Ultimate Reality

The first thing we should realize is that we are virtual beings. Everything is a relation and an imprint from the outside. We run a simulation of what is outside and generate new things inside. The fact is we came from somewhere. We are inside something. A womb. God is female because everything is inside her. Mother Nature. So when looking at Egyptian Gods they would just be in her womb also. Ultimate reality is not outside it is inside. Nothing is outside God. All is directed inward.

What distinguishes us is the boundaries we make. These are the mental structures that allow understanding. Consciousness being the key structure. God is the image we take so God must be conscious. And consciousness is transferred from God to us. From the ultimate reality, God created us to be conscious.

Everything I know came from the ultimate reality. That which there is no beyond. There is no other place it could have come from. I am a product of it. It is the only source of Truth accessible to me because everything comes from it.

If I seek enlightenment it is only because of the will outside me that allowed it to happen. The womb allows an infant to grow.

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