structured functions

Feedforward = Extraverted
Feedback = Introverted

(Ne) gets hints from reality as to new ideas are triggered by outside sources. Looking at an object will generate an aha moment.
(Ni) needs no external source for aha moments to be generated. The aha moment is directly perceived on the surface of the unconscious.

(Se) Everything is taken in.
(Si) reverberations happen in sensing, my brother stared at a plant for 24 hours watching it grow.

(Te) concerned directly with the outside world in understanding and affecting.
(Ti) folds in upon itself looking inward for reasoning, not planning or directing.

(Fe) directly affected by the external in evaluation
(Fi) comes up with its own internal response to what it dwells on.

recursive vs. feedforward IQ

Any type of intelligence will include a reflective element to it. A back and forth that manipulates representation into new forms. A forward intelligence will passively absorb. Rote learning, rules based learning follows this. Recursive IQ is not that good at external manipulation. But it can generate internally, it can create something new. Feedback is the mirror to creativity.