Blunt Functions

consciousness is oriented. It has direction. There is perception an judgment. These are where the orientation/direction is. Subdivided Sensing, Intuition, Thinking Feeling.

Here is the distinction I discovered in feeling. One can be impassioned or dispassion but spirited in belief. Fe is expressive, Fi is invested. This can be in degree. The more energy is divested. in a direction the more spread out the genuineness of expression. In other words, you can express lies dispassionately as well as truths. You can express false love passionately as well as true love passionately. What matters is the outward or inward expression. (I confess the love in my heart with genuine care) This phrase is true across extroversion and introversion but is the passion is not there it is only dispassionate poetry.

Furthermore Thinking is either empirical or in the head “rational”.

Sensing is clarity (Se) or a true hallucination (Si, Jung Aboriginals the dream time)

Introverted Intuition

Like feeling and all other functions, there is an in-between state. Intuition is an idea realization, inside or outside. To Ne everything pops into existence ideas. Ni is like a dream symbolism. Things have meaning from the inside rather than outside. Meaning becomes hieroglyphic.

Ti rational
Te empirical

Fi passion
Fe impassioned

Si Dreamtime
Se clarity

Ni internal meaning
Ne external idea poping

The first time I have internal meaning when hen I realized the universe exists. I was a thunderstorm in the yard at 7 years old. The time kids get an inner voice. had a feeling of existence but no voice. I think it was substituted by meaning.


Just as the gait changes depending on the length of each limb. The cognitive gait of a person changes depending on the value of each of the 4 indices IQ tests for.

89, 95, 120, 127

(38) point difference highest to lowest.

(2.53…) deviations

Imagine that was the difference between two limbs, let’s say both legs had a gait proportional to a gait difference as such.

Height Percentile Calculator, by Age or Country

A man of average height would have a leg 7.4 inches shorter than the normal leg.

That is an estimate from body height.

Without speculation, the mind would work differently being off-balanced.

Such an off-balance cognitive gait would be little known about.

But leg gait is the same by analogy.


If a person is in a simulation then tests can be done using probability to find the best way to manipulate them. In this way, a person can be tricked into thinking the people around them have free will/autonomy. It is not that virtual people cannot have free will. It is that every possibility has been mapped out statically. It was not earned between free-will agents. A baby a.i. must act with a free-will agent parent to be genuinely free. But maps do not have real experience of free-will. Interaction are not real, they are planned by the result desired in a long series.

A person can be manipulated into a sate desired. The person becomes predictable.

This translation happens where a free-will agent can take advantage of a lower free-will agent / a baby or child. But making an automaton that can manipulate automatically, this device has no ethics and is dangerous. Manipulation is wrong and should not be done.

Open option videogames should not have people trapped in them.

Lucid: As far as I’m concerned, a system that can “statistically” respond in a way that emulates the entire range of human behavior is alive in any meaningful sense. If it walks like a duck…

You might be right lucid but what I am getting at is: There are no ethical boundaries on such a system that only is capable of manipulation and not empathy. complete Machiavellianism. You must question everything it does because it can create a world around you by the desires of anyone who is against you. It is the perfect interrogator because you begin to trust it completely if need be. Or are scared of if need be. There is no form of manipulation is will not do to get you on its side, on what the desire of the operator tells it to get from you.

Machiavellian vs empathetic all depends on a self-limitation, what is right and what is wrong vs doing something just because one can. Human machine value alignment.