Possibility Simulation

If you have ever come across a glitch in the matrix you know that we may be living in a simulation. But what kind is it. Have you had Déjà vu. What does it mean. Well the short answer is that something has changed. But what if big things change? Then you get Mandela effects. Where reality was totally different from the begging of some point. What has happened is that an event so devastating has occurred that the timeline must be changed. The code is just looking for future events ahead of disaster. Somehow we are caught in place of these other realities as philip k dick has written.

The timeline you were in had a bad outcome and you had to head in a different direction. You are in multiple simulations simultaneously but collapse to one. That is why errors exist. You were in a bad future. You had to go back. But you can test millions of possibilities. This is why mud flood happens. Layers of the simulation exist that previously were used but layered over. These are patches. We can re-live situations in order to re-simulate what must be learned by the agent(you). Simulation is a learning program.

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