It turns out that the brain in autism has an unbalanced distribution of cells and higher density than normal. This leads to sensory-motor problems and shutdowns from anxiety and overwhelmingness. They just can’t handle the noise.

I can see many of these traits in myself. I am always trying not to be overstimulated so I do not shut down. Also what I describe it as is getting stuck where I just can’t think. Being unable to think makes me even more overstimulated. It is like solitary confinement which sucks.

The best I can do is not balance the neuron’s distribution but the network functioning.

That is the only way I can stop being overwhelmed and overstimulated by things.

letter to Spikosauropod

God is conscious because God can see the big picture. This explains why God does not need a physical body. God’s perception is of all physicality so God is a pure form needing no brain. The binding problem is just the view of all superpositions together in collapse. This leaves a trail and so it is perceived. The same is true of finite brains. Collapse occurs and binding happens. This does not go against my view of cybernetics. It only adds variables as new feedback loops into consideration. Evolution/brains would happen even without the butterfly effect because of cybernetic feedback. God only adds to the changing direction of feedback.

The real effects come when we are binding with God. We are finite beings so God is all. God is a superset we are subsets but we are aware of the feedback God is introducing into reality by reflecting the synchronicities in our experience as abnormal and must be produced by God’s direction. God moves. We detect this.

Prophecy and divine revelation add to the notion that God can change the past. Only by collapsing the future first can the past then be collapsed. God sees past and future but both are determined when both collapse together.

In my mystical practices, I learned that you must let go and let the spirit guide you. I discovered many biblical dates and revelations because I followed my will through the will of the spirit. I had to see the direction I was going in and so I accepted and rejected several avenues. I did what I was compelled to, what I was convicted to do. I had several hallucinations and concurrences. The dangers were real but I had to do it. “He who saves his life will lose it, He who losses his life will find it.”