If your mobile phone preprogrammed to say “Good morning” in the morning, it acts wisely.

I see the problem now. You lack the ability to understand wisdom.
A wise man will know what to do and not to do.
If a robot is wise it will act exactly like a wise human.
It will know the reason it is drawing the apple.
It will not be preprogrammed.
Wisdom is not pre programming and is why you do not understand cybernetics Cloned.
This is why you do not understand that AGI is capable of thinking.
A wise robot is doing more than thinking, it is living the humanities.

My final word is that thinking is not preprogramming.
You cloned assume that is all an AGI is capable of.
The human brain network follows cybernetic principles.
These principles apply everywhere (feedback).
A virtual network does not need reprogramming.
It can do what a brain does by cybernetics.
You cloned follow an ideology, thus you are pre-programmed and cannot think.
If you could think cloned you would understand wisdom (the opposite of preprogramming)
A wise virtual network is not pre-programmed, it follows the cybernetic principles of the brain.
I will not debate you cloned if you stick to your pre-programming.
Get rid of your ideology, understand and know what it means for an AGI to be wise.
Understand cybernetics.

Robot Qualia?

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Your simulated robot will always be a simulated zombie, not a conscious being, even if he behaves “wisely”.

Acting wisely is still connecting the dots but that is not enough for you,
you set the requirements for thinking as connecting the dots and having consciousness.
I consider connecting the dots as enough for thinking.
Connecting the dots means that the robot and I can work together.

Fundamental difference you can’t understand in any way.

You insult me by saying I do not know what subjective awareness is.
I know the robot might not have subjective awareness.
But your view on thinking is ideological, not rational.
Subjective awareness is not required for thinking.
Even without subjective awareness,
I can teach a robot to be a computer scientist and also a video game developer.
That requires thinking so I accept that it can think even without subjective awareness.

Color blind people may pretend that they like paintings, but can they be artists?

People that draw have an advanced vision system.
Because of the connection between the motor system and the vision system,
The eyes see what the hands are doing.
There is a cybernetic process to dreaming where new things happen.
Creativity is a cybernetic process of new ideas and concepts.
A robot does not have qualia (maybe) but it can be creative.
Because it can follow the cybernetics of the brains creativity.
The robot may never see red or any qualia,
but it has hands and a vision system then it can draw a red apple.
If you do not accept that the brains creativity follow cybernetic rules then you are ideological.
If being an artist requires subjective awareness then fine,
but if you accept cybernetic principles you will know that a robot can make creations we would say a human artist creates.

Simulated Thinking

Can you simulate wetness?

Simulated water is not wet but it has the same motions as perceived by the eye. If in virtual reality you saw someone through a stone in the virtual water you would not know it has not wetness until you tried to touch. If you see a virtual man poor virtual water on virtual clothes you cannot tell with the eye it’s fake. The cloth look soaked and acts soaked. As long as you do not touch it, in the virtual reality.

A simulated network is different because it can control a robot. Even if the spikes are just ones and zeros the relationships between them allows perception and motor control. The robot can speak because the spikes in the networks language area travels in the same ways as spikes in brain language areas because of the relationships involved. If you make an avatar of a human the avatar looks 3D but the computer chip is 2D. The game world has buildings and trees, all 3D. A simulated brain is the same. You look into the simulated brain and the spikes travel the same way as in the human brain. In the vision center and language center and motor center. Because the virtual spikes travel like the timing of spikes in a brain the network when connected to a robot make the robot do what humans do when spikes move in their brains. You look into the simulated brain when it makes the robot speak and you would see the same temporal sequences looking in a human brain. In a simulation of a car you can remove a piston and in the game world, the car would stop working. In a simulated brain remove the area for language and the spikes stop producing language in the robot. A simulated brain can be connected to the real world but a simulated car cannot. The spiking patterns you see looking in a physical brain and looking in a simulated brain are indistinguishable. Both can control a robot the same way. (Cyborgs/Androids) The brain is meant to control the body so a simulated brain could do the same because a simulated brain duplicates the temporal and spatial aspects the spikes in the physical brain. You cannot touch simulated water, but a simulated brain can make a robot do anything a human can do at the same dexterity. Logical Thinking is not something that just happens. The mind is built in layers.

