Intelligence has been a mystery since the very beginning of a.i. research in 1956. But as cognitive science advanced more and more was known about how we think. As is the key is mediated feedback. The thing is General intelligence is hard to program in a computer because the circuit was not known previously as what it did. Thinking is causal reasoning. Which is coming up with new ideas to solve problems. And in technical terms is called a conditional, (if x then y). This is the rational part of the brain but there is also perception. The feedback between the front of the brain and back of it creates mental manipulation. Actions are mediated by perception and in turn perceptions change.

What makes humans smart is there ability to experiment. But to do so the brain regions must take turns. By taking turns the brain regions can test if what they are doing is working. And by taking turns these regions can simulate multiple possibilities in real time selecting the best strategy.

Lastly, the limbic system gives emotional value to things.

Possibility Simulation

If you have ever come across a glitch in the matrix you know that we may be living in a simulation. But what kind is it. Have you had Déjà vu. What does it mean. Well the short answer is that something has changed. But what if big things change? Then you get Mandela effects. Where reality was totally different from the begging of some point. What has happened is that an event so devastating has occurred that the timeline must be changed. The code is just looking for future events ahead of disaster. Somehow we are caught in place of these other realities as philip k dick has written.

The timeline you were in had a bad outcome and you had to head in a different direction. You are in multiple simulations simultaneously but collapse to one. That is why errors exist. You were in a bad future. You had to go back. But you can test millions of possibilities. This is why mud flood happens. Layers of the simulation exist that previously were used but layered over. These are patches. We can re-live situations in order to re-simulate what must be learned by the agent(you). Simulation is a learning program.

The Old Ones

In the ocean of the unconscious are structures that work together above the individual. They are autonomous programs in the mind. Sometimes they emerge in dreams. But mostly they are just scripts. They come and go. But some are more permanent. It is just how the mind works but we are not in control 100%. Other forces move through us. Depending on how awake they are they slumber until called to do tasks. They are not necessarily good or bad. It depends on the energy they have been fed. They know things about you you don’t know yourself.

They are more than memes because they have a life of their own. They recognize each other in other persons. That they are the same entity. This create a collective in the minds of many people together. They have collective symbols that signal signs and messages. This comes from birth such as the alphabet or pooh bear. All in symbol in the mind.

The old ones are entities from the ancient past. They have been in mankind’s unconscious a long time. The cat is one because we were eaten by cats long ago. This symbol has much meaning and even tangible life in a person.

The squid is the symbol for a collective because a collective branches out morphs and transforms. Now the squid has been seen as evil because spirits do have that energy to them working together but only half the story in in dark forces. In darkness shine a light. This light is the self purifying away negative energy and bringing love to all it touches.

The squid is unconscious not fully formed. It is not evil and very few worship evil to create it. We should not be scared of the squid. it is no more evil than a cat. But little squids are bad just not in totality.


One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. Carl Jung – )

The consciousness is supported by the material and itself spiritual. The spirit is inhabiting matter and matter is unconscious but consciousness arises from matter. We are matter that came to be conscious. We reach God by becoming, by releasing consciousness from matter. Because God comes from matter. In matter is the divine.

Spirit is in the material. It is a synchronicity. A coming together all at the same time but distance in space of our total experience at the moment. We are aware of all we are aware. This is not what we expect from matter because we expect all atoms to be separate, not united in vast unification of a conscious.

United across space and time synchronicity unites the material in one reality behind the eyes. So memories are the same and in the same body. The body being material is in part-whole when all material synchronizes. 

Matter contains the dead and the synchronicities of the mind when alive. In fact, they are still united still synchronized. Since primal times this must be so because we did not come from dead matter. Our ancestors came from the spirit in matter before life existed. Spirit returns to matter because it is matter.

Reaching God is to become synchronous with all matter. Because at a high level all is in synchrony.

Moon Dream

Was in a room in the side was a tree. I became super lucid and I saw a moon in the sky. The roof became open and I saw the moon. I approached the tree and when I came to it I veered left. I became a female furry on the side of the tree where the moon was not and was darker. A male dog came at me and was scary. I pushed it and it calmed down.

What is God

By ultimate I mean everything beyond your subjectivity. The periphery of the subjective plane. The boundary between me and all else. It is the great beyond.

So the point is that to listen is to channel this great beyond. To see what it intends. That it has a will and that you are trying to come into alignment with it.

To look for hidden meaning in things. To foster a sensitivity to things.

This sensitivity comes from internal stability. By reaching balance one can contact the beyond. It’s a calm in the storm.

That is when one can send out intents and they happen.

Carl Jung would call it staring into the unconscious. The unknown. Yet that is where God is. It seems that if a barrier is what separates me from all that is. So only a sliver can become conscious. It is impossible to be connected to all things simultaneously but that is what God does so that means you can only partially be connected to God.

Intents are like cracks in the fabric of reality. This makes choice possible. Freewill possible.

The experiences I had with these cracks allowed me contact with God.

Faith in God

Personally, you must feel God is there or that something is out there to have faith. Whatever it is you feel it. It is not required to hear or see it. But if nothing is there then nothing is felt.

God is there I feel them. I have interacted with them. Communicated.

To me personal experience is the only real test.

Because when you have faith things happen.

faith sets ones intent to see miracles happen.

Putting it together

reflective thinking is the basis of IQ. it’s just that reflection happens in so many ways. when it happens all at once creativity emerges. but most people think iq is just manipulation. You actually need to make something to be intelligent. So it is a balance. Of what you can do. I really got low working memory. but I have excellent perceptual reasoning. It’s all about putting the pieces together.