand and know what it means for an AGI to be wise.
Understand cybernetics.