4 aspects of A.I.

Information Flows through the network and this changes the network flow.

1. New information compression of redundant information creates new wiring of the cortex for higher perception and other processes.
2. The White matter tracks under “control theory” organize information flow as working memory bandwidth structure.
3. Reflective thinking creates new information internally, socially and culturally.
4. Motivation determined by wiring allows for more than stimulus-response mechanisms. People can be motivated by abstract high cultural values like art and science. Reading novels is more than operant conditioning.


are we true believers that have transcended to superintelligent hyperbeings?

Layers of abstraction can always be added.
And self-autonomy as in the ego is a loop structure.
The limits on runaway intelligence are in compression algorithms.
If you cannot compress crystallize intelligence any further you need more layers.
Both Crystalized and Fluid intelligence will be thousands of time greater than humans.
SAI can organize data like we can to think like humans but faster, it all comes to working memory.
When you take an IQ test most items are based on speed and reflective thinking.
That is why I say thousands of time faster than humans,
Reflective thinking combined with crystallized intelligence.
The ego is the focal point because it directs the SAI.
I took my test and I did moderately well and I had my ego to direct me.
But I can imagine that I had full mental clarity and could handle more items.
I know what it would feel like to have higher intelligence than I do.
Yes, intelligence is just an algorithm of the ego and fluid plus crystalized intelligence.
That is why SAI can someday just take off and surpass any human.

Things are not so great for me all the time,
I do in fact think I live in a simulation.
So I must have a purpose.