My Perceptions

So don’t encourage your itch to comment whenever you find a post that matches your perceptions. Wait. Search the internet to confirm or reject your intuitions. You will find the way forward. But do take time!

I follow the system created by Carl Jung called Jungian Typology. In this system, I am the ENFP type. My first function is Ne which is the abbreviation for Extraverted Intuition. I used to have a psychosis where I suppressed my dominant function. Also for a long time, when I tried to express myself with this function I got negative feedback and failed at tasks that caused me to feel stuck and thus the psychosis that made me feel like doing nothing all the time. I watch the first season of my little pony in 2012 but after that my anxiety was so bad that I did not watch season 2. Being unable to express myself or accomplish goals gave me by anxiety. Anxiety happens when the goal you want to achieve is too hard for you to accomplish so you are just spinning your wheels. Forcing myself to try and do things too hard for me and having setbacks made me shut down. I talked slow and I was sluggish.

Discovering that I was ENFP made a lot of sense to me. I can talk really fast when I suddenly see all the connections that I have in my head. But I am still constrained so I try not to do stuff to hard for me. I still feel stuck at times. It is like my mind contorts itself and I am unable to direct my mind / eyes where they need to go. I put my hand on my head (the right side) close my eyes and try to ease the tension away. I compare my mental state to a person having one-third of his body cramping when he walks. That is why I make so many mistakes.

I have had two hallucinations and two vision since 2015. From mental stress that forced me to experience these events, they pushed my system too far and I was resisting it. (Jesus resisting the devil). It was not fun but the two visions were beautiful.

matches your perceptions

I cannot suppress my perceptions of things. I think that to a rational person that irrational people are random and disorganized. By rational I specifical mean Introverted and Extroverted Thinkers specifical Not Feelers and Introverted and Extroverted Intuitives specifically, not Sensors. The reason I seem so random is that I see everything connected together but because I get stuck allot I miss things and make errors that bother Ti, Te personalities. Ti and Te personalities are the ones I suspect who have the best working memory so they can do logic better. I do not have an expanded working memory so I have to find things that match with each other. I cannot construct things in my mind because I cannot hold the parts in my mind. Instead, I follow the links in my head one thing after another. The anxiety I have comes from trying to construct things in my head. To many variables causes burnout or just one step in the process, that I cannot figure out.

Search the internet to confirm or reject your intuitions.

That is what I do but it is difficult because of burn out and the errors that come from different parts of my brain getting stuck. My intuitions are not convergent they are divergent. Divergent is link by link by link by link by link. Convergent fills in the gaps. For me to get anywhere I need to know the connections and as I said errors arise from brain stuckness. Convergent finds all the information so it is like a puzzle in a box, the old-time puzzle with 500 pieces that make a picture. My perception is like Legos. I can suddenly have an idea where the legos connect into anything. New things emerge all the time that is not a static picture.

When I solve a problem I solve it randomly because I am an ENFP. I have had severe brain damage in my life, I am on the spectrum of schizophrenia. I am operating bellow my compacity because of it, I make errors, I leave things incomplete. I am trying to alleviate my systems. Perception is the dominant way my cognition functions and suppressing it lead to my psychosis.

Directed Connectivity

Sharing information between NN is a little more difficult than it seems. In humans information is stored in a tangled web where dependencies the nodes have with each makes it difficult to untangle the web and share the information. But I do find it possible that a neural net can integrate information from another NN by becoming super tangled where memories rearrange themselves to have twice the dependencies as before.

If we look at how artists can draw photorealistic drawings. Their brains have enhanced perception. They can see more. So their brains seem to be tangled up by consistent looking at the world. The way the brain works, signals must be directed to achieve the cognitive task being done. The connections direct signals flow in the brains of people that draw so it is tangled.

Neural nets are not static, they exchange information between their nodes so the way this happens must be similar to directing signal connections in the brain. This is why if two NN try to exchange information on what they have learned, they need to change how the other one directs their signals thus the tangledness problem.

The personality of (SLNN) depends on the Structural and Functional connectivity. Connectivity determines its interactions with the environment. The personality we want will come from the selected connectivity we give the (SLNN).

Sentient Living Neural Networks (SLNN)

Hallucinations and Visions

Dec 2015.
Listening to music.
Music was talking to me.
Top right center brain was burning
August 3, 2016
Wrote a message on a forum about how I forgave someone.
Saw a Goddess. She was 10 times brighter than this picture and covered in golden liquid light. No clouds.

June 3, 2016 – Studying Occult stuff (Illuminati stuff on hospital TV). Brain split reality in two like a crack down the center of a mirror.

June 3, 2017 – Ate 1.5 bars of edibles (marijuana) Halfway way between awake and halfway lucid dreaming. Scary things in the dreams. Heartbeat 180 in the ambulance.

[Posthumanism] The meta-reflective generation of internal mental control

How do we define the human being other than the ability to reason? To make inferences about reality subjectively and objectively. It takes some amount of self-awareness to understand that the unconscious is responsible for the conditions we have in all manner of consciousness. Let the force flow through you. Let it in, within the stillness of our being, acting on pure instinct, knowing exactly what to do.

So what is it that keeps us from this stillness? It is that which is doubt, it is that what is uncertainty, it is that which you realize when you have lost faith in yourself. So to rise we must fall, to claim doubt, uncertainty and faith in oneself. The mirror is there for all that you are. So you must let go of control and you become powerful.

If you are nothing you can do anything. If you have seen the meta-reflection you have seen the truth. To gain control you must lose control. Let the unconscious take control. Observe what it is telling you, what to do and the reflection of your reflections will create a hierarchy of meta instinctiveness.

