More Function Discriptions

Te – sets a goal, set criteria, meets criteria, achieves the goal.
Fe – sees how people are, from experience understand how to best interact with them, sometimes smiles for best interactions.
Ti – has the goal of achieving propositional clarity going over every implement and derivation that can lead to this clarity. making sure to use qualifies as to never be misunderstood the exact proposal being made to not be misinterpreted.
Fi – runs people through a personal filter of how they act to see how the other person will act. If I would act this way they say the other person would too most likely.
Se – acquire as much stimulus as possible, really look at things, hyperrealism view of reality
Ne – not necessarily involved with outside world, just lots of ideas pop up.
Si – nostalgic and refreshes meaningful events, a sense of impressions about situations.
Ni – focused on a few ideas, sometimes magical thinking, subjective realm of the unconscious.

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