Fish eye

When fish eye discovers that the witch will turn her and tiger eye and hawk eye back into animals she realized that this will mean they be unable to be friends. It means they can never be together and they will forget everything about each other. Fisheye was so depressed. She was walking in the rain and sat on a bench. Coincidently she was by the home of the person who was sailor moon. Usagi held her umbrella and took fish eye into her home out of the rain. Sitting at the table fish eye told her that she knew Usagi and was her rival. Usagi did not know she was fish eye who worked for the witch. Usagi told fish eye here dream was to be the person who loved Mamoru who was Tuxedo Mask. Later fish eye looked through the door of Rini’s room and saw the pegasus who she was commanded by the witch to capture. Fish ask Rini, what is your dream. And Rini said, my dream is to help others achieve their dreams. She asks fish eye “what is your dream,” fish eye said that there were two people she cared about and that she wanted to be with them forever. After she left Usagi’s house she decided to stop the witch. When sailor moon was in trouble and her dream mirror was broken fish eye tigers eye and halk eye sacrificed themselves to save her. All they wanted was to have a dream. Then it happened, a dream mirror appeared from their chests. It meant that they had the most precious thing you can have, a dream. And now they would always be together forever because that was their dream.

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