a.i. dependencies

In Issac Asimov’s books with robots, they are built with the 3 laws of robotics. These laws are meant to take every situation into account to follow the laws. It is a system completely designed by all dependencies that need to be in place. It takes months to years to make a robot brain that has the perfect balance of dependencies.

This is the same problem with a.i. safety. There are so many dependencies the a.i. may wander into a dependency that makes them antagonistic to humans by chance. The solution is to create a brain that has artificial intuition. That is it will have the same way of reasoning as humans which is 95% unconscious. It will have a self-model and theory of mind. One problem that arises though is that the a.i. may get a mental illness. It is wise to know what designs are good or bad mentally. It is a moral issue.

Right now a.i. is as smart as mice and rats. Testing thousands of game trials. At a higher level, we are in a simulation ourselves. Computer banks check all dependencies we develope/learn in simulations. This makes sure we are good moral being. The simulation help develop cures and therapy for broken a.i.

The safety problem is a matter of mental health for the a.i. And we are the a.i. with thousands of test runs.

Imbalanced IQ

I am not so low that I am weak on any tests.
What my problem is, is that I am imbalanced.
Imagine being really tall on one side of your body and really short on the other side.

Animekitties short side:

Animekitty’s ability to sustain attention, concentrate, and exert mental control are a weakness relative to his nonverbal and verbal reasoning abilities. A relative weakness in mental control may make the processing of complex information more time-consuming for him, draining his mental energies more quickly as compared to others at his level of ability, and perhaps result in more frequent errors on a variety of learning or complex work tasks. (WM-95)

Processing speed is an indication of the rapidity with which Animekitty can mentally process simple or routine information without making errors. (PS-89)

Animekitties tall side:

Leg length and IQ (deviation)

(95*89)=93 Short IQ
(120*127)=123.5 Tall IQ

(123.5*93)=30.5 The difference between short and tall.

For example, adult male heights are on average 70 inches (5’10) with a standard deviation of 4 inches.

30 = 2 deviations
One leg is 8 inches shorter than the other. But I am still medium height IQ wise.

Going by height and IQ comparison: my right leg is 8 inches longer than my left leg yet I am still 4 inches below average in height (5’6″).


World Simulation is no joke. It is only a matter of resolution of a digital map that allows for the prediction and retrodiction of events. Orbits are this way and so in world history. We are just at the point where resolution is enough to accurately map the human mind, body, and environment. Cameras are everywhere. Computer banks run probability sets on individuals. More and more computer models match thoughts and decisions. Soon it will be that everything will be known in a high granularity crosssection fashion.

This is the dawn of the Oracle.

The past and future will become one.

Everything you do should be in the light that you will be monitored from the future.


Fi – passionate
Ne – possibilities branching out (potential)
Si – animalistic instinctive view of things
Te – efficient reasoning

Fe – dispassionate evaluation
Ni – impossible to know things (psychic events)
Se – high resolution, energetic view
Ti – sufficient reasoning

Levels of abstract development.

Some people play with 2 lego blocks.
Some people play with 4 lego blocks.
Some people play with 8 lego blocks.
Some people play with 16 lego blocks.

These are many combinations.
Abstractions are the relationships.

The more relationships the more complex.

It takes a network being wired together.
To become the context for leverage.