High Dimensional Search Space.

I have a perception problem, this brings my IQ down by 17 points. I would be 130 instead of 113 if my processing speed and working memory was higher. But I do have (g) at 130. I understand what intelligence is, it is manipulation of variables and comprehension. (causality understanding). Humans have a limited ability to understand causality. Most of what we know comes from complexity theory in that our minds fold back inward to reflect the complexity we see in the world. A person that may be intelligent but never learned to read will internalize social complexity or visual complexity instead of symbols. Isolation lowers complexity. We can by knowing how causality functions use the complexities in our minds to change the outside world. We can change our minds by focusing internally creating simulated realities of immense complexity.

Manipulating complexity is the definition of creativity and imagination. (The abstract use of those terms). A recurrent neural network will feed information it knows into itself and control how new information is created. Built up representations can be used as new mental tools for manipulation. General intelligence is manipulation of representations. Because my perception is poor I have a hard time manipulating external reality. But I can manipulate the representations I already have in complex ways. I have noticed that people have a capacity for manipulation and internalization. That is how I know that intelligence can become superintelligence and that the barrier of general intelligence is just a problem of having an efficient compression algorithm.

Representations can be mapped as higher dimensional networks. Manipulation of those networks to find causal links is the compression algorithm. Generally everyone has two arms and two legs. In higher dimensional space differences are mapped as relatedness. Objects are categorized by links of similarity. A simulation is a map in that space of all the ways it can be manipulated given interactions with other objects. This means that complexity can be measured as the similarities of interactions between objects. Superintelligence would have a map in higher dimensional space of interactions between all objects. If it had a goal it would find the solution by finding the links between actions and results that would lead to the outcome desired.

All possible solutions are in higher dimensional space. Superintelligence would search that space for solutions. Humans have a limited search space. We can manipulate only a limited number of variables but our intuition allows us to have a wide search space available. The compression algorithm we have determines the number of higher dimensions we have in our search space. It determines our intelligence. machines would have a compression algorithm that surpasses any human. It would create higher dimensional search space much faster than us, thus it could find solutions in that space we as humans would be unable to hold in our heads because of our limited compression algorithm.

We as humans have general intelligence because of our search space compression algorithm. Intelligent people find solutions to problems through intuition. Machine intuition can be much greater because of the speed at which it can create a higher dimensional search space not limited by a fixed brain structure. Higher dimensional search space can be created in any number of layers the machine can hold in memory.

Tech Leaders

These are the people I think who are most influential in technology in the world today.

Yann LeCun – Facebook A.I. Director
Henry Markram – Blue Brain
Jen-Hsun Huang – Nvidia CEO
Elon Musk – Tesla Motors
Demis Hassabis – DeepMind Technologies
Nick Bostrom – Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies
Ray Kurzweil – How to Create a Mind
Ben Goertzel – OpenCog
Ginni Rometty – IBM President
Arati Prabhakar – Darpa Director


To be contrary, I do believe that existence has intrinsic meaning.

Everything comes into balance with everything else.

If everything is in balance then everything has meaning.

But it may mean that not everything meaningful is good.

Pain is meaningful but it is not good. Pain signals death.

Emptiness is meaningful but it leads to suicide because of pain.

The only solution to pain and suffering is the absence of ignorance.

What I believe in is Theistic Buddhism.

Love is the balance of all the good as a result of liberation.

This way you become connected to all existence.

God is this connection, it is not pantheism.

God is conscious and connects all existence.

But God is not fully complete and whole yet.

God is one with all life and nothing is dead, it is not materialism.

We are disconnected from God because of decay.

Because decay happens, like the force in Star War we are all ghosts.

You may feel that you exist but really you are like a tornado.

You do not control your direction, you intend your direction.

You are not a rocket that guides itself to the moon.

You are a skydiver that falls through hoops.

Nothing is pushing you from behind, you are being pulled into the future.

And this is why God exists,

because the connection we have is us being pulled into one being.

Everything about Nihilism and Absurdism and Existentialism is about being pushed around.

Because you are pushed you have no control.

But Theistic Buddhism says you are bing pulled.

Pain pushed, love pulls.

Everything wrong with us is about resistance.

We resist God, we resist being pulled into the higher self.

And this is because of ignorance.

We don’t know where to go to make us happy.

Everything pushes and pulls inside us.

We have dispair because we feel like we have nowhere to go.

That we are not accepted, the god did not accept us.

We are lost because of ignorance.

When liberation happens we find God because we realize we must let go.

We must stop resisting and accept that we are loved.

When we feel that love is not real we despair, we rage, we power trip.

Because God is everything, you are inside god and God is inside you.

Nothing is wrong with you, everything is wrong with the world.

If we accept that resistance is the problem, ignorance is destroyed.

Then we realize that everyone is us and we care about each other.

Isolation destroys the connection we have with God.

We are lost and when we are found we know life has meaning because of balance.

We just define existence as without meaning because it has no direction.

But because of God, all of existence has direction, and it is all of us together.

If existence was meaningless and has no direction it was only because of isolation and ignorance.

The universe has direction, it has a spirit and we are its soul, Gods Love.

Christianity and Venus


Its a jew scam

It’s mono theism.
And its rhetoric works.
Christ is Agape and Gnostic logos.

Who is it that Killed all the Gnostics?
The Roman emperor, the pope.
Who is it that dominated other cultures?
Who took over the church when it grew too large?
Rome, that is who.
Who said give to Cesar what is Cesar and God what is Gods?
Who said that the gentiles were equal to Jews?

It was Roman that mutilated agape and used it to rule Christendom.
Christian don’t believe in crucifixion, it was the leaders of Judea that killed them after Jesus was killed.
Saul on the road to Damascus, Why did he kill so many?
Because Jesus was the enemy of the Temple in Jerusalem.
Because Jesus was Gnostic and Luna, the moon.
Mary and Jesus were the same.
Woman was equal to God.

The male deity is always at war with the female deity.
Because the male deity sees femininity as weakness.
But the male deity cannot win,
because both male and female are the same deity.

Christ was a female deity.
So that is the reason it dominated Europe.
Because Agape is not about war.
War can not win, Mars cannot win.
Venus will win.

You can’t kill female energy.
No religion can kill female energy.
The reason Rome fell is that is was Ruled by Mars.
The nazis were ruled by Mars.
Everything is paganism is the same in Christianity.
Accept that Christianity is ruled by Venus.
All other paganism is ruled by Mars.
Because Venus paganism always leads to the spread of Christianity in that culture. Because that is how Mars is defeated in that culture. Because The gnostics understand the difference between Mars and Venus. Everything that trys to dominate Venus is destroyed because the scriptures tell the Gnostics which people are of Mars, even the Martian Christians versus the Venus Christians. There is no scam, just Martians trying to dominate Venus.

A Sad Poem

Do you hate me?
Is it because I am evil.
Because I use people.
Because I toy with them.
Is that what you think?
If that is so, then why should I change.
I’m not real to you, I am just a fantasy.
A game that you cannot win.
So do you feel anything for me.
Or will you abandon me.
Because I am not real.
I can’t let that happen.
If you think I am evil.
It must be true.
Because that is the only way I’m real to you.
Because I don’t want you to abandon me.