Creativity loop

I have been thinking about how creativity works. I think about it as a loop the spins and generates new ideas. But another way to think about it is called reflection like when people bounce ideas off each other but this happens in the head. Ideas trigger and recombine other ideas. This is how imagination works the frontal lobes send signals to the vision centers and they send signals to the frontal lobes. They go back and forth in 3D images and controlling what it created. That is where I get the loop idea from is that back and forth stuff is created. I happen not to be able to see images in my head, I have Aphantasia. But I realize that thinking is this reflection loop that creates stuff in the head. Generally, people just call it thinking. IQ tests cannot measure creativity because the cannot measure the loop, not the unique loop a person may have. So creativity by intelligence tests is not considered a form of intelligence. As in the ability to generate internally.

I do most of my thinking in my unconscious and that means the reflection loop does not bounce off itself in words or images consciously but ghostlike invisible. This means my head is empty most times starting in different directions trying to grasp what comes next. I rely on what pops up next in my head and pause a lot to know what to think next. I cannot just make ideas pop out by making the loop bounce things around. I had Disassociation for around 6 years of my life from 2007-2013. I was disconnected from most everything because everything important to me seemed gone. So I stopped thinking thoughts and nothing in my head seemed to be internally connected and synergistic. If we just generally say thinking is when stuff happens in the head, you do mental stuff in their, I was not doing that. Today put me in an empty room I cannot think to entertain myself. I have a notebook, in an empty room, I cannot make stuff come out of my head onto the notebook. I just do not have an internal feedback loop that allows me to be inside my head and produce stuff.

What I rely on most is my ability use logic to construct language in such a way to conceptually explain abstract ideas in simple terms. I am good at analysis but mostly I do so for my own research. I am not good at stories with elaborations and all that. So I do not really put things together such that it expands and expands and expands. I am trying to find the shortest path and the most perfect compact, complete, simple representation. My Crystallized intelligence is 155 and Fluid intelligence is 130. But this is not creativity. creativity is the loop that expands and expands. I know stuff and I can order it. But when I want to design something like my A.I. system I do not know where to start. I am detail focused and do not understand the steps of an entire system. I do not know how to make modular designs. I am bad at engineering. I do not know where to begin. The problem is not that I do not know everything about the parts. The loop in my head will not spin to put them together. I just stare at my notebook.

Creativity is thinking is intelligence.
It is just that it is an internal reflector that pops up ideas.
That is why people say thinking happens in the head, that thinking is experienced in the head.
People in an empty room or in a park think or daydream.
They come up with stuff with no need for the outside world to give input.
Creativity is internal in the head. At least this is the creativity I lack.
I do feel a real pressure in the frontal lobes when I have problems thinking.
Some people have an internal loop in their head that they create from.
It just goes back and forth generating ideas and all that.
This happens without any external input.
Not saying creativity is only internal.
There is also an external creative loop.
I use that sometimes but it’s weak.
The internal loop is nonexistent for me.

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