Intelligence has been a mystery since the very beginning of a.i. research in 1956. But as cognitive science advanced more and more was known about how we think. As is the key is mediated feedback. The thing is General intelligence is hard to program in a computer because the circuit was not known previously as what it did. Thinking is causal reasoning. Which is coming up with new ideas to solve problems. And in technical terms is called a conditional, (if x then y). This is the rational part of the brain but there is also perception. The feedback between the front of the brain and back of it creates mental manipulation. Actions are mediated by perception and in turn perceptions change.

What makes humans smart is there ability to experiment. But to do so the brain regions must take turns. By taking turns the brain regions can test if what they are doing is working. And by taking turns these regions can simulate multiple possibilities in real time selecting the best strategy.

Lastly, the limbic system gives emotional value to things.

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