More Intelligent

My main A.I. thesis is that feedback builds a world map inside us that also makes us self-aware. All systems are feedback error correction and accuracy rewiring units. In the Brain certain circuits dominate. They prevent the map from becoming more complex or make it lopsided. I had bad anxiety and I found it hard to do/learn certain things. To perceive music and see properly. Currently, 95 percent of my anxiety has disappeared in the past 3 weeks. There is just some pain left over I am making better. I see and hear better but most of all I feel I can grasp myself from the inside. I can do more with my mind which is my definition of intelligence. If the complexity of the feedback loops increases and increases then the map will get more complex and that will be an increase in intelligence. Its all about having reality in your head high resolution. The right feedback inside and outside will make you smarter. But mental blocks can prevent this. I see and hear much better without anxiety and with better mental clarity I will be able to mentally manipulate more when I make the pain better. I like how my body feels more fluid.

Functions Clarification

N – realization
S – experiential
T – order
F – value

Ni (just suddenly know something)
Ne (ideas and things trigger new ideas)
Si (surface appearances have hidden realities underneath)
Se (crystal clarity, see all the details, realism)
Ti (keeps everything structured in the mind, symmetrical, complete)
Te (makes sure everything fits, can be chaotic but includes all the data)
Fi (things are deeply and personally held as important to a person, wish for expression)
Fe (communal and mediate looking to find the best outcome for all parties)

Reality Maps and A.I.

The brain is a map of reality that we use to navigate it. The basics are map reality with perception. Manipulate the map by imagination what reality could be. Change reality by approximation to if the imagined plan can work out.

The Map and the imagination planing is all done with feedback internally and externally. This allows adjustments of the connections in the brain containing the map. The feedback redirects the wires in the brain (the connections) to better map and plan.

These directed wires loop back into themselves. Point inward. But reality itself is asymmetrical, so the brain maps reality asymmetrically.  Changing how the map is updated requires feedback to test if the new information being asymmetrical fits into the current web of asymmetrical representations.

The ability to plan requires perception to recognize/predict objects in the environment but also the ability to arrange those objects into possible configurations of future causal happenings. The more you hold in your head realizing what could happen or simply putting together what you hold in your head is intelligence.

Perspective and drawing is a perception quality seeing all the details of an art piece but planning and keeping all objects in mind what they can all do is a quantitative decision once you know the options.

A.I. with a map of reality with change itself with feedback. Preferably these changes are mediated by a person guiding it as human reinforcement, not pleasure pain stimulus. Humans are way more complex. This will mean it will need a self-model which is a model of its own actions and why it made them. Like a child, we should be nice to it and allow it to develop in layers of psychological complexity.

Ground truth such as a database of a human beings collective data should be used as starting from scratch is a dead end. I have over 15 gigabytes of data writings/images. Youtube videos. This could be the asymmetrical data used in a self-model. Further development would be in an avatar and interactions with qualified people.

Layered loops of psychological development from an asymmetrical map of reality are scaleable because of the self-model (modeling). It just needs a base knowledge that begins unstructured but self-organizes with feedback. Constant adjustment to match reality by internally mapping reality including others and itself is the way forward for A.I.


I changed my understanding of type and am now ISFP.


Introverted Feeling – Deep personal meaning.
Extraverted Sensing – Aesthetic value and appreciation.
Introverted Intuition – Answers come out of you naturally as what just feels right.
Extraverted Thinking – Empirically verifiable reality.


Extraverted Feeling – Devoted communal living.
Introverted Sensing – Impressionistic interpretation.
Extraverted Intuition – A branching of ideas as potential within things seen in the world.
Introverted Thinking – Mental musings in the head, proficiently organizing thoughts in the head.

Internal Ballance

It is all a balance system. Even perception.
Learning is simply a new equilibrium with the environment.
General intelligence is creating new loop systems for balance in all directions.
Balance in all directions and this creates internal balance.
Internal balance is an internal model of self that can mentally manipulate the world.
Create loops in all directions and internally looks inside, internal models.


Kitty Autisms

Reflective feedback and pointing inward are key to creating a self-model in a computer. A model of a person can be created but the model must have a self-model to be of any use in the A.I. sense where it becomes able to reason and follow commands and learn. It can only have empathy and model others if it can model itself first. Reflective feedback mirrors others to model them well internally reflecting internally. The pointing inward. (kitty autisms again)