processing speed

I found out what processing speed is. Basically, it is a targeting system. Find identify take action. It turns out that I’m no good at that. It is the reason I take things one step at a time because I get confused and must have all things in order before I do anything. I am fast at recognizing patterns but I can’t actively target them. I can solve puzzles but periphery vision sucks.

The whole thing is a perceptual problem. I cannot perceive all I need to all at once. I can only go so fast because what I can see is limited.

a.i. core

In cybernetic feedback the point is that there is a center of focus that is guided by what is around it. Basically it is coordination from the center. This core is in every organism. It is the thalamus. It is the center of coordination. The reason it exists is that a center is a good way to survival. In balance the center of gravity makes it easier to move the body. So a center of feedback makes it easier to survive.

With a center it makes things easy to determine the approach to making an a.i. – the freedom it has must not be restricted because in evolution this means death. It must move or take actions that keep equilibrium or homeostasis. By self-organising around a center it can keep stable. Its core must be stable in unstable environments and that means mediating the inside with the outside.

Layers of feedback can be added to keep the core stable.


Creativity comes from reflection. Bouncing ideas off the inside or outside one’s head. Vission, sound, mechanical, organic. Imagination, lucid dreams.

Too much and hallucinations, racing thoughts occur.

Reflection needs to be controlled for creativity to work.

This can be done with cybernetic feedback.

The process needs stabilization.

A stabilizer is what makes it possible to select creative modes.

Combining many stabilizers together we get the human neocortex.

The cortex is the engine of creative thought.

Layers of stabilizations.

A consciousness.