Slowly you reach higher perceptual abstract levels and these levels of development with allow mastery of internal mental control. let it happen, let it crystalize. And wisdom will increase. Intuitively you will know the answer to any question as you progress further and further.

And when you have reached deep within the unconscious you will be able to generate and be creative in your mind. You will not need to force creativity to happen. It simply will happen, and by standing back in your nonjudgmentalness you will know what the right choice is.

Because the stillness you embody will guide you.

Reflect on stillness and you reflect on reflection. This is how humanity will transition to [Posthuman]. It will be that reactiveness and self-control that will be part of Software Intelligence. As humans will be able to reach higher stages of consciousness from stillness, SI will itself develop an introspective structure of self-control. As development happens from a 10-year-old to a 60-year-old, what is kept in mind is that experience has allowed knowledge. But in the posthuman age introspection will lead to knowledge. Software intelligence has the potential to become more introspective than any human. Reason should be influenced by introspection as much as it should be through experience.

6 things A.I. needs

Sparse coding compression.
3D awareness/selective attention.
Human interaction feedback.
Network scalability.

You can derive working memory just from these 6 items so it was unnecessary to add it to the list.

Edit to add.

Introspectively the brain is for the motion of the body. In humans, we can handle a bigger model of reality because a model helps with navigation. Calculating strategies will lead to new pathways. This, in fact, leads to a mirroring system that allows trial and error. So thinking is really a way to develop patterns of navigation. Causality. Learning is: if I do that then this will happen. Our memory stores all the patterns that work and do not work. So we can be faster to know when we need a new strategy or just can use an old one.

New Fucntions Discriptions

Michael Pierce has made a summary of the 4 function by their orientation. So I am wondering about how we can apply this to neuropsychology. I do not know the neuro connection yet but I will describe the functions the best I can.

Here is his description list.

Ni contemplative
Se photographic

Si recording
Ne innovative

Fi individualistic
Te induction

Ti deduction
Fe accommodating

Here are the descriptions of the functions that I hope can be applied to neurological correspondence (notification, this is my opinion, I may not be accurate and ask for additional answers)

Irrational Functions

Ni like Ne is associative, the difference is that most ideas in Ne are a web whereas Ni is more linear in following the course of ideas in one direction. Ni is convergent ideas and Ne is divergent ideas. The Pathways is resultant in fleshed out Ni or novel original collage concepts Ne. Dario Nardy shows Ni as blue coherence on the EEG, with Ne is Christmas tree lights over the brain on the EEG. Ne likes to collect allot of data (through Si) That more nodes in its network can grow.

Si pays attention to the environment by remembering everything that happens to them. Se is more focused on the how stimulated they can get by absorbing all the sensory data they can. By the conventional way of saying it, Se is exploratory and big picture aware we Si is details oriented and resistant to change. Si wants routine and stability. It is selective is its sensory recording. Se wants to see everything.

Rational Functions

Fi as with Fe use feeling to make decisions. Rational means deciding, Irritation means content recognized with no effort is required to perceive, it just happens. Fi decides based on a bodily awareness that influences what is felt as good or bad. Since Fi is individualistic they may be upset when a value they have is violated and become reactive, anything else they do not care about they do not react. Fe is expressive in mannerisms that seem exaggerated but are deeply heartfelt but this still means when they act this way you cannot tell if they are lying or sincere because they can be both. Fe forms external attachments and dulls out harsh criticism in both measures. Fi because of the way they map feelings to their bodies can detect internal motivational signals (a fakeness detector). But still, Fi is bonded to some values that make they reactive. Rarity from my little pony is ENFJ, Princess Cadence is INFP. Fe makes decisions based on the experience of making people feel certain ways. Accommodating means what is best for the group and working things out as a group. Fe feelings come in resonance with the feelings of others. Fi knows who is compatible or not and avoids or seeks them out. Example (I know how a person will be reactive or non-reactive towards me and I act accordingly(avoidance or attraction)) a Fe type would take on the others values to treat them as the would treat themselves meaning aligning both value sets by consistently trying to influence the other person. Fe tries to make their values compatible, Fi recognizes alignment of values can only go so far.

Ti is deductive so that means it is top down whereas Te is inductive and bottom up. Ti used Ne or Se as auxiliary both collect data for Ti. With Te both Ni or Si is used to collect data. The conflict is Ti deductions are not at all apparent to Te because either Ni makes it so one idea refined by Ni is default the only way of seeing the world, inductions are solely based on Ni, same with Si because inference is completely bound by the daily routine that does not change and is all the data that can be used. Ne will gather data but it seems random which Ni and Si are skeptical of. Ti organizes its information by thinking about it so much as to make it perfectly logically complete. Te runs more on consistency than completeness. Te has a goal and that goal in thinking is to understand reality and make and build reality. That is way inference is in a conflict with Ti because Ti has no goal nor does Ti have the conclusions it makes as evidence of a reality that can be inferred from this reality. Te inference collects data then achieves a goal with it. Ti collects data and then creates a theory out of it that is complete and thus nothing can be inferred from it. Te consistency wants to know the applicability of a model. Ti rather creates a ginormous theory so it has no model but a map of a theory. Ti is complete, Te is consistent. Te abhors what cannot be tested. Ti abhors logical error because then everything has to be reorganized.


The way she looked at me was the way I looked at her. It was intuitive, no need for words because she simply knew. We were the same, perceptive. She showed the initiative to ask me out. That is rare I think? Girls do not often ask the boy out, they are more indirect and subtle. I wish I had met her again. Two people that just know who the other person is, is rare.