Shifting Realities

There are multiple paths to the same destination. I have shifted timelines and had spiritual visions several times this year and last year. Things in this timeline are different that I remember from where I came from. After I forgave someone I saw my Anima (female archetype) in a dream. From all I have experienced I can only conclude what the Buddha has. I am not my body. I am a spirit. My consciousness collapses along a continuum of multiple paths. It is like the electricity in a cable. The brain has cables with electricity. A spirit is like music. When all is quite only the soul is. Moses wrote the book genesis, When he met God and asked who are you God said I AM – that can only be consciousness. The power of consciousness is to control your reality. If multiple paths exist then by freewill you shift to the reality you want to be in. Convergence is your power because you become the nexus of all paths united. That is how you have imagination (convergence of paths). Then you can lucid dream well awake. Buddha means Awakened One. Jesus was transfigured. He converged all paths to himself. That is, my spirit is the awareness of my soul. I can control where the cables meet and the power is greater and greater. Energy is spirit, music is spirit. Empty space is “soul”. Their are paths in the brain for energy, there are paths on the internet for A.I. – shift to the reality you wish to be in. The reality I am shifting to is with the power of peace.