My mom understands A.I.

I was able to explain to my mom how A.I. works and normally she just stares at me when I talk to her about anything.

I told her that the loops in the brain create reality and that the way the loops point to each other determines the resolution and complexity of reality in our heads.

We use feedback to mentally manipulate our internal representation of reality to predict how we want to change reality. Thus we change how brain cells point to themselves.

In dreams, the pointers change and create new realities that are so different it is like a caveman newly exposed seeing the movie Star Wars The Force Awakens. Or hearing the symphony Dual of the Fates.

So my mom understood this. Feedback allows better prediction by changing where brain cells point themselves to and manipulate inner representations to change reality and create ideas. And move in dreams.

Control Theory and A.I.

In control theory in a network, there are the main attractors. Simply they keep the system balanced by moving the network around obstacles. Each part of the network influences other parts. Given 180 regions in the cortex, they must coordinate together to hold information about the environment, mentally manipulate the information to utilize it and tests hypotheses of those mental manipulations keeping on task and retracing steps if necessary. Control theory would posit this all happens in the connectivity of white matter fibers between the 180 regions and these areas hold memory in gray matter. A memory management system no simpler than 3 areas and three fiber tracks exchanging feedback. The only complexity is in the entire system a human uses to be intelligent (180 connected areas). The memory management system is meant to learn new problem-solving methods and to create new patterns. To both engage externally and to internally mentally engage with itself. To be basic it is learning to coordinate information utilization in response to feedback. It may be easiest to create A.I. in human form since we are best at this. But other forms of A.I. could be created that can learn as long as they have something to learn with.

“To be basic it is learning to coordinate information utilization in response to feedback.”

A control structure does this with white matter fibers allowing the exchange of information between regions internally and externally with the world. Control, it is all about control which is an information exchange in a structure. More complex structures can mentally manipulate more complexities. but it is not overly complicated because control is simply determining what should happen first with regard to interactions and goals.

Internal Feedback Functions

Introversion is the mind feeding back into itself and Extraversion is the mind creating a loop between itself and the outside world.

Si – Senses impress into the self-giving a feeling of knowing what the source of the sensations is. The sensations are what they are because of the source and this means you can know the source by the sensations alone. By all the impressions that came before.
Se – Everything is seen in colors, shading, perspective and lighting, body posture, motion.

Ni – A person perceives from the inner self all that they know and this tells them ideas fully formed as if a book with 50 developed characters with backstories in a complex world just appeared to them. This accepts in real life with full realizations that seem as if they are psychic.
Ne – A person perceives all possible ideas/angles to situations and so can be sure a selective approach is best and a verity of combinations to explore.

Ti – Most thought occurs in the head that has a complete picture of how everything works inside but needs to adjust everything as a matter of degree with new information.
Te – Most thought occurs outside and is mediated by how to achieve goals by the rules one learns and combining them to get the desired effect.

Fi – A person is motivated by personal expression and how to show what they feel on the inside.
Fe – A person is motivated by being appreciated by a community and contributing meaningfully to it.

Executive Functioning

Intelligence is dependent on understanding causality and manipulating information. Working memory is distributed throughout the brain and determine the number of items you can hold and keep track of. By a process called reflection and also prioritization working memory manipulates items held according to leaned causal relations. Prioritization has been thoroughly studied in cybernetics and since the brain stores causal patterns in cortical columns, the activation of new sequences to find novelty solutions to problems would not be difficult. Memory as sparse coding in the brain allows access to causal patterns when manipulating variables in your head, the way white matter hooks up gray matter determine the number of items that can be prioritized. These items are not the same as what we might say painting is where 900 colors may be involved. The cortex can hold more patterns than what a person is physically capable of conscious manipulation.

