generate, intelligence, creativity

Through reflection signals are bounced back and forth in the brain. This generates new information that can be combined to create new ideas. The volume of generation can be much greater than the base manipulation of information. Intelligence measures such as IQ is a surface factore because generation is more than what can be held in a given instance. Reflective generation utilizes a flow of new data. And the combination of such is unique to what is produced in each instance. A creative person will make things different from all other creative people.

Creativity has levels of association where abstract concepts come together. They now have a.i. that can abstract anger from a large set of faces. Abstractions follow from features and features are causally linked. The meaning behind what is generated is substantive to new forms. Recognized as new. and set in a medium. Intelligence only factors in as the quantity of combinations sustained forward.

A distinction would be that one would be able to manipulate many math symbols but fail to generate math as a language. Language is the generative process whether visual or linguistic. Some people simply listen or watch and do not generate. This does not mean perception is not involved in generation but only that it can be disconnected.

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