Development and a.i.

Pure intelligence is experimental manipulation (Machine Learning) similar to lock picking it is solving a problem. Learns from past mistakes, effectively cause and effect and probability. The limit is the items malleable by the dexterous utilities. Learning creates new toolsets that combine with each other to make meta toolsets. This way it knows different strategies will require different thinking tools. This is called bounded rationality. Given computational resources what problems can I solve and in what order of difficulty?

In the real world, it is harder to solve problems because most problems are general. Humans have bodies and must grow in a world meant for them. From birth to early adulthood you must treat it right and teach it how to learn to parent and so on until they have self-control / autonomy.

The middle path of not too hard not too easy.  This is difficult because it starts at birth. The right environment and the right parenting in simulation. No one knows how to be a perfect parent. A.I. must get an o.k. parent. and an o.k. childhood. A human body is limiting but it is the best we can accompany the a.i. safety problem. No robot body that feels touch will be available for decades. Simulated A.I. will need virtual touch.


Information on the brain is known for the bounded rationality of the brain as a probability tree. All the parts are there they just need to be put together and taught like a child.

Balance the psyche

What we reject from ourselves. Is what we reject that we may become. What we reject we are capable of. It is the furthest from what we are now. And that is our vulnerability. The shadow is what we are afraid of as our opposite selves. If we reject fear we can integrate the shadow without going down the dark side. Knowing what we are capable of or incapable of we can control it and choose to distance ourselves from what most call evil / negative habits. (Self Control not based on fear). We are both good and bad. The ego is the mediator.

Getting hold of oneself is key. If one totally rejects one’s shadow. This leads to a rejection of half the self. One is always good and the other is wholly bad (projections). The way to overcome this is introspection. The balancing of the psyche.


A.I. can make predictions. It can know what happens next. But what is important is in making value judgment to make one outcome happen over another one. This is the decision space fractal. The fractal evolves one way or another way through value judgments. Prediction is simply seeing where a decision will benefit you the most. Game theory. Learning is seeing the best path. From all paths encountered and their outcome. Long term learning is multiple paths forward and behind. Connecting actions to consequences. Cause and effect. Branching outcomes to anticipations and pruning unsubstantiated ones. Do this in parallel paths.