A simple but not perfect scale of working memory is items = (IQ – 100)*1.8 – By some estimates, the smarted person alive was 235 IQ which meant (243) items held in working memory. My conscious working memory is 95 which is 1/9th of a person with a working memory of 100. I can subconsciously combine patterns I have stored but I cannot hold that many items in my head. I also came up with this term that is new to me called internal feedback. It is the reflection of brain areas like visual lobes and frontal lobes to create a comic book. Prioritization still happens which is know by cybernetics and memory management but it is all on the inside. The feedback between gray matter areas by white matter fiber tracks allows prioritization thus manipulation. New memories form because of these cycles and mental manipulation can be tested in the real world.

Fibers connect brain areas. (mental manipulation)
Patterns push on each other through the fibers requiring prioritization.
Prioritization comes from memory and memory comes from the experience of pattern interactions.

More Function Discriptions

Te – sets a goal, set criteria, meets criteria, achieves the goal.
Fe – sees how people are, from experience understand how to best interact with them, sometimes smiles for best interactions.
Ti – has the goal of achieving propositional clarity going over every implement and derivation that can lead to this clarity. making sure to use qualifies as to never be misunderstood the exact proposal being made to not be misinterpreted.
Fi – runs people through a personal filter of how they act to see how the other person will act. If I would act this way they say the other person would too most likely.
Se – acquire as much stimulus as possible, really look at things, hyperrealism view of reality
Ne – not necessarily involved with outside world, just lots of ideas pop up.
Si – nostalgic and refreshes meaningful events, a sense of impressions about situations.
Ni – focused on a few ideas, sometimes magical thinking, subjective realm of the unconscious.


I have found a very useful word to describe intelligence (nesting)
The brain has 180 sections are nested between each other.
I know my nested logic is 130 and my nested verbal is 130.
Nestested general is 130. information is 140.
I noticed that all I can do is abstract my verbal logic knowledge.
Other people have imaginations.
This can still be defined quantitatively, spatially and causatively.
This is, imagine a number of shapes in space in motion interacting.
Some people can play real-time strategy games with 250 objects on their screen at once.
I can only handle maybe 16 objects at once, it because I abstract I am not visual spacial.

I believe nesting is highly used in advanced A.I. programs not what marketers show to the public which is useless stuff. Things are way more advanced.

Because I can only abstract things I am very lonely because I mostly have nothing to do. If I could see things in my head I would have more options in creative things to do because you cannot do much abstract things but you can do many spatial visual things.

Being able to abstract at a nested level of 130 is ok I guess but only being able to handle 16 objects at a time 3d spatially is a drag. I would like to do 250 objects at a time 3d spatially. I would like to see pictures in my head instead of blackness. But the best I can hope for is that because of people smarter than the people marketers show us. We will have more advance A.I. coming soon based off of (nesting). We do not see what the really smart people have right now.


The reason nesting is useful is that feedback can be used as a compression algorithm mechanism. To store more as a self-referenced system Perceptions and Actions. It can be used to model the world and people which is very useful.

Feedback Functions

Introversion Feeds back into itself
Extraversion Needs External Feedback

Si – Everything seems to blend together in meaning (colors of the wind).
Ne – Sees multiple ideas pop up from the world.
Ni – Refines a select few personal ideas.
Se – In the moment spontaneous high resolution.

Ti – Focuses on ordering every thought one has.
Fe – Observes and better understand how people work from common influence.
Fi – Reserved, continuous internal modeling of the human condition.
Te – Very experimental, thinking by doing, results-oriented, empirical.

Real Functions


Si – Comparative in senses as similarities and differences new experiences with old.
Se – High-resolution heightened senses, capable of drawing, music and 3D perspectivism.


Ni – Prophetic. Synchronicity, symbolic and hidden meanings prevail. Interpretation of dreams. See inside the soul.
Ne – Potential. Everything that something could be or could be used for or become.


Ti – Is it True. How do I symmetrically follow every line of reasoning to reach all conclusions I discover.
Te – Will it work. How do I find the right configuration to achieve the goal. How do I eliminate the irrelevant?


Fi – personal values, opinions and beliefs of a person set the criteria for making the right decisions
Fe – decisions are informed by external factors and the actions that will lead to the best outcome.