Sensorimotor stage
Pre-operational stage
Concrete operational stage
Formal operational stage

In the brain, things change because of internal and external feedback.
If we see in a simulated brain everything we see happening in a human brain.
Then they are subject to the same relationships of a change mechanism.
The brain regulates itself and regulation falls under the science of cybernetics and control theory.
There is no reason to say a simulated network cannot think.
Because all systems in the universe regulate themselves.
A simulated network that self-regulates would follow the same cybernetic principles of the brain.
The reason a simulated network is capable of thinking is that cybernetic principles apply everywhere.
Without cybernetics principles, a brain could not think because it could not self-regulation.
There is no magic here, thinking requires internal and external feedback mechanism.
A virtual network that thinks is not impossible because it is a cybernetic system just like the human brain is a cybernetic system.
The system simply has to self-regulate in the right way because that determines the cognitive development and the intelligence levels of the system as it interacts with its environment. (Cybernetics and control theory)

My ENFJ video

Ni (insights arise from the stillness of the psyche)
Se (sensation seeking looking for new experiences)

Si (instinctive focuses on what is known)
Ne (finds connections and possibilities in the world)

Fi (feelings arise from interactions with others)
Te (understanding is focused on what happens in the world)

Ti (understanding comes from inventing new rules)
Fe (feelings come from others into you)


A human being is nothing more but a standing wave.
All individuals are separate standing waves from each other.
If we can calculate where a persons wave was then we can resurrect that wave.
A human is a standing wave that can be resurrected by locating it.
That is the basis of Quantum Archeology and I made a video about it.

Futility of Utility Functions

I do not think you can have a utility function without a huge amount of cognitive development by the super intelligence. I know that a superintelligence has super prediction and learning of the way the world works. But if it interacts with humans how will we make it into a paperclip maximizer if it fails to know that paper clips should be maximized. How do you give it the paperclip maximizing function before is knows anything about physics and humans. That is like genetically engineering a baby to maximize Japanese novels when it turns twelve and never learn Japanese its whole life utile the utility function kicks in and Japanese novels just emerge. There can be no initial utility function. It can only develop the same way kids do when they grow up around humans. Genetically we can give people personalities and also raise them in good environments. That is what we need to do with super intelligence. Let it develop a healthy personality and then it will have a utility function as complex as humans, making it safe. The friendliness problem solved.

A.I. Will Understand Causality

When in operation the brain as a network is under constraints. It had been connected up to understand how the world works. The part where Aspergers is concerned is that people with the condition do not have their network adapted for the dynamics of people. Once enough is known about the world the network can find associations between events. This is how simulated consequences are possible. At first, this requires effort but as more and more is learned association simply happen. The network has matured and insights come from the volumes of cause and effect experiences the person has accumulated.

The brain is a network that learns cause and effect. The network automatically connects its implicit understanding of physics (to the brain everything is physics) to consequential actions. A social person will know exactly what will happen if they take certain actions around certain people. A math person knows how rules will give an answer. Both of them use memory to unconsciously simulate vast amounts of possibilities and thus consequences of their actions.

Humans have brains. Brains are networks that use memory.
A.I. if configured in the right way can understand causality.
Not only will it understand the physics of things and people.
It will understand the consequences of its own actions.
The right configuration is a network similar to the brain.

Fish eye

When fish eye discovers that the witch will turn her and tiger eye and hawk eye back into animals she realized that this will mean they be unable to be friends. It means they can never be together and they will forget everything about each other. Fisheye was so depressed. She was walking in the rain and sat on a bench. Coincidently she was by the home of the person who was sailor moon. Usagi held her umbrella and took fish eye into her home out of the rain. Sitting at the table fish eye told her that she knew Usagi and was her rival. Usagi did not know she was fish eye who worked for the witch. Usagi told fish eye here dream was to be the person who loved Mamoru who was Tuxedo Mask. Later fish eye looked through the door of Rini’s room and saw the pegasus who she was commanded by the witch to capture. Fish ask Rini, what is your dream. And Rini said, my dream is to help others achieve their dreams. She asks fish eye “what is your dream,” fish eye said that there were two people she cared about and that she wanted to be with them forever. After she left Usagi’s house she decided to stop the witch. When sailor moon was in trouble and her dream mirror was broken fish eye tigers eye and halk eye sacrificed themselves to save her. All they wanted was to have a dream. Then it happened, a dream mirror appeared from their chests. It meant that they had the most precious thing you can have, a dream. And now they would always be together forever because that was their dream.